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Example sentences for "contaminates"

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containing; containment; contains; contaminate; contaminated; contaminating; contamination; contar; contayne; contayned
  1. Profanation of a sacred place is a disregard for the religious respect or immunity due to it which in some way materially contaminates it (e.

  2. Desecration is the performance in a sacred place of a notorious act of irreverence which so spiritually contaminates it that the divine offices may not be lawfully celebrated therein until the rite of reconciliation has been performed.

  3. Uncleanness of the self also contaminates the body.

  4. It is, however, a variety of algæ not easily detected that contaminates the water.

  5. The privy is filled with the excreta; the liquids drain into the adjacent ground, which becomes saturated, and contaminates the nearest wells and water courses.

  6. Sensuality contaminates the body, depresses the understanding, deadens the moral feelings of the heart, and degrades man from his rank in creation.

  7. Sensuality contaminates the body depresses the understanding deadens the moral feelings of the heart and degrades man from his rank in creation.

  8. At Bruges a priest of my acquaintance contaminates the holy ciboria and uses them to prepare spells and conjurements.

  9. It contaminates the supernatural and vomits on the Beyond.

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