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Example sentences for "elfin"

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eleventh; elevenths; eleves; elf; elfe; elfish; eli; elicit; elicited; eliciting
  1. Between the hours of twelve and one she heard strange eldrich sounds and the ringing of elfin bridles, which gladdened her heart.

  2. When she got to the well, she found the steed of the elfin knight Tamlane standing there, but he himself was away.

  3. The bursting pods Their elfin shrapnel scatter far and wide.

  4. The red roses of Saint Dorothea were like elfin blossoms.

  5. Crew from the thatch with long-necked cry-- The Elfin queen and her wee flock In the night did die.

  6. But how long time, said then the Elfin knight, 2 Are you in this misformed house to dwell?

  7. But the Elfin knight with wonder all the way 4 Did feed his eyes, and fild his inner thought.

  8. And rolls of Elfin emperors rolls > registers, lists 4 till time of Gloriana.

  9. And rolles of Elfin Emperours, till time of Gloriane.

  10. The Master gave three strokes with his heel, and called the names of his three elfin pages, who in an instant stood before him.

  11. Come away, Elfin grey; Much to do ere break of day!

  12. Come away Elfin grey, Much to do ere break of day!

  13. From down below somewhere sounded the weird tinkle of elfin music, and tiptoeing out from every tree and bush came a green-clad gnome, dancing in stealthy silence in the sleeping forest.

  14. O sweet wild April, Wherever you went The bondage of winter Was broken and rent, Sank elfin ice-city And frost-goblin's tent.

  15. Even when their fragrance steals out heavy and sweet as honey under the fierce sunshine of a windless day, one can hear faint elfin whisperings high up among their somber spires.

  16. All around him the bush rose in somber masses and a faint elfin sighing fell from the tops of the tall black trees.

  17. Within these twenty years, a staunch Highlander contrived to make her way into a bridal chamber; and, slitting the bride's new corsets, introduced an elfin arrow between the folds.

  18. But as a casual attempt to correct her superstition would have been more likely to shake her confidence in myself than in the elfin arrow, I quietly accepted of her gift; enquiring when she would be in a situation to replace it.

  19. The author is in possession of one of these talismans; which connoisseurs affirm to be no common elfin arrow, but the weapon of an elf of dignity.

  20. I put him above Lamb as an essayist, because there is a flavour of actual knowledge and of practical acquaintance with the problems and affairs of life, which is lacking in the elfin Londoner.

  21. O well may he look pale, I ween, Who has felt the stroke of the Elfin Queen.

  22. A helm of gold is a bonny thing, But I dare not tread the elfin ring.

  23. These terrible news reconciled Thomas to his departure from Elfin land, and the queen was not long in placing him upon Huntly bank, where the birds were singing.

  24. Leyden, who exhausted on this subject, as upon most others, a profusion of learning, found the first idea of the elfin people in the Northern opinions concerning the duergar, or dwarfs.

  25. The witches' sports, with their elfin archery, I have already noticed (page 136).

  26. She touched them, as if half-fearing they would melt away, or, like elfin money, change into withered leaves.

  27. With solemn gaiety the stars danced far withdrawn on elfin heights: The lilac breathed amid the shade of green and blue and citron lights.

  28. The general assembly of the fairies is at last complete, and they proceed to the trial of the culprit fay, who has extinguished his elfin lamp and paralyzed his wings by a love for a mortal maid.

  29. It happens occasionally that these victims of elfin gallantry are rescued by other men than their husbands.

  30. In the stories of the Magical Ointment it is not so much the theft as the contravention of the implicit prohibition against prying into fairy business that rouses elfin anger.

  31. The elfin race were supposed to be on the watch for unchurched or unsained mothers to have the benefit of their milk.

  32. A Pomeranian story marks the transition to a type of tale wherein one special characteristic of elfin gifts is presented.

  33. A world of beauty, of delicate colors, of sweeping oceans and gleaming shores and towering cities with their grace and beauty and elfin splendor yet a world that shuddered beneath this devouring plague of grublike men.

  34. It was her cousin, Nini, a bronze-haired youngster as elfin and Pucklike as her name.

  35. Let thy merry spirits come, And elfin dancers with beating drum, Here with me for the wild night long, To dance and whirl with eldrich song Till the moon shall faint and her light be gone.

  36. No storms, no clouds, in thy blue sky foreseeing, Play on, play on, My elfin John!

  37. IV Oh, rosy as the lining of a shell Were the wee hands that now are white as snows; And like pink coral, with their elfin toes, The feet that on life's brambles never fell.

  38. It is a masterpiece of glistening tone painting, exquisite in its mercurial grace and color, imaginative delicacy and elfin lightness.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "elfin" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    diminutive; dumpy; dwarf; dwarfed; elfin; elfish; fairy; incipient; little; meager; midget; pygmy; rudimentary; runty; scraggy; scrubby; short; shriveled; shrunken; small; squat; stunted; tiny; undersized; wizened