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  1. Within eleven or twelve feet of the very tip of the tongue-like rock whereon we stood there arose, presumably from the far bottom of the gulf, a sugarloaf-shaped cone, of which the summit was exactly opposite to us.

  2. The distance in itself was not so very great, between eleven and twelve feet I should think, and I have seen Leo jump over twenty when he was a young fellow at collage; but then, think of the conditions.

  3. On the following morning, about eleven o'clock, began our dreary journey across those awful seas of swamps which I have already described.

  4. On September 14 the conquering army lost sixty-six officers and eleven hundred and four men.

  5. He ran up accordingly, found the buoy, and discovered that there was eleven feet of water on the bar, instead of six or seven as is generally reported.

  6. At thirty-five minutes past eleven not a British soldier, except the dead and dying, was left in front of these Muscovite guns.

  7. In our army one officer was killed to every eleven men--one was wounded to every fifteen.

  8. Amidst such scenery the expeditionary flotilla began its voyage at eleven o'clock.

  9. On the night of August 2nd, between ten and eleven o'clock, P.

  10. About eleven o'clock a shell from the Russians exploded a magazine in our eight-gun battery, and a yell of delight followed.

  11. By eleven o'clock, the Rifles and Fusileers had been inspected, and were marching from the left of the line, along the front of the other regiments, towards the right.

  12. Between eleven and twelve o'clock they rushed on the French works in front of the Mamelon, and made a dash at the trenches connecting our right with the French left.

  13. The cart was started early, with orders to halt at Baidar till we arrived, and the party were trotting along the Woronzoff Road towards Kamara by eleven o'clock.

  14. The sum of ten and one; eleven units or objects.

  15. Composed of eleven leaflets; - - said of a leaf.

  16. A symbol representing eleven units, as 11 or xi.

  17. A plane figure of eleven sides and angles.

  18. The quotient of a unit divided by eleven; one of eleven equal parts.

  19. This snake had eight rattles, so that he must have been at least eleven years old.

  20. The distance from Tonawanta to the village of the Falls, now called Manchester, is about eleven miles.

  21. There are now eleven families living on our reservation at Buffalo; this is wrong, and ought not to be permitted.

  22. Lights in a well-conducted farmhouse at eleven o'clock was indeed incomprehensible: what on earth, the deacon asked himself wonderingly, could them thar lads be up to at this hour?

  23. Heis, for eleven degrees of arc, moving slowly across the Milky Way.

  24. Strong and Barrington sailed from Bristol for Demerara), his mind likewise exercised about service there, and went out from among us eleven months after.

  25. We remained the night at Heilbronn, that we might not have to travel the night, left the next morning at eleven o’clock, and reached the apartments of our sister G.

  26. It was not a small deliverance, that the Lord sent this morning, between ten and eleven o’clock, 2l.

  27. Between ten and eleven o’clock this morning a parcel came from Clapham, containing 2l.

  28. We were on board of this steamer about seven hours, till near eleven in the evening, when we arrived at Mannheim.

  29. All the labourers were together in prayer from half-past eleven till one, and me separated comfortably, with the purpose of meeting again in the evening.

  30. I rose from my knees about half-past ten this morning, and about a quarter to eleven I received a let letter from A.

  31. We met between eleven and twelve o’clock for prayer.

  32. The farmer went to the fair; but having learned on Thursday that his wife was to be baptized at eleven o’clock the next morning, in haste to return he rose early on Friday morning, to put a stop to the proceeding.

  33. I collected together some pamphlets, which had been given for sale, to dispose of them, and they were sold about eleven o’clock for 4s.

  34. There was also sent from Plymouth, a piece of blond, a piece of quilling net, and eleven pairs of children’s stockings, for sale.

  35. About eleven o’clock I received from Barnstaple a 5l.

  36. Between ten and eleven o’clock I received by the first delivery a letter, containing half a sovereign with these words: "The young lions do lack and suffer hunger; but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.

  37. It was now eleven o'clock at night, and twilight; I had walked at least twenty miles through a rough country and could go no further.

  38. Up to the time of our arrival, the regular price for packing from Dyea to Lake Lindeman had been eleven cents a pound.

  39. Metz, chief chaplain, officiated; the service commenced at about eleven o'clock.

  40. Counting the garrison of Brighuega, the loss to the enemy was eleven thousand men killed or taken, their ammunition, artillery, baggage, and a great number of flags and standards.

  41. He was eleven years of age, and was the only son of the Princess of Denmark, sister of the defunct Queen Mary, wife of William.

  42. On Saturday, the 13th, the corpse of the Dauphine was left in its bed with uncovered face, and opened the same evening at eleven in presence of all the faculty.

  43. It was then between ten and eleven at night, and towards the end of autumn.

  44. In this manner we arrived in Madrid on Friday, the 21st, at eleven o'clock at night.

  45. His suite at his table drank more and ate in proportion, at eleven o'clock in the morning and at eight at night.

  46. This note, for reasons to be told me afterwards, appointed a meeting at eleven o'clock this night, in the plain behind the Invalides, in a very mysterious manner.

  47. Ten drops of Le Brun's mixture in Alicante wine were therefore given to the King about eleven o'clock in the morning.

  48. The malady increased towards the evening, and at eleven o'clock there was a considerable augmentation of fever.

  49. Lark and George ate eleven pieces, and Fritzie and I only nine.

  50. I thought you were going to get married and have eleven children.

  51. At ten o'clock the train carried their father off in the direction of Burlington, and at eleven o'clock the twins returned to the parsonage.

  52. A little breeze frolicked over the trees and flung down the raindrops in glittering showers, and at exactly a quarter past eleven the Watson family, seated on three seats in the high-boxed waggon, drove gaily out of the yard.

  53. Eleven microscopes, of which only seven are ordinarily used, penetrate through the pier, and are directed on to this second circle.

  54. As is well known, a period of eighteen years and ten or eleven days brings the sun and moon very nearly into the same positions relatively to the earth which they occupied at the commencement of the period.

  55. About eleven o'clock, to my immense surprise, Miss Wright brought him to my room.

  56. She had gone upon the roof about half past eleven to beat out some rugs.

  57. At eleven he persuaded me "to make a profession of faith" and join the church.

  58. Notwithstanding, I went one night at eleven o'clock, escorted by Lieutenant de Korte, carrying a glimmering lantern, to interview Dr.

  59. At half-past eleven my friends accompanied me to the Count's palace; the valet opened the door noiselessly and led me unseen, unheard, in the alcove.

  60. Eleven o'clock having just struck, Uros went below and Milenko got ready to take up his watch.

  61. About ten or eleven miles north of Bitskai a peculiar peninsula stretches out from north-east to south-west, which affords a shelter for small junks from northerly winds.

  62. From Perohune to Yuto Lake the distance is about eleven miles, and from Yuto to Otsu it is eleven more miles, on a very easy track.

  63. I did not see a single house for twenty miles until I reached Shaubets, a village of eleven Ainu huts and one Japanese house.

  64. On September 5 Wollaston, Raeburn and I, with twenty-six Tibetan coolies, and eleven of our own, started off to join the climbing party up the Kharta Valley.

  65. It was now eleven o'clock and we were under no delusion that the task before us would be other than arduous and long.

  66. The smell was not agreeable, but we sat and warmed ourselves, waiting for our transport, which did not arrive until eleven o'clock that night.

  67. At length eleven loads reached the pass and two more were only 800 feet lower.

  68. On the way we passed a Mongolian who had taken eleven months in coming from Lhasa and who was on his way to Nepal.

  69. At eight o'clock, dinner, and then more signatures, working right up to eleven o'clock.

  70. From eleven to one he holds audience; luncheon at one; then he spends the time until half-past two with his family.

  71. Until eleven he promenades in a pathway of the park.

  72. In this expedition he is said to have captured eleven thousand Christian slaves.

  73. In the middle of August, 1533, Barbarossa left Algiers, his fleet consisting of seven galleys and eleven fustas.

  74. I can leave here at half past eleven o'clock and be in season for the eulogy, and find a place to hear into the bargain.

  75. Those of you who are eleven or twelve years of age ought to commence it at once.

  76. The lad was only eleven years old, at that time, though he was more forward and manly than most boys are at fifteen.

  77. One plate shows eleven "Plan Studies," another "How Elevations are Worked Up from Plans and Sections.

  78. An invaluable collection in eleven volumes (boxes) of sections of 275 species of American woods.

  79. He knows that there must always be eleven bits gathered, because there are eleven birds, and she cannot bear one to be without.

  80. He would like to inquire by name after every one of the eleven finches in the big cage.

  81. She clearly thinks it an impossible impertinence on his part to have called on her at eleven o'clock in the morning without an excuse.

  82. It would be ludicrous to hope that Betty's could be; Betty who is never seen a moment before eleven o'clock, and very often not for many moments after.

  83. Before setting off Peggy bids her eleven birds good-night, telling them that to-morrow they shall have a swinging ladder in their large cage to remind them of the swinging tree-tops.

  84. With her own mind relieved, Margaret goes about her morning's work with a better courage; and it is eleven o'clock before she again thinks of her sister.

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