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  1. Similarly we may rub a stick of sealing wax, a bar of sulphur, indeed, a great variety of substances, and by this easy test we shall find them electrified.

  2. In practice the electromagnet usually takes the form shown in figure 48, where the poles are two bobbins or solenoids of wire 61 having straight cores of iron which are united by an iron bar B, and A is the armature.

  3. The polarity of the bar only shows itself at the ends, where the molecular poles are, so to speak, free.

  4. Figure 56 represents an outside view and section of the Bell telephone as it is now made, where M is a bar magnet having a small bobbin or coil of fine insulated wire C girdling one pole.

  5. A piece of steel is readily magnetised by stroking it from end to end in one direction with the pole of a magnet, and in this way compass needles and powerful bar magnets can be made.

  6. He heeded not the warning; to the bar He gaily turned, and cried, "Another glass!

  7. Gone from the battle's din, Gone with their weight of sin, To the solemn bar of God!

  8. I will never employ my pen in writing anything which I might regret at the bar of God.

  9. The watery kingdom, whose ambitious head Spits in the face of heaven, is no bar To stop the foreign spirits, but they come As o'er a brook to see fair Portia.

  10. Nay, but I bar to-night; you shall not gauge me By what we do to-night.

  11. Here are sever'd lips, Parted with sugar breath; so sweet a bar Should sunder such sweet friends.

  12. Those claws shall claw you to a bar of shame, Where thou shalt show thy goll[428].

  13. I'll make my mittimus, And send him to the gaol; have we no bar Nor clause to hamper you?

  14. I'll bar your claim, If I be Justice Tutchin.

  15. Dan sal your sistre do gainst her vader's will, for your vader segt dat ic sal heb bar vor mine wife.

  16. The attorney looked in unfeigned astonishment that a man who was actually making L3000 per annum at the bar should leave it.

  17. Then, as to my brother, he has such abilities, and such industry, he will make a fortune at the bar for himself, most certainly.

  18. ACT THE FIRST SCENE I The Bar of the 'Windmill Inn' at Salt Hill MR.

  19. We'll let it down, my lad, in a trice; bar me out who can!

  20. Religion, also, has formed a great bar to intermarriage.

  21. Among the ancestors of man, as among other animals, there was no doubt a time, when blood-relationship was no bar to sexual intercourse.

  22. See Evil spirits "Spiritual relationship," a bar to inter-marriage, ii.

  23. In the worship of Anaitis the Armenians even of the highest families prostituted their own daughters at least once in their lives, nor was this regarded as any bar to an honourable marriage afterwards.

  24. When I was young, and began the practice of law, there were lawyers at the bar in this State and real Judges occupied the bench.

  25. Colonel Craddock, a retired lawyer of the local bar at Pineville, and eighty-three years old, published a statement in opposition to Saylor's candidacy.

  26. Having procured the necessary certificate of good character, he made application for admission to the bar and was given an examination by Judges Grinder, Singer and Dobson.

  27. One day a young feller who lives on yan side of Silver Creek rid up in a side bar buggy.

  28. It is a mystery to the bar how he ever obtained license to practice law.

  29. Nearly all the performers had a bar of music to bring them on each time, and another to take them off; a bar when they sat down, and a bar when they got up again; while it took a small overture to get them across the stage.

  30. Fortunately there was nobody else in the bar where we were, or his ravings would have attracted an unpleasant amount of attention.

  31. If a court of justice were wanted for the following night, and the nearest thing he had to it were a bar parlor, he was not in the least dismayed.

  32. Crewe whistled a bar of a street-melody, then burst into laughter.

  33. The prisoner at the bar can't be prosecuting counsel at the same time.

  34. Until a year or two ago she had adorned the private bar of a public-house kept by her husband; retired from this honourable post, she now devoted herself to society and the domestic virtues.

  35. This bar was afterwards passed through three other moulds of gradually augmenting curvature, and was taken from the last of them a semi-ring of compact ice.

  36. After a few seconds it was taken from the mould a bent bar of ice.

  37. Venetian bar used as the veining of a leaf and worked upon Sorrento bars.

  38. All of the bar work seen may be done with single threads instead of the complete Raleigh method, and the rosettes or "spiders" may be larger or smaller as preferred.

  39. From the adjoining bar rose the music of popping corks and flowing liquids.

  40. Educated at Eton and Balliol, he was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1845, and rapidly acquired a large practice as a conveyancer and equity draftsman; he became Q.

  41. How he succeeded, his compeers at the bar have often testified.

  42. In logical precision of mind, clearness of statement, full investigation of complicated points, and close comparison of precedents, he had no superior at the bar of the Supreme Court.

  43. The bar that held the door fell, and it was flung open.

  44. Then he placed his revolver on the bar and coolly drew off his coat, which he lay beside the pistol.

  45. A few minutes later Dick hastily got away from the door and pretended to be sleeping on the bunk, his ears telling him the bar was being removed.

  46. He has gone before the judgment bar on high.

  47. I will send your black soul to the bar of judgment as true as my name is Frank Merriwell!

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bar" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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