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Example sentences for "dwarf"

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dux; duxit; duzzen; dvornik; dwar; dwarfed; dwarfer; dwarfing; dwarfish; dwarfness
  1. The arrival of Mr. O'Fake and the Dwarf completed the council, which proceeded promptly to business.

  2. The flame was already burning in the bosom of Mr. Billy O'Fake, and when he and the dwarf reached the Brotherhood's headquarters they were ready to perform the functions of a torch.

  3. The dwarf tried to get hold of his collar, but Paul swiftly seized him by his beard and tied him to a big tree, so that he could not move.

  4. They went in high glee, chuckling that the little dwarf would teach Shepherd Paul a lesson also.

  5. The ordinary story has no dwarf or secret name in it; cf.

  6. On the other hand, in the Swedish story from Upland the girl who could spin gold from clay and long straw was helped by a dwarf whose name turned out to be "Titteli Ture!

  7. Near Bandeya another Madi native succumbed to illness caused by insufficient food, and a Zanzibari was shot by a bold and crafty dwarf with an arrow which penetrated between the ribs, but not to a fatal depth.

  8. The dwarf gives his patron or pupil a horse-shoe, instructing him to give it to the count when he is next giving himself superior airs on the subject of his family.

  9. The lover, repulsed and affronted, returns to take counsel with the Dwarf Peter, how he may silence the count, and obtain the victory in the argument, the next time they enter on the topic of pedigree.

  10. But the Dwarf Peter is so unfortunate an adviser, that all his counsels, though producing success in the immediate results, are in the issue attended with mishap and with guilt.

  11. Even the valleys opening back from the water here and there on either side are mostly bare as seen at a distance of a mile or two, and show only a faint tinge of green, derived from dwarf willows, heathworts, and sedges chiefly.

  12. The brutality which he had displayed to the corpulent dwarf pleasured him.

  13. In the outer room the corpulent dwarf still sat.

  14. The happy youth struck the water with his wand, and the waves at once parted and stood still, and the dwarf went on in front and crossed the stream.

  15. When they got to the game course the fiddler handed the dwarf a knife and fork, and begged him to help himself first, and then to pass the dish on.

  16. The little dwarf paused, quite worn out, and the youth did not wait long to do his bidding.

  17. Then they threw his beard to the old man across the river, but they kept his wand, so that the wicked dwarf could never again enter their kingdom.

  18. The flute-player was good-naturedly just going to pick it up, when he perceived that the little dwarf was in the act of springing on his back.

  19. Then he turned round sharply, and, seizing the little creature by his beard, he gave him such a shaking that he tore his beard out, and the dwarf sank groaning to the ground.

  20. Turning up his one eye at Guly to give a parting glance the dwarf swung himself away, and the clatter of his crutches on the pavement came back with a mournful echo to the boy's ear.

  21. One day as he sat writing, the dwarf with a chuckle made his way to his side, and stood there on his crooked legs panting heavily.

  22. But a second glance showed to his wondering gaze the veriest dwarf his eyes had ever fallen upon.

  23. As he did so, the dwarf suddenly wheeled his head round on his slender neck, and tipped his one eye curiously up at the face beside him.

  24. The dwarf sat rubbing the dime on his sleeve, brightening it, and looking curiously at it with his one eye, as if to assure himself it was good--then disposed of it somewhere about his person.

  25. The dwarf hitched himself round on his chair, and fixed his great raw-looking eye inquisitively on the gentle face looking upon him.

  26. Everything about the place indicated poverty, destitution, and filth, and the dwarf lay curled up, in the last stages of cholera, beneath the few rags which served him for a covering.

  27. Guly took the little note the dwarf handed up to him, and hastened up to the light to read it.

  28. As for the Christians, my informant at the court of Charles d'Anjou, a certain dwarf named Erculio, tells me that now Charles desires to extend his empire across the Middle Sea into Africa.

  29. The dwarf Erculio sank down cross-legged on the tabletop, his long arms clasped around his knees, watching Manfred sombrely.

  30. God blesses our meeting, Daoud ibn Abdallah--this time," said the dwarf Erculio.

  31. I see nothing here that would screen a cat, save yonder clump of dwarf oaks.

  32. These are dwarf cedars, and give the best cover for concealment.

  33. The dwarf reminded me of times when I had flown at my children in anger and punished them for faults which a little inquiry would have taught me that others, and not they, had committed.

  34. Straightway the door opened, and a shriveled, shabby dwarf entered.

  35. The dwarf chuckled contentedly, and went on with his accusing history of my career.

  36. From the top of the House of the Dwarf we saw them moving toward that of the Nuns, and went down to receive them.

  37. This staircase was interesting not only for its own grandeur and the novelty of its construction, but as explaining what had before been unintelligible in regard to the principal staircase in the House of the Dwarf at Uxmal.

  38. A few paces led to 'King's Croom,' a deserted mining-village in a dwarf clearing rapidly overgrowing with the Brazilian Catinga.

  39. A tall cocked hat, with huge red and white plume, contrasted with the dwarf pigtail bearing a Popo-bead, by way of fetish, at the occiput.

  40. Unlike Axim, it still preserves intact the outer work with its dwarf belfry over the strong doorway.

  41. It lies a little above the dyke where the stream breaks into a dwarf fall, and below the crossing where a ferry formerly plied.

  42. XXX Jealousy had that little dwarf espied, And kenned the reason of his mission too, And joined him, journeying with him side by side, Deeming that she therein a part might do.

  43. XXXVI So raging, to the pigmy dwarf who bore The news, exclaimed the king, "Now hence away!

  44. XXXII As soon as the redoubted Rodomont Knew in the dwarf the courier of his dame, He all his rage extinguished, cleared his front, And felt his courage brighten into flame.

  45. XLV "While I so lingered where those rocks aspire, I saw a dwarf guide two of goodly strain; Whose coming added hope to my desire (Alas!

  46. XLVI "The dwarf exclaimed, `These champions will assay Their force with him who dwells on yonder steep, And by such strange and unattempted way Spurs the winged courser from his mountain-keep.

  47. XV Neither by tears, nor groans, nor sound of woe, To move the stedfast maid the dwarf had power: She down the rugged hill descended slow, Until she reached the plain beneath the tower.

  48. Such a "sheean" is the Denghoog in the Danish island of Sylt, one of the mounds believed to have been the residence of Finn, the dwarf king.

  49. So far as tradition goes, there is every indication that the hairy dwarf was of a sea-faring race.

  50. That this was the usage in the dwelling of Finn, or whatever may have been the name of the Sylt dwarf whose bones were found in the Denghoog, seems very probable.

  51. In one aspect, the dwarf races appear as possessed of a higher culture than the race or races who were physically their superiors.

  52. That as the South African Bushmen, the dwarfs of the Congo region, and the Ainos of Japan, though all included among the dwarf races, are really different from each other in many respects, so the dwarf races of the past were not one but many.

  53. And the miner's lamp may reasonably be regarded as an inheritance from the dwarf races.

  54. But what is probably the best solution is that the dwarf races of the past, like those of the present, were of various types.

  55. But instances of such intercourse between the dwarf races and others, the abduction being by no means confined to one side, could be quoted almost interminably.

  56. There is yet another characteristic of the modern Aino which suggests the dwarf of the British Isles.

  57. It is shut in and almost surrounded by high walls; but a good view of the front may be obtained from the towing-path through the handsome iron gates in the centre of a dwarf wall.

  58. Taking only Ardian the dwarf with him, he entered Germany, where he passed four years in adventure without word or message from Oriana.

  59. Oriana, seeing the dwarf return, asked him the reason, and Ardian told her that Amadis had promised a lady ever to keep a certain sword, for which he had been sent back.

  60. A dwarf about his own height stands a step lower than he does, so as again to give him prominence.

  61. He has a pot of flowers and a dwarf tree, and a towel to dry his hands on, and a beautiful chair at his desk.

  62. Up there to the north, three hundred yards from here on the right, is a dwarf cedar standing alone.

  63. The dwarf has disappeared, and there remains instead, a grave but venerable matron--honored like a queen.

  64. Upon the long grass, within the dwarf fence already mentioned were placed all sorts of odd substances, in little distinct qualities.

  65. The stimulus is only the occasional cause which brings the internal power into play; it may sometimes dwarf the giant, but it can never really elevate the dwarf.

  66. The dwarf would then sing a song and go in again.

  67. In the reign of K'ang Hsi, there was a magician who carried about with him a wooden box, in which he had a dwarf not much more than a foot in height.

  68. Arriving one day at Yeh, the magistrate there seized the box, and taking it into his yamen asked the dwarf whence he came.

  69. Mother of gold and her three dwarf sons, i.

  70. The dwarf Andvarri and the pike as the guardian of gold and of a ring.

  71. The dwarf in the wolf's body; the dwarf in the wolf's sack.

  72. In the third Esthonian story, a woman gives her husband three eggs of a black hen to eat in order to obtain three dwarf heroes.

  73. After a few minutes of waiting, a lantern appeared at the end of the archway, dispersing the gloom, and showing us within its circle of light a little dwarf with a yellow beard and broad shoulders, enveloped in furs from head to foot.

  74. His little lodge, built against the rock, just within the principal gate, remained quite silent; it seemed to me that the dwarf would never finish dressing, for I had fancied him in bed and soundly sleeping.

  75. The dwarf loved those who had tolerated and protected his ancestors.

  76. Sperver stood behind us, seemingly well satisfied to see me admiring the dwarf of Nideck.

  77. You know; the little dwarf who opened the gate to us; a droll chap, Gaston, who is always to be found in the library bent over a book.

  78. And the dwarf deliberately turned the lock and drew back the bolts, while I stood with my teeth chattering, and shivering from head to foot.

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