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Example sentences for "glass"

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glared; glares; glaring; glaringly; glas; glasse; glassed; glasses; glassful; glassfuls
  1. She had been in the garden about ten minutes when Tom, after vainly looking for his aunt in the house, came through the glass door of the library to seek for her out of doors.

  2. Pauline was standing before her looking-glass doing her hair.

  3. I thought that while he was looking at the glass and talking to the old lady, he'd at least ask us into the reception-room, or drawing-room.

  4. Yet although she looked pale and almost pitiful with the lines of age clearly showing in her face, she would not accept help from any one, not even the glass of water which they offered her.

  5. When the skirt was lengthened, Brenda regarded her reflection in the pier-glass with great satisfaction.

  6. There was a great glass bowl of pink roses in the centre, and the plates and cups were of china with a wild rose border.

  7. Nora and Brenda were standing almost inside the gateway, when suddenly the ball seemed to fling itself against one of the windows, and the crash of breaking glass was heard.

  8. However, I managed to say, 'I'm extremely sorry, but I broke a pane of glass in the window over the front door when I was playing ball this morning.

  9. Once lately, as I went up the steps to his house, I perceived that beside the curtain which generally covered a glass door there was a small chink.

  10. First have the goodness to look at this sketch of a picture which I have drawn, and drink a glass of good Syracuse whilst you do so.

  11. I sent a glance in Adelheid's direction, which she met with a most sly and archly cunning look; and taking her glass in her hand, she gave me a slight nod.

  12. With an ill-tempered growl, he gazed up at the large plate-glass windows glistening and glimmering in the moonlight "Hm!

  13. There a horseman has pulled up, and a glass of something refreshing to drink is being handed up to him on horseback.

  14. And he did just the same thing when father gave us a glass of sweet wine on holidays.

  15. That horrid weather-glass hawker Giuseppe Coppola followed me everywhere; and I am almost ashamed to confess it, but he was able to disturb my sound and in general calm sleep with all sorts of wonderful dream-shapes.

  16. I must now tell you it is most certain that the weather-glass hawker Giuseppe Coppola is not the advocate Coppelius.

  17. Now when I tell you, my dear friend, that the weather-glass hawker I spoke of was the villain Coppelius, you will not blame me for seeing impending mischief in his inauspicious reappearance.

  18. As Mr. Bastell and the crew did not return he (Forbes) looked through the glass and then beheld their bodies stretched out on the beach--the heads severed from each.

  19. At noon the Glass Houses on Glass House Bay south-west by south distant 6 or 7 leagues.

  20. Windows they have none as from the Governor's house (now nearly finished) no glass could be spared, so that lattices of twigs are made by our people to supply their places.

  21. On board I kept a strict look-out with the glass and we lay only a little more than a quarter of a mile off the point where they were seated on.

  22. On my conducting him down into the cabin and placing him before a looking-glass he expressed wonder by innumerable gestures, attitudes and grimaces.

  23. If a person suffers from 'all gone feelings' so that he cannot sleep, he should take a few sips of cold water or a glass of lemonade.

  24. This is really the gist of the whole matter; coca wine is largely consumed by people who fondly believe themselves to be total abstainers, and who are active enough in denouncing those who take a little wine, or a glass of beer at their meals.

  25. Consequently she commenced to drink a glass of beer at each mealtime, and a bottle during the night.

  26. Or he would like to be told to take a glass of whisky-and-water when he is tired, which is the maddest and most disastrous advice that could be given.

  27. The doctor, after due consultation, prescribed for her a glass of claret three times a day with her meals.

  28. Then open the pores of the skin by a hot bath; take a glass of hot lemonade and go to bed.

  29. It is not uncommon to hear the mother of a family say, 'I never allow my girls to touch stimulants of any kind, but I give them each a glass of coca wine at 11 in the morning, and again at bedtime.

  30. Sometimes a single glass of whisky, taken by the mother, will produce sickness and indigestion in the child, for twenty-four hours after.

  31. And well could she use the spy-glass too, which she now held to her right eye.

  32. But their greatest treat was when he brought some little glass tanks containing forms of animal life they had never seen before, and were never tired of watching.

  33. So saying, the Catalan poured out a glass of his favourite liquor, and commenced drinking it.

  34. It was the grand sala or reception room, opening by double glass doors upon a garden filled with flowering plants, and beautiful shade trees.

  35. But mostly she wrote about the prism, and what Uncle Darcy had told her about the magic glass of Hope.

  36. Then it blossomed with little glass lanterns of every color, glowing like red and green and golden stars.

  37. He put up the spy-glass and started down, approaching them on one side as the Towncrier reached them on the other.

  38. Standing with her blue shoes on the window-sill, and a tear on each pink cheek, Georgina flattened her nose against the glass and obediently listened.

  39. She thrust an opera-glass into his hands.

  40. It's just like a miracle the way this bit of glass changes the whole world.

  41. Suddenly the glass grew so blurry and queer it was no more good, and he handed it back to the woman.

  42. Of course, it was the biggest and fanciest lamp in the lot that was broken--a tall one with a frosted glass shade and a row of crystal prisms dangling around the bowl of it.

  43. With the hour-glass on the piano beside her, she practised not only her accustomed time, till the sand had run half through, but until all but a quarter of it had slipped down.

  44. At first the doctors thought his sight was entirely destroyed, by the flying glass of the broken windshield, but now they are beginning to hope that one eye at least may be saved, and possibly the other.

  45. Mrs. Triplett was scowling intently over the task of trying to turn the lid of a glass jar which refused to budge.

  46. On the table beside her, under a glass case, to protect it from careless handling, was a little blank book which contained the records of the first sewing circle in Provincetown.

  47. Say, did that violet tone in the glass come from the high Cleveland hydrogen bomb or is it just age and ultraviolet, like desert glass?

  48. Look out there," he rapped, pointing through the violet glass at a gap between the two nearest old skyscraper apartments.

  49. People who live in glass houses can see the stars--especially when there's a window-washing streak in their germ-plasm.

  50. He walked to the glass wall and looked out desultorily.

  51. Then it was as if the lake's bright ripples had invaded the old glass a hundred yards away.

  52. I sure am," Gusterson said solemnly, scanning the fuzzy floor from one murky glass wall to the other, hesitating at the TV.

  53. Then the air reappeared, charming, but always sad, and reaching notes so high that one would have thought only silver or glass could produce them.

  54. Every man was allowed but one glass of bad beer.

  55. Undisturbed by angry looks and threatening gestures he drew himself up, placed one foot on his chair, and raising his glass above his head cried loudly, "Vive la France!

  56. Well then, my friend," said the burgomaster, "drink a glass of wine to the health of M.

  57. He had just opened a bottle of champagne and held a foaming glass aloft.

  58. General Sturm came from the Hotel du Louvre into the restaurant, sat down at one of the marble tables arranged just inside the windows and asked for a cup of coffee and a glass of brandy.

  59. The soldiers, drinking together, careless of the morrow, looked for nothing but death; but death to a soldier is only a vivandiere in black, who pours him the last glass of brandy at the end of the last day.

  60. High up, through the open windows from which the glass had long since disappeared, the swallows shot in and out, bringing a dark gleam of sunshine on their sharp, black wings.

  61. Orsino poured out another glass of the strong black wine and drank it, for the air was growing chilly.

  62. On the table stood a small lamp, with a shade precisely like the corporal's own, and beside it there was a big jug of wine and a heavy glass tumbler into which nothing had as yet been poured.

  63. So I have seen her sometimes, as at the fair of Randazzo, when she and her father have had a biscuit and a glass of wine at our house.

  64. The girl ate a little better than usual, and sipped half a glass of strong, black wine.

  65. We have turned out to be nothing but a set of embalmed specimens in glass cases.

  66. He had meant to get into the little church alone and recover the knife he had dropped through the grating that stood before the glass casket in which the bones of the saint were preserved.

  67. He easily forced a scroll in one direction, a winding stem in another, and got his hand down to the bottom of the depression in which the glass casket was placed.

  68. Francesco knew that, and felt perfectly safe as he sat at his little marble table, with a glass of syrup and soda water, his eyes fixed on the big front door which he could see through the window from the place he regularly occupied.

  69. Concetta came home again to the quiet little shop, and Don Atanasio bolted the glass door, and they both went upstairs to dinner.

  70. Again throw vessels of glass full of pitch on to the enemy's ships when the men in them are intent on the battle; and then by throwing similar burning balls upon them you have it in your power to burn all their ships.

  71. The ghost glided out, and Macbeth was impudent enough to raise a glass of wine "to the general joy of the whole table, and to our dear friend Banquo, whom we miss.

  72. He had some difficulty, as Cassio knew that wine soon went to his head, but servants brought wine into the room where Cassio was, and Iago sang a drinking song, and so Cassio lifted a glass too often to the health of the general.

  73. Townsend reached for the glass of water and held it toward her once again.

  74. When Tubbs saw himself in the glass he almost had a fit.

  75. Look at yourself in this glass," and the captain held out a small looking glass and also a lantern.

  76. She felt that the sand in the glass was running low.

  77. He shook his head gravely, and then with solemn deliberation refilled his ever-empty glass from the bottle of dop at his elbow.

  78. Help yourself," he said briefly; and the stranger deliberately half filled the glass with spirit and added a dash of soda.

  79. She turned round from the glass to stare at him.

  80. The grinning native held a looking-glass for him, which Hayhurst carried with his make-up box.

  81. She stood up, shook out the folds of her skirt, and surveyed herself in the glass she had brought from the house and hung by a nail on the wall.

  82. Lawless emptied his glass hastily and set it down.

  83. He finished his glass of whisky and scooped in his gains.

  84. Somebody produced a tin whistle, and after a very creditable performance on it, took a draught from a glass another man offered him, wiped his lips with the back of his hand, and started a familiar music-hall ditty.

  85. If anyone presses me, I'll take a glass of dop.

  86. When he had washed he got back into bed, and Hayhurst sat on a chair facing him, with a glass of whisky in his hand.

  87. The noise of its soft body thudding against the glass drew Colonel Grey's attention to the fact that the blinds were not drawn.

  88. There wasn't the vestige of a glass in the hut, you lunatic.

  89. Suppose,’ said I, ‘you take two handkerchiefs and two strings of glass beads?

  90. Will you please get me a nice cool glass of iced lemonade.

  91. She took a hand glass and had first a side view, then a back view of the new effect, patted little stray locks into place, and ruffled out others.

  92. This museum was a large cabinet with glass doors, which filled one entire end of the school-room at Marshlands.

  93. Drink this glass of water and lie down again.

  94. I knew that when I asked for water Miss Buller was always ready with the glass in her hand, I thought once that Cathy was sobbing quietly behind the curtain of my bed, and I am certain that Mrs. Marshall never left me all night.

  95. She led him into the neat little parlor, gave him a rocking-chair, and talked of her gladness at his coming, standing for a moment in front of a glass to put back into place a wayward wisp of hair.

  96. With a movement suggestive of tenderness she was picking up Ditmar's pen to set it in the glass rack when her ear caught the sound of voices, and she stood transfixed, listening intently.

  97. The snow grew thicker and thicker still, the world was blotted out by swiftly whirling, feathery flakes that melted on the windshield, and through the wet glass Janet caught distorted glimpses of black pines and cedars beside the highway.

  98. Some of the panes of glass in their windows were purple--she remembered a little thing like that, and asking her father the reason!

  99. At length he brought the car to a halt opposite an imposing doorway in front of which a glass roof extended over the pavement, and Janet demanded where they were.

  100. They belong to that type of house the old settlers brought the leaded glass with them.

  101. Then, washing the grease from her hands, she put on her gloves, and was about to turn out the light when she saw reflected in the glass the red button of the I.

  102. Then she went to Grady's Quick Lunch Counter and ordered a sandwich and a glass of milk, which she consumed slowly, profoundly sunk in thought.

  103. Getting up, she opened the glass door, and stood trying to estimate the hour: it must be, she thought, about six.

  104. Cadmium compounds are used as pigments, particularly as the sulphide "cadmium yellow," and to give color and luster to glass and porcelain.

  105. The only other large use of arsenic is in the glass industry, arsenic trioxide being added to the molten glass to purify and decolorize the product.

  106. Sandstone is sometimes crushed into sand and is used in the manufacture of glass and as molding-sand.

  107. Manganese ore is used in relatively small amounts in dry batteries, in the manufacture of manganese chemicals, in glass making, and in pigments.

  108. Almost every state produces some sand, but for some of the more specialized uses, such as glass sand, molding sand, and fire or furnace sand, the distribution is more or less limited.

  109. Domestic supplies are insufficient to meet requirements, and cannot be substituted for the foreign material for the polishing of fine glass and other special purposes.

  110. Among other curiosities Hippolyte noticed a splendidly finished telescope, hanging over the small discolored glass that decorated the chimney.

  111. Carl Zeiss, the founder, tried hard at one time to get the English glass-makers to turn out a special glass for his purpose, with very high refractive index.

  112. The Zeiss glassworks at Jena have now become the centre of the optical-glass industry of the world.

  113. Zeiss consequently was forced to take the matter up himself, succeeded at last in getting such glass made in Germany, and "collared" the trade.

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