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Example sentences for "dwarfish"

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dwar; dwarf; dwarfed; dwarfer; dwarfing; dwarfness; dwarfs; dwel; dwell; dwelle
  1. Flamed up her cheeks yet hotter; and now mine too; for my spirits had suddenly sunk into my shoes at the remembrance of Wanderslore and my "ghostly, gloating little dwarfish creature.

  2. And suddenly as she stood in the garden, her face close to the glass, an utterly strange one had thrust itself into view, and the figure of "a ghastly gloating little dwarfish creature" had appeared in the porch.

  3. Dreaming that his dwarfish guide's a giant,--jockeys tell 's.

  4. I thank you all for your kindness to me, which has been very great, far more than a little dwarfish creature could, for her own sake, expect.

  5. How glad I am that you will not have, for all her miserable money, that little dwarfish granddaughter of the insolent old miser!

  6. The extreme height of Count Robert's person adapted him for a garb, which had a tendency to make persons of a lower stature appear rather dwarfish and thick when arrayed cap-a-pie.

  7. Let us away from this cursed house," cried the hero; "who can tell but the dwarfish rabble are spinning new toils for us.

  8. Laurin, wakened by Wolfhart's loud tones, knew that the prisoners were free, and at once summoned his dwarfish army to his assistance.

  9. At the same time, Charcam, who seemed perfectly distracted by the recent occurrences, dragged in Thames, leaving Jack Sheppard outside in the custody of the dwarfish Jew.

  10. The dress of the dwarfish Jew was not, however, favourable to this expedient.

  11. They quarrelled three or four times like this, and the dwarfish sempstress's shamelessness and evil-mindedness always showed themselves.

  12. Who would have thought it to see him so dwarfish and so small!

  13. Concha in particular, the dwarfish maid, felt an indescribable delight, peculiar to her malignant, spiteful character, every time that the senora evinced in any way her scorn for the adopted child.

  14. And the dwarfish maid, who was neither kind nor pretty, and whose cruel nature had choked every germ of pleasantness and transformed her into a priestess of misery, a fatal, pitiless Eumenide, was pleasant and obliging to that brute.

  15. The English soldiers looked magnificent by the side of the rather dwarfish Japanese.

  16. For Pope was deformed and sickly, dwarfish in soul and body.

  17. The first book tells of his voyage and shipwreck in Lilliput, where the inhabitants are about as tall as one's thumb, and all their acts and motives are on the same dwarfish scale.

  18. There had been floods and the river still stood very high, with dwarfish trees waist deep in it, and rather a narrow arc of white dawn gleamed under the curve of the bridge.

  19. It was just large enough to be the water-course for a small stream which vanished at intervals under green tunnels of undergrowth, as if in a dwarfish forest.

  20. While we dismiss as fabulous all ancient and modern accounts of dwarfish races, we must also treat with the same scepticism the relations of gigantic nations.

  21. It is a desirable variety in the kitchen garden; as, from its exceeding dwarfish habit, it may be so sown as to form a neat edging for the walk or border.

  22. A very dwarfish variety, from six to nine inches high.

  23. The Tall sorts become dwarfish and earlier if long cultivated at the North; and the Dwarfs, on the contrary, increase in height, and grow later, if long grown in tropical climates.

  24. The variety is principally esteemed for its dwarfish habit and early maturity.

  25. The American Garden-bean is a tender, annual plant from the East Indies, with a dwarfish or climbing stem and trifoliate leaves.

  26. As the plants are of dwarfish character, the seeds are sometimes sown in drills; a quart being required for two hundred feet.

  27. On account of the dwarfish character of the plants, the hills may be made four feet apart.

  28. A dwarfish sub-variety of Knight's Marrows, with wrinkled, blue seeds.

  29. It is of a dwarfish habit of growth, closely protected by the spirally compressed leaves, with a good-sized and perfectly white head.

  30. This species, which was introduced from Egypt, differs from the last principally in its more dwarfish habit of growth, but also in being less branched.

  31. It is small and dwarfish in its habit, hearts well early in the season, and will afford a good supply of delicate sprouts throughout a large part of the summer.

  32. The seed of this variety, in common with other dwarfish and early sorts, should be sown more frequently than the larger growing kinds, so as to keep up a succession of young and delicate heads, much after the manner of sowing lettuce.

  33. When they went once more into the long hall with the windows and the mirrors, yellow evening was dropping over the waters and the willowy banks; and a bittern sounded in the distance like an elf upon his dwarfish drum.

  34. And then from under the archway of the inn yard a dwarfish Gypsy, mounted on a lean horse, rode off with a great clatter into the dusk.

  35. But the marine mollusks of the Baltic above mentioned, although very numerous in individuals, are dwarfish in size, scarcely ever attaining a third of the average dimensions which they acquire in the salter waters of the ocean.

  36. A few scantlings of wild thyme, and two or three other dwarfish plants, alone appear in the interstices of the scoriae, while the Vesuvian lava of 1767 is already covered with a luxuriant vegetation.

  37. The fluviatile and marine shells inclosed in these small lakes often live together in brackish water; but the uncongenial nature of the fluid usually produces a dwarfish size, and sometimes gives rise to strange varieties in form and color.

  38. The trees, though hardy and healthy, are dwarfish and not productive because of the smallness of the cherries.

  39. The tree is much like that of English Morello but is far more dwarfish and not as productive, these being fatal faults for commercial planting in New York.

  40. But the new-comer, though his short figure looked quite dwarfish beside the giant forester, seemed not a whit dismayed at this rude greeting, or at the grim aspect of his challenger.

  41. But why should she bestow herself Upon this dwarfish fairy elf?

  42. The Holy One blasteth only that which is holy," grimly rejoined the dwarfish stranger, exhibiting the Scroll, while a low sound of applause went up from the audience.

  43. A derisive laugh from a dwarfish figure in the crowd interrupted the reading.

  44. The dwarfish Obelisk, like a pointed tombstone, lay swart and square in its center.

  45. At the other end of the passage a blue flame burned; before the flame there stood, or sat, or jumped, a dwarfish figure all in white.

  46. The third is dwarfish in body and mind, and, to use his own language, "a poor, miserable remnant of a man.

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