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  1. Neither was this an uncommon attitude, she averred; not infrequently directors imposed it upon the actors and actresses working under them.

  2. It is only because of the extent of their physical curves of femininity which are beyond the normal range for most men to find in a partner that supermodels and actresses are depicted and believed as some type of a universal beauty.

  3. Supermodels and actresses are considered universally beautiful but I don't think it has much merit.

  4. She's making early-morning jumps between shabby hotels with a bunch of cheap actors and cheaper actresses that are just about as congenial to her as a herd of goats.

  5. I suppose I was surprised because the few actresses I have known have all been so unlike you.

  6. He did not look like one who drank: he did not follow other actresses about with his eyes: I say, Will, that I thought I could trust him.

  7. I thought her beautiful on the stage, but then her face was covered with the crimson paint by which actresses have to spoil their cheeks.

  8. Actresses were assumed to be mistresses of patrons in return for their jobs, but one fourth were actually chaste women married to actors.

  9. Theaters reopened with actresses playing women's parts, an audience only in front of the stage instead of around it, a drop curtain, and painted two-dimensional scenery.

  10. Actresses were allowed pursuant to royal proclamation so that plays should become "useful and instructive representations of human life" rather than "harmless delights".

  11. I recollect many of the leading actors and actresses of the close of the last century, while all the great ones of this I have seen from time to time.

  12. It has always appeared to me to be a remarkable circumstance that many actors and actresses who have been great favourites in the metropolis, have not stood in the same light with the Liverpool audiences.

  13. So are old playgoers supremely content when with congenial souls they discuss the famous and favourite actors and actresses they have seen and admired in bygone days.

  14. Since then, as the founder and indefatigable manager of the Compton Comedy Company, he has helped many excellent actors and actresses to reach the coveted London boards.

  15. Many very clever actresses have since played the part, but they have perforce acted on the lines originally laid down by its creatress.

  16. One by one the actors and actresses had from his lips their dose of what they supposed, and still suppose, to be your harsh criticism.

  17. He did much admirable work with his own pen, and was full of good stories of famous actors and actresses with whom he had played.

  18. The two actresses are superficially about as unlike as may be, and yet their method is radically the same; or, in other words, they are both true actresses.

  19. Actors and actresses love playing to ardent and sympathetic provincial audiences.

  20. The actors and actresses in those companies (I speak from personal experience) were our pride and our delight.

  21. Surely few actresses have won such heartfelt and well-merited words of praise as these?

  22. Margaret in my ear, as one of the actresses came upon the stage with an affected gait, and a look of thinking herself mighty fine and irresistible.

  23. It seems to me that under the existing state of affairs, actors and actresses have to spend the best and most useful years of their life in a struggle to acquire a bare knowledge of the principles of their art.

  24. Pearls are said to be the result of a secretion effused from the pearl-oyster round a piece of grit or thorn inserted between its flesh and the shell in which it lives.

  25. Situated as it is, in a group of three theatres and several caf├ęs chantants, it is the rendezvous of the actors and actresses of the neighborhood.

  26. Upon entering the restaurant the actresses remove their hats and wraps and make themselves perfectly at home.

  27. Although full of mischief and fun, the actresses would never be suspected of singing the naughty songs that so delight the gallery gods and so often wring a murmur of protest from the pit.

  28. They hold the three tables but one from the kitchen, on one side, and they are a jolly crowd, the actresses particularly.

  29. Many actresses who have been years upon the stage, and who are considered beyond the average in their playing, would have played it with less appreciation and success.

  30. During his several engagements at the Winter Garden Mr. Jefferson was supported by Mrs. John Wood (particularly as Ivanhoe to his Sir Brian), one of the best burlesque actresses our stage has known.

  31. Matilda Heron was one of the most remarkable actresses our stage has ever produced.

  32. Every once in a while the girls they assign to this unit get it into their heads that they are real actresses and they go temperamental on us.

  33. If we want to," she retorted, "but neither one of us can see much of a future in being actresses in western films.

  34. One of the leading actresses was assisting in washing quite an ugly wound that a poor fellow had received in his arm.

  35. A dozen of the awed actors and actresses surrounded the impromptu field hospital, and upon every face could be seen only the deepest sympathy.

  36. The prompter was dismissed, but the three actresses began to complain.

  37. At ten o'clock all the actors and actresses arrived, bringing with them a mob of amateurs who crowded the hall.

  38. Subsequently, in Joan of Arc, she fully redeemed herself in his opinion, although he had seen the best German actresses in Schiller's tragedy of that name, with which the work of Soumet ill bears comparison.

  39. Mr Gutzkow is not far wrong in qualifying the champagne orgies of the Parisian actresses and newspaper scribes, as a resuscitation of the mA"urs de RA(C)gence.

  40. Here were colored reproductions of actresses in languid attitudes, of peasants dancing, of babies smiling, of elaborate young people with carefully dressed hair making love with "Molti Saluti!

  41. He saw her bright face and curious young eyes, then the faces of the saints and the actresses upon the wall, and he wondered where he was and where Hermione was.

  42. This reckless and amusing satire described with the most disconcerting accuracy the faults of the various actors and actresses on the London stage.

  43. In 1753 he began The Lives and Characters of the most Eminent Actors and Actresses of Great Britain and Ireland, but he went no further than the life of Barton Booth.

  44. Who in the world expects to find strict morality among actresses and ballet-dancers?

  45. Men follow actresses around the world because they impersonate love, passion, beauty, virtue and nobleness.

  46. The men really think actresses must possess what they portray.

  47. These professional singers and actresses seldom are.

  48. Still, however, there hang about the stage in every country too many actresses of abandoned character.

  49. Drury Lane and the Duke's Theatres were closed (Covent Garden Theatre was not then built), and actors and actresses of established reputation were clamorous for something to do.

  50. She was destined for tragedy and tragic actresses are not made in five minutes, but comedy demanded little more than inborn sprightliness and high spirits.

  51. People were still living who could remember Kynaston the beautiful youth as the sole representative of women's parts before actresses were known on the stage.

  52. The rest of the cast comprised actors and actresses of experience, and they went through their parts philosophically and without enthusiasm.

  53. The prodigality of favourite and favoured actresses under the regency was extreme.

  54. Goddess of Reason, personated by the actresses of the Opera, ii.

  55. Instead of singing her airs as other actresses do, for the most part she hums them over a mezza voce, and no art whatever is capable of making her sing when she does not choose it.

  56. I demand, moreover, that the actors, actresses and directors of the Parisian theatres be subjected to the censorship of the council.

  57. The women of to-day are actresses, second-rate actresses at that, who are merely playing for effect a part that has been handed down to them and in which they have no belief.

  58. How many celebrated actresses have been daughters of concierges!

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