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Example sentences for "actualisation"

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actress; actresses; acts; actu; actual; actualised; actualities; actuality; actualization; actualizations
  1. This actualisation of your true status, your place in the Eternal World, is waiting for you.

  2. Visible multiplicity is the illumination of Darkness, or the actualisation of Nothing.

  3. Furthermore, so much was this change an individual issue that we may say that the actualisation of redemption would be the same for a given man, were he the only man in the universe.

  4. It is the challenge to religion to undertake a work of surpassing grandeur--nothing less than the actualisation of the whole ideal of the life of man.

  5. All that which God through Jesus has done for us is futile, save as we make the actualisation of our deliverance from sin our continuous and unceasing task.

  6. The actualisation which right gets in this sphere of mere practical intelligence is that it be brought to consciousness as the stable universal, that it be known and stated in its specificality with the voice of authority--the Law(165).

  7. But this actualisation rests at first on the particular subjectivity of the judge, since here as yet there is not found the necessary unity of it with right in the abstract.

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