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  1. Or by taking the labor-saving machinery away from the people, and keeping them longer at their toil, as this humbug has suggested.

  2. And we are not saving ourselves by making greenbacks lean on silver.

  3. Preface A chance meeting with a comrade who was instrumental in saving from capture a piece of artillery at the second battle of Bull Run suggested one of the several sketches grouped together in this volume.

  4. The soldiers used to regard the prosperous sutler with envy, but he is never heard of now, and I do not know of one who makes claim to having assisted in saving the Union in that capacity.

  5. The steamer was going easily down stream, saving her fuel, and as they floated along, with the paddles revolving slowly, a lion was observed upon the dark and lately blackened bank.

  6. This will amount to a large sum; and a similar saving will be realized by each of your 35 millions of fellow-countrymen.

  7. We take this last datum solely into account, because we cannot suppose that the saving of cost which will be realized will not be met by an increased personnel rendered necessary by a more extended service.

  8. And what is exchange, but a calculation which we make with a view to discontinuing direct production in every case in which we find that possible, and in which indirect acquisition enables us to effect a saving in time and in effort?

  9. I obey nature, gentlemen of the jury, in saving my father from death, and myself from the loss of him, unjust as he had been.

  10. The Daylight Saving Bill became Law on May 17.

  11. Daylight saving is again being talked of, and it would surely be an enormous boon to rush the measure through now so that the Germans may have less darkness of which to take advantage.

  12. But busy moments had passed there, for the overseer was a man of action, and prompt to take measures toward saving the life of the drowning man.

  13. The women of Erlau had a large share in the saving of the city, and the fame of their heroic devotion still survives in Hungary.

  14. He had killed a deer on the Palisades, and with bow and arrow, thus saving a bullet.

  15. And any reasonably shrewd pianist could keep track of the dynamics, saving strength for the shattering finale in spite of the thunderings that must come before.

  16. Ludlow suggested that it would be good economy of time and labor to take a threshing machine into the field and thresh out the grain as it is reaped, thereby saving the binding and hauling to the barn or stack.

  17. In a loose way, I estimated that in the saving of labor, and grain from shattering, it nearly or quite paid for itself the first harvest.

  18. It fully equals my expectation as a labor-saving implement, and does the work better than can be done by the cradle.

  19. It is the opinion of farmers and others with whom I have conversed, that the saving per acre, by the use of Hussey's machine, would be about 5s.

  20. It is undoubtedly a labor saving machine, and worthy of their attention.

  21. It has proved itself to be not only a wheat saving implement but a labor and time saving one--these are all important to the farmer.

  22. Whether the grain stands or is lodged is of little consequence, except as to the appearance of the sheaf, and the necessity of saving more straw, when lodged, than is desirable.

  23. I deem it one of the best labor-saving machines ever offered for the advantage of the farmer; its effectiveness, simple and durable construction, have been witnessed with satisfaction by a large number of my neighbor farmers.

  24. They used Hussey's reaper, and some of them three and four, or more of these great labor-saving implements.

  25. I could not have saved the cloverseed without the machine, so I consider I saved the whole cost of the machine in the saving of the cloverseed alone.

  26. I was on foot, fighting as I could, without hopes of my life, or indeed thoughts of saving it, when I saw the guns taken and my faithful cannoneers slain.

  27. But though a stranger, and saving the allegiance I owe to my lawful sovereign, I will yield to none of them in the respect and deference which I have paid to your Grace in prosperity, and now come to render to you in adversity.

  28. At least, it was in bottles until the process of saving had been completed.

  29. By this policy the dogs had a lot of fun hunting on their own hook, preserved their lives from otherwise inevitable extinction, and were of great assistance in saving their masters' skins.

  30. After a bit of this my knees began to weaken; and it became a question of saving energy, of getting along somehow, and of leaving the actual hunting to Memba Sasa and the guide.

  31. Have I wasted my sympathy all night on a man who has been saving my life with perfect calmness and worrying because he couldn't get shaved?

  32. Worst of all, Glover, in saving Gertrude, put his elbow through the lower glass of the running-board door.

  33. There were four of us, and we would not hesitate to pay two dollars each for theatre tickets, which would be eight dollars, so really I was saving money.

  34. Would not common sense suggest the saving of time and effort by putting all six horses to work at once?

  35. Such orderly system will soon become habitual and result in saving much valuable time and energy.

  36. An operation may occasionally be absolutely necessary as a means of saving life.

  37. Still more remarkable is the Burden horseshoe machine, the invention of a woman, which turns out a complete horseshoe every three seconds and which is said to have effected a saving to the public of tens of millions of dollars.

  38. How much she was instrumental in saving annually to the farmers and gardeners of England by her writings and lectures can only be imagined, but the sum must have been immense.

  39. Most of the domestic labor-saving machines were still in their infancy and possessed by but few people.

  40. Wherever they could keep the Briton or the Frenchman from forcing the fight into the open which made the contest an even one in digging, they were saving life and ammunition by nests of redoubts and dugouts.

  41. All of which has to be thought of before one goes to sea in an open boat in winter, on the remotest chance of saving a stranger's life--hasn't it?

  42. Yet, you--you who have ties, faced all this on the chance of saving a stranger.

  43. And if the outlay in conveniences and labor-saving machinery which a large establishment authorizes, be taken into account, this truth becomes still more apparent.

  44. Saving a tavern-stand, it had all the appurtenances of one.

  45. There is no one, saving your presence, but that sulky Bonnemain who could have thought of such a thing.

  46. Instead of approaching her he seated himself beside the priest, and said in a low voice: 'Is there any hope of saving him?

  47. The men got ashore, saving the wreck, but lost their store of provisions, and we were a day there making the damaged canoe again serviceable.

  48. Being shipwrecked, of course, could scarcely appeal to me, but I am surely not ungrateful to you for saving my life.

  49. There have been times when the devotion of one man has been the saving of an army.

  50. There was no saving these lives, but Ambrose felt it his duty to make the Emperor feel his sin, in hopes of saving others.

  51. They were set at liberty; and thus the two Vendean chiefs avenged their deaths by saving five thousand of their enemies!

  52. No rest but death for horse or man, whichever first shall tire; They see the flames destroy, but ne'er may feel the saving fire.

  53. She would no longer need the subtle chemistry of the Borgias; she could learn of them to poison wholesale and to do the work by labor-saving machinery.

  54. Of the authority of the Septuagint translation, which, saving the honour of the Hebrew original, is to be preferred to all translations.

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