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  1. Did you say your actor pal's name was Mifflin?

  2. He starts like an actor on top de stoige when he sees he's up ag'inst de plot to ruin him, an' he gives me de fierce eye.

  3. We got into conversation, and I worked off on him a lot of technical stuff I'd heard from this actor friend of mine, and he jumped to the conclusion that I was an expert.

  4. If only he could put the theatre behind him, as he had put the rest, and make a stepping-stone of his dead actor self!

  5. When he came back to New York a group of friends noticed that the actor appeared to be much downcast.

  6. Orlando Day, a fourth-rate actor in London, was once called, in a sudden emergency, to supply the place of Allen Ainsworth at the Criterion Theatre for a single night.

  7. A panic seemed to be imminent, when an actor appeared on the stage.

  8. Jack Barrymore, son of Maurice Barrymore, and himself an actor of some ability, is not over-particular about his personal appearance and is a little lazy.

  9. The actor suspected at once a dodge to secure a pass on the "sympathy racket," but allowing himself to be taken in he gave the boy a pass.

  10. On one occasion the actor was appearing in his native town, and remembered an old negro and his wife, who had been body servants in his father's household, with a couple of seats in the theatre.

  11. The Play behind broke through, as it were; an actor forgot his role, and involved another actor; for an instant the masquerade tripped up, and merged with the commonplace reality of daily life.

  12. He remembered Tony's words later: that another actor was expected with whose entry the piece would turn more real--turn tragic.

  13. Sugarman was charged with the oral traditions of a chain of Rabbis, like an actor who knows all the "business" elaborated by his predecessors, and even a scientific scholar like Hamburg found him occasionally and fortuitously illuminating.

  14. That gentleman had not yet consented to produce the play that Pinchas had ready in manuscript and which had been coveted by all the great theatres in the world, but which he, Pinchas, had reserved for the use of the only actor in Europe.

  15. Had the actor memorised either of these Correlations, he would not have forgotten Numitorius in his performance.

  16. Wagner possessed, along with all other instincts, the dictatorial instinct of a great actor in all and everything, and as has been said, also as a musician.

  17. Mountjoy did his best to fill the sympathetic part assigned to him, and only succeeded in showing what a bad actor he would have been, if he had gone on the stage.

  18. Strangers wondered whether Lord Harry was an actor or a Roman Catholic priest.

  19. At Covent Garden there is the best acting in the world; Mr. Kemble is the first tragic actor now in England; Cook was a rival and excelled him in some characters.

  20. At the appointed hour, with as much disinterestedness as an actor who answers to his cue, in obedience to the divine stage-manager, they enter the tomb.

  21. She was conscious that a great actor was making his entrance on the stage, uttered not a word in reply, and left the room.

  22. One can see that he is an actor by profession.

  23. The young principal actor stopped to chat with your girl.

  24. Farquhar was very fond of jesting about his own misfortunes, and perhaps the following from "Love in a Bottle," exhibits a scene in which he had been himself an actor in real life.

  25. There is a story of Caligula having had an actor burnt alive for making an offensive pun in an Atellane play.

  26. On one occasion, when Power the actor was present, Hood was asked to propose his health.

  27. An actor named Priest was playing at one of the principal theatres.

  28. Apart from this he was as hypochondriacal as a comic actor and took no part in the life of the household.

  29. There was something theatrical and grandiloquent about him, and he seemed to pose like an actor who attracts admiration.

  30. Every prominent actor in the country is found on its rolls, and the good work it accomplishes from one year to another is extensive, and worthy the widest recognition.

  31. The actor was a man named Lyon, who was playing small parts through the country.

  32. So, the property-man is no insignificant personage--he is the mainspring which sets all the work in motion; and an actor had better have a bad epitaph when dead than his ill will while living.

  33. He was known as an actor of ability, but it was not until his famous engagements at the Winter Garden that he succeeded in making a really profound impression on the public.

  34. That is a sure sign of death, loss, or fire, as every actor knows.

  35. When the Chinese actor is not acting or putting on his costume you may depend upon it that he is eating.

  36. In everything an actor or an actress says and does the newspaper will find something worth printing, and in printing it the paper does exactly what the actor or actress wants--places him or her before the public.

  37. The actor cast for King Claudius had given some offence to the call-boy--treated him badly in the presence of the company--so the boy made up his mind to have ample revenge.

  38. An actor plays old men now simply for a living, while he matures his plans for his contemplated starring tour.

  39. The principal actor in the procession was a priest or kinsman who wore a curious dress and an imposing head-ornament called a parae.

  40. Spurred by the latter's groans and appeals for help an officer was directing a squad of men with crowbars and sticks in an effort to lift the truck when the former actor came up.

  41. This old actor was a gambler and, fortunately for me, he had a winner the next day.

  42. One night, when I was playing a game of draughts, this old actor came and sat beside me to whisper.

  43. However, it was not worth while to examine it more closely, for the old actor had now gone with the shilling, and I would not see him again till the morrow.

  44. We give the passion of these characters as they affect ourselves, but a real actor must give them as they affect others.

  45. And then turning to Hannah, she said, impressively, "He is the greatest romantic actor in England, Miss Barton.

  46. The new actor who had entered on the scene, and in whom the reader will have recognised Mrs. Margaret, had left Major Melville only about an hour previously, after having that conversation we have repeated.

  47. During the last few hours I have been actor in and witness of so many extraordinary things, that I may possibly have forgotten what I did promise you.

  48. Dick Prescott, however, admirable actor that he was, still wore a look of concern on his rather fine young face.

  49. But, truth to tell, he felt so ashamed of himself that he was a poor actor at this moment.

  50. Crowe, who had been made a judge shortly after his last election for Ballybay, was naturally chosen as the chief and most useful actor in this drama.

  51. And how was it with the chief actor in the scene?

  52. It was a forced unnatural laughter such as one hears from a bad actor attempting to express mirth he does not feel.

  53. The Royal Voice was an actor by birth who had been trained to imitate His Majesty's speech.

  54. Phædrus tells a tale of a popular actor who imitated the squeak of a pig.

  55. I hope, young sir, you may one day be as good an actor as your worthy father.

  56. Robert Wilks (a brother-Irishman), who performed Archer, was the foremost actor of the day.

  57. Seeking out the dramatist in his wretched garret in St Martin's Lane, the actor advised him no longer to trust to great men's promises, but to look only to his pen for support, and urged him to write another play.

  58. Sullen was the last original character undertaken by Verbruggen, a leading actor of the time.

  59. He says, with obvious truth, that Greene attacks Shakespeare both as actor and poet, but Judge Webb puts the matter thus: 'The language of Greene.

  60. Bacon is so enamoured of this method that he publishes 'Venus and Adonis' and 'Lucrece' under the name of his actor friend.

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