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Example sentences for "elf"

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  1. The triangular flints frequently found in Scotland, with which the ancient inhabitants probably barbed their shafts, are supposed to be the weapons of fairy resentment, and are termed elf arrowheads.

  2. What Elf that hath heard the gold growing, but hath heard not the light winds tell That the Gods with the world have been dealing and have fashioned men for the earth?

  3. But amidst the summer season was the Isle-queen Hiordis wed To King Elf the son of the Helper, and fair their life-days sped.

  4. How Sigurd took to him the Treasure of the Elf Andvari.

  5. Then answered King Elf and spake: "The stalls of the Kings are before thee to set aside or to take, And nought we begrudge thee the best.

  6. Om elf uur voor den middag verlieten we Cincinnati en scheepten ons in naar Louisville in de stoomboot de Pike.

  7. Het is tusschen tien uur en half elf in den avond; de maan schijnt, 't is nogal warm, zelfs drukkend.

  8. In onze sloep, die het eerst op zijde was gekomen, waren in minder dan een oogenblik elf man van de vierentwintig dood of buiten gevecht.

  9. As Sunny Lock ceased, another little Elf came forward; and this was the tale "Silver Wing" told.

  10. Thistledown was as gay and gallant a little Elf as ever spread a wing.

  11. The elf danced about the room, unable to restrain her glee.

  12. The effervescent spirits of the elf had to expend themselves in the same way.

  13. No human heart nor brain could sustain the crushing burden, and the poor lost elf fell into convulsions that threatened soon to terminate in death.

  14. Thurston," and the elf leaned toward her companion, and began to be as bewitching as she knew how.

  15. Sleepy-head slept on, warm and comfortable in his furry coat, and the elf began to feel annoyed with him for being so happy.

  16. A little elf had been flitting about in search of fun or mischief, and he, too, had got far from home when the raindrops began to come pattering through the leafy roof of the beautiful wood.

  17. The window stood open all day, and the little elf could easily go out into the garden, to the roses and all the other flowers; but for all that, he resolved not to leave the sorrowful maiden.

  18. He had now put his hat on, and, within, it was very dark; and the little elf trembled with horror and anger over the wicked deed.

  19. The daughter of the Elf gave a smile over their unquiet grumbling at the wise economy of Nature; and contented the demands of each: she made rain fall on the seed-lands of the cultivator; and the sun shone on the potter-field close by.

  20. Whereby he perceived, that now the third Reed-stalk of the bountiful Elf was likewise sending forth its gift upon him.

  21. The sight of the enchanting Elf had made more impression on him than her speech, of which, indeed, he understood but little.

  22. The mother often glided to the chink; and almost always found the bright Elf beside her child, employed in sport, or in earnest conversation.

  23. The affrighted Elf sobbed bitterly, as the greedy saw began with iron tooth to devour the foundations of her dwelling.

  24. The Elf embraced her beautiful companion, and said mournfully: "Ah!

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "elf" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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