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Example sentences for "contamination"

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contains; contaminate; contaminated; contaminates; contaminating; contar; contayne; contayned; contayning; conteine
  1. But when mixed with fine carbon, thorium alpha contamination makes a mess.

  2. But even a little contamination meant the whole ship had to be gone over with instruments, and the ventilating system would have to be cleaned.

  3. Milk contamination from fallout is not expected to be a serious problem after an attack.

  4. The extreme social degradation and demoralising contamination to which they were exposed in Van Diemen's Land, and the disheartening difficulties they had to contend with, were utterly incompatible with the spirit of Lord Stanley's despatch.

  5. As he reached maturity and bethought himself, the sense of this involuntary simoniacal contamination filled him with remorse.

  6. Stoicism was ascetic in tendency; Neo-Platonism ascetic in principle, holding that the soul should be purged from contamination with things of sense.

  7. It is not to do good unto others, but to escape contamination from others which is the concern of the Hindu devotee.

  8. Men have attached themselves absolutely to gods whose mythology, detailed in the Puranas and Tantras, is a narrative of lust and of moral crookedness, devotion to which can mean only moral contamination and spiritual death.

  9. Were it possible to escape the contamination of a gaol, what could be hoped, where the male population is contributed chiefly by prisons?

  10. From it came the first international approaches to the problems of ocean contamination and, later, long-term bioenvironmental studies at Rongelap itself.

  11. After 3 days, by which time water contamination had spread over an area of 50 square miles, the dose rate from the water was well within safe limits for persons remaining for brief periods.

  12. The leaching may carry radionuclides elsewhere, however, possibly causing mild contamination of the water table.

  13. The experience of the fishermen produced in Japan a fear of contamination of fisheries resources as a result of the United States tests.

  14. The detonation of the first thermonuclear device projected the problem of environmental contamination to the stratosphere and, literally, to every part of the earth.

  15. In 1947 no other place on earth offered an opportunity to observe the natural processes by which radiation contamination is eliminated from an environment.

  16. Why can we not shelter ourselves from the base contamination of worldly cares, and live on amid pleasures pure as these, with hearts as holy and desires as simple as in childhood?

  17. Well, at that altitude the radioactive contamination should be mostly trapped in the upper atmosphere and take several days to start settling.

  18. The clean-room procedure, which they were following, involved encasing a satellite payload in a sterile plastic wrap to protect it from contamination when it was being transferred to the gantry area.

  19. Malignant ulcer, with induration of the surrounding parts, and contamination of the lymphatics, occurs occasionally on the glans penis, or on the lining membrane of the prepuce.

  20. Precautions Regarding Wells Other precautions to be observed with reference to surface wells are the following: Never dig a well near places where soil contamination has taken or is taking place.

  21. The air for the supply of the furnace must be gotten from outside, and the source must be pure, above the ground level, and free from contamination of any kind.

  22. Contamination of the soil, ground water, and air by percolation of sewage.

  23. The second cause of soil contamination is also of great importance.

  24. Contamination of shallow wells may, in exceptional cases, be avoided by a proper location of the well with reference to the existing sources of impurity.

  25. For nearly eighteen months they lit their outcast fire and took their meals apart at a measured distance from the chaukas--at such a distance that no ray of contamination could proceed from them to it.

  26. A deep well that is closed in properly and does not permit of contamination from filth, does not insure a clean water supply if the trough or tank is not kept clean.

  27. The quarters must be clean in order to prevent contamination of the instruments and clothing of the attendant by filth.

  28. However, I continued with my natural solemnity to read on, sensible that what I did might amend some, but could itself receive no contamination from any.

  29. When we consider what numbers he has ruined, how many parents now feel with anguish the infamy and the contamination which he has brought into their families, it would not surprise me if some one of them—Amazement!

  30. He points out that it indicates clearly the superhuman nature of the mother, and that as the silver chains figure in the story, they cannot be due in the Continental versions to contamination with the Swan Knight saga, as M.

  31. When this method of coating is adopted it is best to have the sheets of paper an inch longer than the dish; the blank edge prevents contamination of the fingers and distortion of the sheet caused by contraction in drying.

  32. It is also important to avoid contamination with even minute quantities of hypo, since this substance very readily causes stains.

  33. The state of being infected; contamination by morbific particles; the result of infecting influence; a prevailing disease; epidemic.

  34. Law) Defn: Contamination by illegality, as in cases of contraband goods; implication.

  35. The effect of the bacterial contamination of milk depends largely upon the way in which the product is used.

  36. By this method the cream layer is exposed to the air for a longer time than with any other, and consequently the contamination from this source is greater.

  37. An important factor in contamination may be the wash water that is used.

  38. Fortunately both of these sources of contamination are capable of being greatly minimized by more careful methods of handling.

  39. Where water is run through the machine to rinse out the milk particles, gross bacterial contamination occurs and the use of the machine much increases the germ content of the milk.

  40. No factor of contamination is so susceptible of improvement as that which relates to the reduction in filth and dirt which gains access during and immediately subsequent to the milking.

  41. The condition of the milker is not to be ignored in determining all possible factors of infection, for when clothed in the dust-laden garments that have been worn all day, a favorable opportunity for direct contamination is possible.

  42. Not infrequently, disease-producing bacteria are able to grow in raw milk in competition with the normal milk bacteria, so that even a slight contamination may suffice to produce infection.

  43. Cannot women, who are good, pity the sufferings of the vicious, and do something perhaps to mitigate and shorten them without contamination from the vice?

  44. The bad infect the good, and your boy and girl come back reeking with the contamination of bad associates, and familiar with the coarsest obscenity of the slum.

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