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  1. Like that of the penis, the glans clitoridis is extremely sensible, but has no perforation.

  2. It terminates anteriorly in a slight enlargement, called the glans clitoridis, which is covered with a thin membrane or a loose fold of skin, viz.

  3. In the glans itself there is no trace of the septum, which separates the corpora cavernosa.

  4. The whole penis, scrotum, and perineum are swollen, but the swelling is hard, and most marked in the glans and along the course of the urethra.

  5. Bloody and mucous discharge from the urethra, frequent desire to make water, sudden stoppage of the urine whilst making water, pain in the glans penis, and other symptoms of stone in the bladder, followed a fall on the back.

  6. The glans and lining membrane of the prepuce swell anteriorly to the stricture, the integuments of the penis swell behind, and the stricture is depressed and concealed between.

  7. In other instances the uninjected glans can be exposed either in part or entirely, though with difficulty.

  8. During the progress of the disease he was seized with delirium tremens; a bubo formed and ulcerated; a violent hemorrhage occurred from the sore; sloughing and phagedena alternated; and both prepuce and glans were entirely lost.

  9. Malignant ulcer, with induration of the surrounding parts, and contamination of the lymphatics, occurs occasionally on the glans penis, or on the lining membrane of the prepuce.

  10. It is seldom that more than one chancre occurs: the usual situation is on the glans and lining of the prepuce; but they occasionally form on the outer surface of the prepuce, and on the dorsum penis.

  11. Different forms of sores may exist on the glans and prepuce at the same time; and it is maintained, that one sore may produce another of a different kind, and the same is asserted with regard to eruptions.

  12. It often attends discharge from the urethra, and is usually met with in those who, from the natural tightness of the prepuce, uncover the glans with difficulty, if at all.

  13. The glans is covered and the prepuce is lined by mucous membrane.

  14. Besides this important function of the secretion from Cowper's glands, the slimy transparent mucus appearing at the glans penis under sexual excitement serves as a natural lubricant covering the glans of the male organ.

  15. The prepuce, as stated above, usually covers the glans penis in young children and may do so throughout life.

  16. Over the glans the mucous membrane is red, thin and moist and possesses numerous nerve papillæ.

  17. Furthermore, the glans penis becomes less sensitive and therefore less subject to local irritation thus simplifying the young man's problems in sexual hygiene.

  18. It makes its appearance in from one to five days after exposure, anywhere on the penis, but most frequently on the under side of the glans beside the frænulum as a small red spot.

  19. The normal prepuce of the adolescent male should be free from the glans and should be sufficiently loose easily to retract back of the glans, a position it is likely to take in erection.

  20. Of this number, 15 were on the head, eight on the face, 18 on the lower extremities, eight on the trunk, and three on the glans penis.

  21. At the apex of the glans opened a canal about 12 cm.

  22. He hastily summoned a physician, who found that the penis had, in fact, almost disappeared, the glans being just perceptible under the pubic arch, and the skin alone visible.

  23. The treatment consisted of pressing out the glans daily until the wound healed; the penis receded spontaneously.

  24. The glans was riddled with holes, and numerous fistulae existed on the inferior surface of the urethra, the meatus being impermeable.

  25. One was to make an opening into the male urethra just anterior to the scrotum, and another was to slit up the entire urethra so far as to make but a single canal from the scrotum to the glans penis.

  26. The testicles were at the entrance of the inguinal canal and the glans was only slightly developed.

  27. Incisions were made into a small swelling just below the urinary opening in the abdomen which brought into view the penis, the glans being normal but the body very small.

  28. All the degrees of duplication have been met with, from a fissure of the glans penis to the presence of two distinct penises inserted at some distance from each other in the inguinal regions.

  29. Dickinson mentions a Burmese male child, four years old, who had an imperforate anus and urethra, but who passed feces and urine successfully through an opening at the base of the glans penis.

  30. Through the agency of compression one of the testes was forced along the corpus cavernosum under the skin as far as the glans penis.

  31. The glans itself may be inclined laterally, the curvature may be total, or there may be a veritable rotation, bringing the inferior face above and the superior face below.

  32. A condition in which the prepuce, after being retracted behind the glans penis, is constricted there, and can not be brought forward into place again.

  33. The fold of skin which covers the glans of the penis; the prepuce.

  34. The cheesy, sebaceous matter which collects between the glans penis and the foreskin.

  35. A condition of the penis in which the prepuce can not be drawn back so as to uncover the glans penis.

  36. In elderly people, with the atrophied penis and elongating prepuce, the constant moisture from the urine on the inner fold and glans adds greatly to the irritation as well as to the discomfort of the patient.

  37. The mucous covering of the inner fold of the prepuce and glans was so irritable that connection often brought it about.

  38. The glans penis was left sufficiently free to allow of water passing.

  39. The child was then unable to walk; on examination, the prepuce was found to be adherent almost all the way around the glans penis.

  40. They use a stick as a probe passed round between glans and prepuce to ascertain the extent of the frenum and that there is no abnormal adhesion.

  41. If tissues other than the glans penis were present they were removed with forceps when softened usually at the end of one day.

  42. The terminal part of each penis including the baculum imbedded in the glans penis was removed in its entirety and placed in a vial.

  43. When the glans became sufficiently cleared that the stained baculum could be seen easily, the solution was replaced by glycerin in which clearing was completed.

  44. No ossification was found in a single specimen of Ellobius examined by me although the entire glans penis was removed and cleared without dissection.

  45. Dorsally an artery, thinner walled than the ventral urethra, ends in a somewhat reticulate sinus surrounding primarily the middle part of the baculum within the bulbous glans penis.

  46. The method described above leaves the baculum intact within the glans penis; therefore its orientation can be determined relative to the thick walled urethra and the thin walled dorsal artery that extends onto the dorsal side of the baculum.

  47. In the female, the cauliflower-like masses are dissected from the labia; in the male, the prepuce is removed and the warts on the glans are snipped off with scissors.

  48. On the glans penis the infiltration may be so superficial that it resembles a layer of parchment, but if it invades the cavernous tissue there is a dense mass of induration.

  49. It is most marked in chancres situated in the furrow between the glans and the prepuce.

  50. For in ancient symbolism, a part of a symbol stands for the whole; as here, the horns represent the bull, and the glans the phallus.

  51. The meatus and the false opening have approached by the contraction of the cicatrix; in consequence of which, also, the apex of the glans is distorted towards the urethra; a bougie introduced by the meatus occupies the urethral canal.

  52. The spongy portion is the longest of the three, and extending from the glans to the bulb may be said on a rough, but for practical purposes, a sufficiently accurate estimate to comprise seven parts of the whole urethra, which measures nine.

  53. In this figure is shown a condition of the glans and prepuce resembling that last mentioned, and the effect of a similar cause.

  54. The prepuce at the dorsum is in part deficient, and bound to the glans around the abnormal orifice.

  55. The orifice of the prepuce being directly opposite the meatus, and the parts offering no obstruction to the flow of urine, an operation for separating the prepuce from the glans would not be required.

  56. The bulb and glans are expansions or enlargements of the spongy texture, and do not affect the calibre of the canal.

  57. This state of the parts was caused by a venereal ulceration of the upper part of the prepuce, sufficient to allow the glans to press through the aperture.

  58. In this figure the glans appears protruding through the upper surface of the prepuce, which is thickened and corrugated.

  59. The membrane covering the glans and the part which is cicatrised becomes in these cases dry, indurated, and deprived of its special sense.

  60. Protrusion of the glans through an ulcerated opening in the prepuce.

  61. The glans penis of the male, and the glans clitoridis in the female, which are forked, and seem double.

  62. Thus also the glans penis, when it is distended with blood, acquires a new sensibility, and a new appetency.

  63. Painful, voluptuous tickling in the whole of the glans penis.

  64. In the other, a number of men, sitting in a row in the temple, each pierced his glans penis from side to side, and passing a long piece of cord through all the apertures, strung themselves together in this way.

  65. Upon the upper surface of the glans penis are three longitudinal incisions, extending almost from base to apex, evidently made with a sharp-pointed implement while the clay was still soft.

  66. In another case, a ball carried away the inferior part of the glans but did not wound the urethra.

  67. In two cases in the Crimea, a bullet entered between the glans penis and prepuce, and traversed upward without penetrating the erectile tissue.

  68. Defn: A condition in which the prepuce, after being retracted behind the glans penis, is constricted there, and can not be brought forward into place again.

  69. Defn: The fold of skin which covers the glans of the penis; the prepuce.

  70. Defn: A condition of the penis in which the prepuce can not be drawn back so as to uncover the glans penis.

  71. But there is a tendency to overestimate the proportion of cases in which stimulation of the glans penis, in the male, or the clitoris, in the female, is the exciting cause of masturbation.

  72. At the anterior extremity of the glans penis is the orifice of the urethra (meatus).

  73. It contains two corpora cavernosa, which unite to form the body of the organ, whilst the distal extremity is known as the glans, and is homologous to the glans penis.

  74. To this category belong masturbatory manipulations, stimulation of the glans penis and other parts of the genital organs.

  75. Thus a stone at the neck of the bladder, if its stimulus is not very great, only induces the pain of strangury at the glans penis.

  76. Externally slight solutions of blue vitriol, as two or three grains to an ounce of water, applied to ulcers of the mouth, or to chancres on the glans penis, more powerfully induces them to heal than any other material.

  77. The sensations or sensitive motions of the glans penis, and of the sphincter of the bladder, have been accustomed to exist together during the discharge of the urine; and hence the two ends of the urethra sympathize by association.

  78. The longitudinal wound thus made, becomes transverse, as soon as the prepuce is drawn behind the glans penis, and cicatrizes in a line scarcely visible; so that the prepuce acquires in breadth what it loses in length.

  79. Sometimes there is a patchy excoriation of the glans penis, attended with a purulent discharge.

  80. It is mostly situated on the glans and prepuce, and often attended with hemorrhage.

  81. The glans penis is double; one glans having its extremity directed to the right, the other to the left: and as they supply two distinct cavities with semen, they may be considered as two penises.

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