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Example sentences for "glares"

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glands; glandular; glans; glare; glared; glaring; glaringly; glas; glass; glasse
  1. He descends from Berlin, on the scene of action; glares into it with flashing sun-glance; discerns that it will do nothing for him.

  2. No cloud is in the sky, no rivers or lakes are on the earth; only the deep springs of the caverns are left; the sun, a ball of fire, glares in the bronze heavens.

  3. Red glow the eyes, and the aspect infected, like a baleful comet, with envenomed influences, glares around.

  4. Thou didst not; but from out thy wolfish eye, So changed from what I knew it, there glares forth The gladiator.

  5. Thar he camps down on his ha'nches, an' glares green-eyed at me across the ragin' flood.

  6. The florid gent glares at Peets, his feachures the color of liver, his eyes stickin' out like the eyes of a snail.

  7. So Alonzo bristles up to Wilfred and glares at him and says: 'All joking aside, is that one of my new shirts you're wearing or is it not?

  8. Look down o'er each frowning warrior, How he glares upon the barrier: Look on each step of each ladder, As the stripes that streak an adder.

  9. How red he glares amongst those deepening clouds, Like the blood he predicts.

  10. Impatiently we wait, Till one old charger glares around, And snuffing cautiously the ground Stalks through between the posts.

  11. One year ago, at this very season that brings this haunting, maddening torture of the selection of Christmas presents, my sister JANE sent us that ormolu clock which at this very moment glares upon us from that mantel-piece!

  12. He found that English, as he knew it, was an extraordinarily wooden and cumbersome vehicle in which to convey those lightning flashes and glares and sparkles of thought in which most Latin intelligences communicate with each other.

  13. At times they were obliterated by trolley cars--gently moving glares which bore on their foreheads flashing blue-white gems.

  14. Over the gateways of this new world Manchester glares the inscription, "Work, or die".

  15. She just glares at me, and if I hadn't side-stepped prompt she might have sunk that parrot bill into my shoulder.

  16. He shakes his head and glares gloomy out of the window.

  17. Mrs. Stanton Bliss straightens out her chin dimple as she glares after the garbage truck, which is rollin' away in the distance.

  18. Mayor raps hard for order and glares all about him.

  19. Dave resumes his seat and Jim drops his head for a moment, then snatches it up arrogantly and glares at the Baptists.

  20. The great man glares at me through those cavernous eyes; his lips, so thin and evil, smile sourly, and his long fingers make me the gambler's sign.

  21. He turns in his saddle with a savage oath--he glares like the hungry wolf.

  22. He glares at them with eyes of horror, gathers himself for a tiger's bound through their midst, and nearly gains the door.

  23. Up will go their eye-glasses at one another till they glares each other into holes.

  24. The little hick glares at me and points to a shack on the left.

  25. The Kid glares down at the body and prods it with his foot.

  26. Let's get away from here," he glares at Van Ness and Tony, "before certain parties makes any more cracks!

  27. Both him and the Kid glares at me, and the Kid pushes me aside.

  28. He waves his hand at Van Aylstyne, and this guy gives a couple of glares all around and then turns over another page.

  29. Then he glares from one to the other of us and walks over to Genaro.

  30. He walks over to the car and glares up at De Vronde.

  31. O, you did Uncle-Tom it famously," I hurl out, doubling my fist at the British lion which glares at me from that cotton tidy.

  32. Her green eyes bulge out of her head, her whole feline soul rushes into them, and glares with a hot, greeny-yellow fire and fury of unquenchable desire.

  33. But a thick cloud of shields glares around the city, the likeness of gory battle, bearing which destruction from the Furies to the children of Ĺ’dipus Mars shall quickly advance.

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