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Example sentences for "frugal"

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fructose; fructu; fructum; fructus; frue; frugality; frugally; fruges; frugivorous; fruict
  1. We had finished our frugal repast, when a man, shouting in the darkness, approached the house on horseback.

  2. Only the day before she had been paid a month's earnings, and already the money had been laid out for the frugal expenses of the household.

  3. Save the little cup of cider and a slice of black bread with which he had broken his fast after matins, he had not tasted food since the frugal meal of the previous noon.

  4. They keep so frugal a Table, that they commonly allow their Cook but one or two Testoons a Day to defray the Expence of it, exclusive of the Bread, Wine and Fruit; for they always eat alone.

  5. Even so, these men were frugal of speech and used among themselves only that bizarre dialect whose origin I couldn't even guess.

  6. Over the ensuing days and weeks, Captain Nemo was very frugal with his visits.

  7. Well, the Rover tries a cutlet after his fish, then he has cheese and a grape or two, and he tops up his frugal meal with a pint of British Imperial.

  8. The Seadog takes his frugal lunch at the club; he begins with a sole, and no doubt he casts a patronizing thought towards the other Seadogs who trawled for the delicate fish.

  9. Frugal and industrious men are commonly friendly to the established government.

  10. One who manages or directs with prudence and economy; a frugal person; an economist.

  11. Exhibiting parsimony; sparing in expenditure of money; frugal to excess; penurious; niggardly; stingy.

  12. The patten now supports each frugal dame.

  13. Managing with frugality; guarding against waste or unnecessary expense; careful and frugal in management and in expenditure; -- said of character or habits.

  14. They gained a frugal livelihood by cutting brushwood on the hill-side, and carrying it in bundles on their back to sell in the nearest market town; for they were too poor to own an ox.

  15. He was very poor, but frugal and industrious.

  16. The frugal people of Davos, who live on bread and cheese and dried meat all the year, indulge themselves but once with these unwonted dainties in the winter.

  17. He would willingly have drunk chocolate and played at dominoes or picquet all his life on the Piazza di San Marco, when Alfieri was crossing the sierras on his Andalusian horse, and devouring a frugal meal of rice in solitude.

  18. He was frugal and dressed in plain, ordinary clothes rather than extravagant or ostentatious ones.

  19. She was frugal and diplomatically avoided unnecessary wars, saying that her purse was the pockets of her people.

  20. This industry should especially commend itself to poor widows, struggling to retain and rear their children in frugal independence.

  21. If ten men endeavor to support their families by merchandise in a township which affords adequate business for but three, it is certain that a majority must fail; no matter how judicious their management or how frugal their living.

  22. Tea was made and a frugal meal of biscuits followed; our cocoa was now all exhausted, and greatly did we wish we had brought more of it in the place of some other things.

  23. After a few minutes under the trees a woman brought us a frugal supper, after which we set off accompanied by Aziz to find a hiding-place for the following day.

  24. In a short time a frugal repast was served up for us in the kitchen.

  25. The darkness closed in even as they ate their frugal meal and conversed in low whispers.

  26. When they had partaken of this frugal but satisfying meal, the boys started to take down the skin tent which had been the subject of Roger's remarks.

  27. As we sat within and ate our frugal lunch, we were glad that he had recovered his health, and glad that he had built the hut, and glad that we had come to it.

  28. St. Olympias claimed the privilege of furnishing the expenses of the saint's {243} frugal table.

  29. Around the frugal board Colonel Joe enters into the family spirit.

  30. The great mass of the people were peasants, small land-owners, of frugal habits and moral qualities.

  31. A man of sterling qualities, frugal and unostentatious, after his public life he retired to his farm and spent the remainder of his days in seclusion as a simple peasant.

  32. He was frugal and correct in his personal habits, quick and shrewd in his dealings with men, bold and ambitious in the affairs of state.

  33. Like his more famous ancestor, he was frugal and austere in his habits, upright, unselfish, and incorruptible.

  34. On the whole, Vespasian was active and prudent in public affairs, frugal and virtuous in private life.

  35. Industry gathers together, with a frugal hand, the means whereby we are enabled to develop our plans and purposes.

  36. To economize and be frugal is absolutely the only way to get a solid fortune; there is no other certain mode on earth.

  37. He could not shake off the habit of economy, the frugal manner of living, which, he had so long practised; but his mind underwent a complete revolution.

  38. He was moderately well off, but, like all true farmers, frugal to the extreme.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "frugal" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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