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Example sentences for "containment"

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container; containers; containes; containeth; containing; contains; contaminate; contaminated; contaminates; contaminating
  1. Recent growth has been from a low base, and continued growth will require major policy successes and containment of armed rebellion.

  2. Other issues facing the government are the curbing of the budget deficit, including the containment of social welfare costs, and further privatization of public enterprises.

  3. Growth remains dependent on the status of the US economy, its major trading partner, on commodity prices, particularly coffee, and on containment of the recent rise in crime.

  4. The government faces other strong challenges in 2004, especially the cutting of budget and current account deficits, the containment of inflation, and the strengthening of the health care system.

  5. However, this solitary behavior was only pleasant for a few hours and then self-containment seemed particularly vacuous and the blessing a curse.

  6. Thus, virtually overnight, Germany came to dominate the Western component of anti-German containment - even as the Eastern component has chaotically disintegrated.

  7. The collapse of the eastern flank of anti-German containment - the USSR - led to the re-emergence of a united Germany.

  8. Thus, virtually overnight, Germany came to dominate the Western component of the anti-German containment master plan - while the Eastern component has chaotically disintegrated.

  9. And mark you, revelry in sobriety, containment in exultation; classic revelry.

  10. She had rebuked herself for want of reserve in the presence of Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer, and she was guilty of a slightly excessive containment when she next addressed Laetitia.

  11. I must tell you that my happy month and a half of self-containment in my home, following my politely rude expulsion of the tenants, ended in a sojourn through hell as one might expect.

  12. She was even amused by how easily amused she was in her self- containment in the car.

  13. There was a tenseness of containment among the three of them, as if they were all aware of great events and would not speak of them.

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