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Example sentences for "beside"

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besette; besetting; besh; beshrew; besht; besides; besids; besiege; besieged; besieger
  1. Beside this personage the other characters pale into insignificance: "He was more than six feet in stature .

  2. De Quincey's contributions to the tale of terror shrink into unimportance beside the rest of his work, and are not in themselves remarkable.

  3. At least," resumed Polwarth, "I have this advantage over some, that I cannot be fooled with the fancy that this poor miserable body of mine is worth thinking of beside the smallest suspicion of duty.

  4. One hot noon Wingfold lay beside him on the grass.

  5. Yet it is strange to see how even noble women, with the divine gift of imagination, may be argued into unbelief in their best instincts by some small man, as common-place as clever, who beside them is as limestone to marble.

  6. She seated herself beside him, and threw her arms around him.

  7. A dim figure strode beside me, vague, but certain of presence.

  8. He began this one morning as he lay on the grass beside him, and that was the position in which he found he could best thus soliloquize.

  9. Neither did he see the curl on the lip of Bascombe, or the glance of annoyance which, every now and then, he cast upon the bent head beside him.

  10. When he turned, he saw, to his surprise, a lady standing beside the sleeping youth, and gazing at him with a strange intentness.

  11. Helen sat down beside him, took his head on her lap, and sought to soothe him with such tender loving words as had never before found birth in her heart, not to say crossed her lips.

  12. I, the former blacksmith, was a very flower, lulled in the dolce far niente of summer air and sunshine, beside her more vigorous intellectual nature.

  13. I have spent the happiest hours of my life beside you.

  14. With characteristic composure, Miss Darry answered the message by gathering some of the roses beside us, and turning to reenter the house.

  15. Miss Dinsmore seized me by the shoulder, and pushing me, not too gently, into the kitchen, closed the door, and stood beside me.

  16. Tug, tug, tug, one little foot wearisomely ranging itself beside the other, and two hands helping both: that is Jamie coming up stairs.

  17. Yet in the first ten minutes one gentleman was unhorsed before her eyes, and one came to grief along with his animal, and a thorough-bred chestnut was galloping and snorting beside her with empty saddle.

  18. To give it zest, some have a shell containing sea-water beside them when they dine, into which each portion of the mess is dipped.

  19. Another actor came within the field of the glass--the mate of the heron, alighting on the stone beside her lord and master.

  20. The crocodile is poked out of secluded nooks beside the bank and from under submerged logs, never being allowed a moment's peace.

  21. A blue heron flapped down beside him, and the curlew skipped off to another rock.

  22. Snoodling beside lumps of coral or beneath weather-beaten drift-wood, they afford startling proof of the effect of sympathetic coloration.

  23. For two days they chanted the virtues of the dead, told of her likes and dislikes, and of their grief, crouching beside the blanket-covered form.

  24. He slew men also, but he uttered something beside war cries.

  25. It looks to me as though it had all blossomed out under a new social influence, and beside each dark stem I see a rose.

  26. Little Mary Ester, Sat upon a tester, Eating of curds and whey; There came a little spider, And sat him down beside her, And frightened Mary Ester away.

  27. Such were his deeds and noble acts In Arthur's court there shone, As like in all the world beside Was hardly seen or known.

  28. She said she hoped all her children would accompany the Saints to the West, and if they did she would go; but she wanted her bones brought back to be buried beside her husband and children.

  29. Brigham was seated beside the governor on the platform, and tried to control the unruly spirits.

  30. The regulations required that each private should walk constantly beside his wagon, leaving it only by his officer's command.

  31. For thou must change and be a Serpent Thing Strange, and beside thee she whom thou didst bring Of old to be thy bride from Heaven afar, Harmonia, daughter of the Lord of War.

  32. Then on like birds, by their own speed upborne, They swept toward the plains of waving corn That lie beside Asopus' banks, and bring To Thebes the rich fruit of her harvesting.

  33. Soon, as it chanced, beside my thicket-close The Queen herself passed dancing, and I rose And sprang to seize her.

  34. You see, she has lots of money beside her salary from the telegraph company.

  35. She had brought no one up in her elevator to see Mr. Gately beside Miss Raynor that she knew of except the man named Smith and Mrs. Driggs.

  36. Then, as silently as possible, he pressed on one of the small panes of glass close beside the lock.

  37. Beside her a young man--his face in the shadows--held a horse pistol on another man.

  38. At last he rose from beside Elaine's straw bed in the fire-gutted chateau.

  39. Mark, beside him, his handsome young face pale and haggard.

  40. An Elaine who stood beside a great black coach, the like of which had never rolled American highways.

  41. Beside the bed, Mark Carter still stared dumbly down at the girl he loved.

  42. Elaine's face, beside him, was growing blue with cold.

  43. A moment or so later, a very pretty young lady was standing beside a trunk on the platform, trying to get some information from the flagman.

  44. He's taller than I am, and I'd ever so much rather have a frock-coat walk beside me to meeting.

  45. She screamed vigorously, whether she would or no, and at the same moment dropped her pocket-book in the grass beside the path, so that it momentarily escaped the vagabond's clutches.

  46. I should say it was," muttered the young lady, as the remains of what had been a carryall were pulled up beside the platform by the skinny skeleton of what might once have been a horse.

  47. Very full, certainly; nor did Dab Kinzer know exactly what the matter was for a minute or so after he seized the reins and sprang up beside Frank Harley.

  48. That was a question which he could safely leave to the very responsible lady beside him; and she found "errands" enough for him, during the remainder of that forenoon, to keep him from worrying his mind about any thing else.

  49. He must have loved Chie Lo, for he reached up for her to pat him as she squatted beside her brother.

  50. They do not look as though they felt as happy as usual," said Chin to Chie Lo, who sat beside him on the platform of the house.

  51. As the night wore on, and the hour drew nigh, Muriel sat beside her friend and lover, in blank despair and agony.

  52. At the very same moment, the skeleton fell heavily, and rattled on the ground beside Tu-Kila-Kila.

  53. The King of Fire, sticking one pole of the screen into the ground securely, brought forward a bundle of sun-dried sticks and leaves from a basket beside him.

  54. If the savages bore down upon them with hostile intent, and threatened Muriel, he would plunge his knife first into that innocent woman's heart; and then bury it deep in his own, and die beside her.

  55. His one desire now was to return to Muriel--to Muriel, whom he had rescued from something worse than death at the hateful hands of that accursed creature who lay breathless forever on the ground beside him.

  56. Seating Muriel gently on the ground, Mali beside her, and stepping forward himself, with Peyron's hand in his, he beckoned to the vast and surging crowd to bespeak respectful silence.

  57. Then Felix, kneeling down, struck the match on the box, and applied it, as it lighted, to the dry leaves beside him.

  58. But Felix and Muriel were left alone beside their huts, guarded only in silence by their two mystic Shadows.

  59. She nodded thrice; then she glided back, serpentine, and threw herself gracefully, in a statuesque pose, on the native mat beside him.

  60. Beside the operator's plug there are a number of pairs of plugs shown hanging from the switchboard cabinet.

  61. In this the various adjacent turns are separated from each other by a fine thread of silk or cotton wound on beside the wire.

  62. Leopold was almost beside himself with joy, and he rushed up the steep, rocky path without regard to the proper expenditure of his breath.

  63. I sunk down insensible; and remember nothing but a scream of horror which proceeded from Jane, who, having just seated herself beside me as I sprang out of bed, had followed me in a state of breathless alarm to the kitchen.

  64. After tea, when Cousin Statia had taken up her knitting, and Aunt Henshaw was seated in her usual chair, I placed a low stool beside her for myself, and begged for one of her usual stories.

  65. I learned to love the mild countenance of Miss Sewell, with her plain dark hair and soft eyes, and was never happier then when she was invited to tea; for then I was emancipated from the nursery and placed beside her at table.

  66. I had gone down to a lake at the bottom of the garden to indulge in high-flown meditations; and Charles Tracy stood beside one of the boats which were always kept there.

  67. It was a peculiar face; and I became so wrapt in its contemplation as to lose all hearing of what passed around, until a step sounded close beside me.

  68. Supposing that it would please me, she got them out of the case and laid them beside me.

  69. Mammy at length seized upon me again, and carrying me almost by force to the nursery, she locked the door and sat down beside me; determined, as she said, to have me to herself for a while.

  70. Her features were peaceful as though she had died calmly, and beside her stood the pitcher empty.

  71. On the copy-book beside his desk was stuck an illustration proof, inverted.

  72. And seating himself at his desk beside the broad window Ellis proceeded to annihilate some telegraph copy, fresh off the wire.

  73. I sat for hours beside the open coffin, and resolved that I would fight as bravely through the span of life still left me, and again look forth upon the world with cheerful eyes.

  74. Even the church, beside which it stood, only separated by the graveyard, urgently needed repairs, and I secretly wondered that so pious a man as the baron did not set more value on the proper preservation of the house of God.

  75. But on the table beside the carafe stood a glass containing a bunch of snow-drops, in front of a daguerreotype of her child in a small easel-frame wreathed with the same white blossoms.

  76. The Canoness was standing beside the old peasant woman, gazing rapturously into vacancy, as though still under the thrall of the notes she had just heard.

  77. Beside it was another, which I should instantly have recognized as Daniel's elastic tread, even had not his voice been audible also.

  78. But, as soon as he had closed the door behind him, his wife sank down beside the couch of her dead child, and a convulsive sob burst from her sorrow-laden heart.

  79. I sat down beside him, took the volume, which was nothing worse than a novel by Van der Velde, now forgotten, and ere ten minutes had passed I knew everything I desired to learn.

  80. Tzaneen was almost beside herself with curiosity and began questioning Lochien as soon as we were seated.

  81. Beside each grave was placed a pot of corn-meal and some uncooked meat, so that the induna might have food if he should come back.

  82. The old man is fair beside himself with rage.

  83. Slowly and firmly he stepped forward until he stood beside his dead king.

  84. We would walk beside it with our rifles ready and protect the old queen with our lives.

  85. We came up to him as he sat waiting for death, the body of the adder beside him with its head crushed.

  86. Tuys's boys, or servants, with the exception of his bodyguard, ran beside the wagon, holding to it to help them over the ground.

  87. Their owners, mostly parents, stood beside the crown prince and extolled the virtues of their offspring.

  88. Tuys and I sat beside him in turn, and the old Boer was as distressed as the rest of us.

  89. They loafed along beside the ship, their great bodies slipping easily through the water, with now and then the flash of a white belly as they turned to meet the falling body.

  90. The heavy-set men riding beside the wagons particularly impressed him.

  91. After Heinz rode by without seeing him he continued his way until his feet grew so heavy that he was forced to sit down beside the road.

  92. The faded woman beside the duchess bore the name of the lady whose faithlessness had first induced him to seek rest and forgetfulness in the peace of the cloister, and led him to despise her whole sex.

  93. The open heavens had closed again; he lay a poor exhausted mortal, with burning brow, beside the road.

  94. She was plainly the eldest of the three sisters, as the little maid beside her was the youngest.

  95. He pressed the hand he held, whilst she knelt beside him and whispered softly in his ear: "It is I, indeed, thy little wife.

  96. The light burned dim; but Cuthbert still sat on beside the rude table where he had supped.

  97. Cuthbert looked at her with glad pride as she talked to him and petted the docile ass, who came and stood beside them and got a full share of such things as were pleasant to his palate.

  98. There is a house close beside this where methinks I have heard that Master Thomas Percy dwells, the steward to my Lord of Northumberland.

  99. Lady Humbert, standing beside the fire and drawing on her riding gloves, looked into Kate's bright face with a thoughtful smile.

  100. She put me to sit beside her at the board, and when the morning came she fed me again and bid me ride forth without fear.

  101. He only knew that a spell seemed upon him, that an intense desire had seized him to look once again upon that lonely house beside the river bank.

  102. Kate tripping lightly beside him, Philip having lingered to watch Petronella safely within the shelter of the gloomy walls of the Gate House.

  103. He would be scarce human, scarce flesh and blood, were he to fail in loving her; and what is my chance beside his?

  104. I hear a gliding footfall beside the wall.

  105. With but a few more quivers of hesitation she let herself be persuaded; and Culverhouse, turning round with a radiant smile of triumph, saw that Cuthbert was standing beside them, sympathy and interest written upon his face.

  106. A little spaniel had followed the grain-dealer, in spite of Jacquotte's efforts, and was crouching beside him.

  107. The cure of the parish and his assistants had taken their places in the middle of the room, beside the bier.

  108. The two horsemen reached a cottage beside the bed of the torrent, the doctor dismounted and went into the house.

  109. It stood beside a pathway that led to a bark-mill.

  110. Above the black cloth that covered the coffin rose the green sprays of a jessamine that grew beside the doorway, and a twisted vine shoot, already in leaf, overran the lintel.

  111. I slip into my seat at the table in the centre of the sagging board and find Molly beside me, the girl from Excelsior with the pretty hair on the other side.

  112. It is not an experience to this woman who works beside me so patiently; it is her life.

  113. I must not think that as I work beside them I will gain their confidence!

  114. What opposition could the German woman place, what could she risk, knowing that two hungry mouths waited to be fed beside her own?

  115. Beside me walks a boy of fourteen in brown earth-coloured clothes.

  116. I have worked both in Massachusetts and the South beside women who entered the mill service at eight years of age.

  117. One of the girls who worked beside us as usual in the morning, left a note on her machine at noon one day to say that she would never be back.

  118. Conclusions must be drawn by those who read the simple, faithful description of the woman who toils as I saw her, as I worked beside her, grew to understand in a measure her point of view and to sympathize with her struggle.

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