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contained; container; containers; containes; containeth; containment; contains; contaminate; contaminated; contaminates
  1. But her best exertions were always forthcoming on behalf of Coombe Lorraine, both as containing the most conspicuous people of the neighbourhood, and also because in her early days she had been a trusty servant under Lady Valeria.

  2. I believe that the ship containing the specie, which will be under your charge, was unable to make either Lisbon or the port of Cadiz, and ran through the Straits for Malaga.

  3. On his back he carried a fishing-basket, containing his bits of refreshment; and in his right hand a short springy rod, the absent sailor’s favourite.

  4. There were ten chests, thoroughly secured and sealed, each containing ten thousand guineas, and weighing about 4 cwt.

  5. Very often after a severe flogging a slave's body was treated to a bath of water containing salt and pepper so that the pain would be more lasting and aggravated.

  6. Soap was made by mixing bones and lard together, heating and then straining into a bucket containing alum, turpentine, and rosin.

  7. Footnote 92: Plutarch is alluding to the fable of the two wallets, which every man carries, one in front with his neighbours' faults in it, and the other behind containing his own.

  8. Footnote 502: Kaltwasser remarks that Plutarch passes over the events in Cæsar's Sixth Book of the Gallic War, as containing matters of less importance for his purpose.

  9. She held the locket containing her child's hair still in her hand, and once or twice she kissed it with a long soft kiss.

  10. She wondered at the ball of glass, containing various coloured sands from the Isle of Wight, or some other place, which hung suspended from the middle of the little valance over the window.

  11. To cause a locked door to appear bolted in addition, it would only be necessary for the person on the inside of the door to wrest the staple containing the bolt from the woodwork.

  12. The publication of his new volume--containing the Winifred lyrics--had served to colour these months of intolerable delay.

  13. At last a cab containing him halted at the door.

  14. At Elm Street a couple of fellows jostled against me, and when the mix-up was over the parcel containing my two sample records was gone.

  15. He handed the officer the package containing the alarm-clock.

  16. The box containing the infernal machine lies on the table there.

  17. You will be at their office to-morrow morning, and at precisely ten o'clock you will receive from me a sealed communication containing certain information upon which you can rely absolutely.

  18. By-the-way, the box containing the bomb must be at his house.

  19. There WAS another box containing the infernal machine, but Grenelli made up the dummy so successfully as to deceive even himself.

  20. It consisted of a long strip of thin bluish paper less than a quarter of an inch in width and containing a succession of apparently arbitrary and unmeaning characters written in ink.

  21. A paper was also circulated containing a report of the battle, of course highly favourable to the Earl of Mar's part in what he called his victory.

  22. He had sailed from Dunkirk in the small vessel in which he had embarked, and which was followed by two other vessels, containing his domestics, and stores for the use of his army.

  23. This letter, containing a proposal so important to the interests of James, is supposed never to have reached the Chevalier.

  24. The formulas are classified and arranged into chapters containing related subjects, while a complete index, made by professional librarians, renders it easy to find any formula desired.

  25. Raphanus sativus which have small roots yield numerous seed containing much oil, whilst those with large roots are not productive in oil; and so it is with Brassica asperifolia.

  26. He then fertilised forty-two flowers of both forms with pollen of the same form, but taken from a distinct plant, and all produced capsules containing on an average only 19.

  27. Hildebrand fertilised twenty-eight flowers of both forms, each by pollen of the other form, and obtained the full number of capsules containing on an average 42.

  28. It has often been said by naturalists that each cell of a plant has the potential capacity of reproducing the whole plant; but it has this power only in virtue of containing gemmules derived from every part.

  29. Mariana Islands with small fruit, containing seeds which are frequently perfect.

  30. For instance, on November 2 a Boer ambulance containing British wounded was allowed to enter the town, and was not immediately taken charge of by the British medical staff.

  31. It is carried from one kraal to another by strings of women walking in Indian file and carrying on their heads great yellow gourds containing their favourite drink.

  32. Troup (1859), containing many of his letters.

  33. Applications containing Cantharides are supposed to promote the growth of the hair.

  34. Rosemary is a nice clean preparation for the hair, and there are many good lotions containing this drug.

  35. Try a hairwash of rosemary or quinine, or use a pomade containing cantharides.

  36. Plants containing volatile oils, which are readily converted into resins by the action of oxygen, or those containing tannin or other readily oxidizable substances, take up the largest quantity.

  37. And phosphate of lime is also taken up by water containing carbonic acid, or even common salt in solution.

  38. For this purpose everything containing lime or its carbonate must be carefully avoided, as they bring back the phosphates into the insoluble state, and undo what the sulphuric acid has done.

  39. The contents of the cesspools are conveyed to the work in large barrels, which are then emptied into tanks capable of containing the accumulation of several months.

  40. Various kinds of refuse matters containing lime have been used in agriculture, but they are generally inferior to good lime, and not generally more economical.

  41. It is a product of the decomposition of organic substances containing nitrogen, and is produced when they are distilled at a high temperature, or allowed to putrefy out of contact of the air.

  42. By long continued boiling with water containing a small quantity of acid, it is completely dissolved and converted into dextrine, and eventually into sugar.

  43. So are the numbers of the pages containing the main discussion of a character.

  44. If Lear is in a tent containing his bed, why in the world, when the doctor thinks he can bear no more emotion, is he made to walk out of the tent?

  45. I suppose this means that he counts any speech consisting of two lines or more, but omits not only one-line speeches, but speeches containing more than one line but less than two; but I am not sure.

  46. It is a large town, containing 1000 Vecinos, and stands on the side of a rugged mound, overhanging the right bank of the little river Marbella.

  47. On returning to my quarters, I found a billet lying upon the table, containing the following mysterious warning, written in a female hand.

  48. At first the victors contented themselves with rifling the waggons and sumpter-mules containing the baggage of the French and the barons, and found much booty in the shape of silver vessels and rich furniture of various kinds.

  49. The building containing the courts was designed by the late Captain Fowke, of the Royal Engineers, and, I believe, there is no other building in this country more adapted to its purpose.

  50. This paper rises to a Moresque frieze of about one foot in depth, which holds hexagonal medallions containing the ghosts of plants.

  51. If I were officially consulted, I should say, 'Mark the corners of the building by permanent stones, with inscriptions containing ample records of the event, and give the surplus money to the erection of the museums of art and science.

  52. Within its area were corn fields, vineyards, pastures, and woods containing many animals, both wild and tame.

  53. That containing the music should have our closest attention, for it offers the most wonderful sounds ever imagined by any man.

  54. Like the polonaise but livelier, and generally containing counter-rhythms in triplets.

  55. In the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris there is a manuscript containing the prophecy which had been handed down for many centuries; also the signs for the notes to which it was to be sung, viz.

  56. Tschudi's 'Schweizerfuehrer' speaks also of Tintorettos at Casnigo and Vertova in Val Seriana, and mentions several other village churches as containing pictures of the Brescian School.

  57. Time has not verified the official statement made in March last that the sheets containing the Brenta group 'would be published in a few days,' but they may probably be looked for within the next year or two.

  58. There were two bays in the cliffs before us, one to our right filled by a small glacier with which we had nothing to do, the other containing the fan-shaped snow-slope seen from below.

  59. The lower stories only, containing the living-rooms, are built of stone; from the top of their walls rise large upright beams supporting an immensely broad roof.

  60. Sir, Last evening I received your Excellency's letter of the 16th of this month, accompanied with a letter from the President of Congress, containing the commissions you mention.

  61. Dr Franklin read a letter upon the subject, which he had prepared to Mr Oswald, upon the subject of the tories, which we had agreed with him, that he should read, as containing his private sentiments.

  62. To this effect, the petitioners refer to the estimate annexed, containing the quantity of productions, which for some years have been transported from the Colony into the ports of the country.

  63. I doubt not but letters have gone to America, containing their weighty charge against me; but this charge, if supported only by the opinion of those who make it, may be brought against any man or thing.

  64. This volume was more than once reprinted, and in 1835 a second volume was published, containing the speeches made up to that time, and not included in the first collection.

  65. In the year 1848 appeared a fourth volume of diplomatic papers, containing a portion of Mr. Webster's official correspondence as Secretary of State.

  66. By treaties with France and Spain, Louisiana and Florida, containing many millions of acres of public land, have been since acquired.

  67. This passage does not appear in the report preserved in the volume containing his Select Speeches.

  68. I see, not without admiration and amazement, but yet without envy or jealousy, States of recent origin already containing more people than Massachusetts.

  69. Having read an extract from the veto message, containing the statement of present opinions, allow me to read another extract from the annual message of 1830.

  70. It is almost square--a vaulted chamber about fourteen feet wide and a little longer, with an apse containing the altar, behind which is the reliquary enclosing the skull.

  71. It is of the fourteenth century, on a very much older foundation, simple and pleasing, with a late Renaissance memorial chapel, richly and gracefully decorated, and containing some beautiful statuary.

  72. It was nearly eighty years ago that he was taken there from Maillane in the farm cart, together with a small folding bed, a deal box to hold his papers and a bristly pigskin trunk containing his books and belongings.

  73. The pictured coffer containing the relics of the saints is in a chamber closed by ornamented double doors, in which are also the pulleys and cords by which it is lowered to the floor of the church on the great day of the pilgrimage.

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