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  1. But at the eleventh hour this unfavourable demeanour underwent a marked change.

  2. The Duke of Brittany gave her a trifle, but Louis the Eleventh pleaded poverty, and even produced his books to show that he had not a penny beyond what he required for his own necessities.

  3. In 1475 Edward began to form ambitious projects with regard to France, and sent off to Louis the Eleventh one of those claims for the crown which some of the preceding kings of England had been in the habit of forwarding.

  4. Rufus was now troubled by the Welsh, who had overrun Cheshire, probably on account of its cheeses, for the Welsh were attached to their rabbits even so early as the eleventh century.

  5. In the Eleventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology (p.

  6. Indo-Mohammedan from the eleventh to the close of the thirteenth century; the Afghan dynasty from A.

  7. Professor Goodyear is authority for the statement that the earliest dated instances of the isolated scroll is in the fifth dynasty of Egypt, and of the lotus and spiral is in the eleventh dynasty.

  8. In the life of Count Fernan Gonsalez fiction and fact are blended beyond all power of extrication; and we must descend to the eleventh century for a genuine picture of the Spanish cavalier.

  9. In the eleventh century chivalry became a distinguishing feature in the national character of France, for the crusades began at that time; and France, above all other countries of the west, was influenced by their spirit.

  10. The rebuilding was undertaken by his successor, Pietro Orseolo, and completed towards the end of the eleventh century by Doge Selvo, who adorned the exterior with marble columns and the interior with mosaics.

  11. They are said to represent Greek emperors who shared the throne of the East early in the eleventh century.

  12. The oldest, or poetic Edda, was compiled by Samund Sigfusson, an Icelandic priest, about the middle of the eleventh century.

  13. Probably no other census in the world has ever covered so wide a range of subjects, and perhaps none except that of India and the eleventh American census has extended through so many volumes.

  14. The eleventh census was taken under a law almost identical with that of the tenth, and extended through twenty-five large volumes, presenting a work almost as encyclopaedic, but much more distinctively statistical.

  15. Still, such a comparison confirms the accuracy of the eleventh census as a whole.

  16. By this means the attention of the office could be concentrated on a small number of subjects rather than distributed over the long list treated in the volumes of the tenth and eleventh censuses.

  17. A strong argument in favour of the eleventh census, apart from its self-consistency, is that its results as a whole fit in with the subsequent state enumerations.

  18. Professor Green had been threatened with a nervous breakdown and President Walker had at the eleventh hour been able to procure a substitute.

  19. Breaking the eleventh commandment is a terrible mistake: getting found out, I mean.

  20. The victim was a German, wearing the white crescent of the Second Division of the Eleventh Corps, whom we had nicknamed "Sigel.

  21. Was it possible that at the eleventh hour, when he had burnt his boats, when he had thought all danger at an end--no, it was impossible!

  22. But to do so at the eleventh hour would not only expose him to obloquy and injure the cause, but it would condemn him to an inaction from which he shrank.

  23. On the eleventh day they came to our village, but retired again at night on command.

  24. On the fifth of the eleventh moon he met the pirates near Nan gaou, and prepared his vessels[86] to attack them.

  25. As time progressed, the watch over the prisoners was closer, and Clery could learn nothing; but he picked up a newspaper stating that Louis would be brought before the bar of the House on the eleventh of December.

  26. On the eleventh of July, the Assembly declared the country to be in danger, but the king withheld his authorization until the twenty-first, late at night.

  27. He received his first education as an artist from his father, whom, however, he lost in his eleventh year.

  28. Done at the city of Washington, this eleventh day of April, A.

  29. The eleventh section simply assumes to confer discretionary power upon the executive.

  30. Details of Hooker's night fight do great credit to his command, and particularly to the Eleventh Corps and Geary's part of the Twelfth.

  31. Digby says that "Portable altars were in use long before the eleventh century.

  32. He was the fourteenth in direct eldest male descent from Almar, the founder of the family in the eleventh century.

  33. The Communal Government had quitted the Hôtel-de-Ville and taken refuge not far from La Roquette, in the Mairie of the Eleventh Arrondissement.

  34. The crowd had been informed that the Government, alarmed by the advance of the Versailles troops, had abandoned its headquarters at the mairie of the Eleventh Arrondissement, and had gone to Belleville.

  35. From a fragment of Menander of Ephesus, preserved to us by Josephus, it follows that after the middle of the eleventh century B.

  36. We may therefore draw the conclusion that in the eleventh and tenth centuries B.

  37. Hence the Phenicians must have been in possession of amber as early as the eleventh century B.

  38. After seven years and six months it was finished in the eighth month of the eleventh year of Solomon's reign (983 B.

  39. The accounts of the Hebrews exhibit the cities of the Philistines, the southern neighbours of the Phenicians on the Syrian coast, united by a league in the eleventh century B.

  40. In any case it follows that in the beginning of the eleventh or tenth century B.

  41. Tradition, at any rate from the first third of the eleventh century B.

  42. For a long time they had been content to put a limit upon the extension of the tribes of Judah and Dan, but in the first half of the eleventh century B.

  43. In the eleventh century Adam of Bremen tells us that throughout the archiepiscopate the bishops sold their benedictions and the people were not only abandoned to lust and gluttony, but refused to pay their tithes.

  44. When Olaf Tryggvesson, early in the eleventh century, endeavored to christianize Norway, he recognized the sorcerers as the most formidable enemies of the faith, and handled them unsparingly.

  45. The ancient Wisigothic Law, or Fuero Juzgo, was for a time almost lost sight of in the innumerable local fueros which sprang up, until in the eleventh century it was rehabilitated by Fernando I.

  46. Antwerp, church of, in eleventh century, i.

  47. Vainly the intrepid energy and inflexible will of Hildebrand in the eleventh century strove to extirpate the ineradicable curse.

  48. If we have stood firm when temptations surged and tossed and clamored and we met them and conquered, we have through our moral force a better right to the precious gems of God's kingdom than those saved in the eleventh hour.

  49. In the eleventh century it was used as a fortress.

  50. This Reverend gentleman expressed his high gratification in being removed from the eleventh hall, saying he felt raised at least fifty per cent.

  51. This Vallerly had the name of being a perfect gladiator, and this, I suppose, is the reason why he was placed on the eleventh as an attendant.

  52. Our Author in his first Edition had divided his Poem into ten Books, but afterwards broke the seventh and the eleventh each of them into two different Books, by the help of some small Additions.

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