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Example sentences for "eyeglass"

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eyeball; eyeballs; eyebrow; eyebrows; eyed; eyeglasses; eyeholes; eyeing; eyelash; eyelashes
  1. Challis was conscious that each of these young people would be the other's menu for the rest of the banquet, so he surrendered himself to a portentous catechism from the lady with the eyeglass touching his habits.

  2. As Mike entered, he fumbled in his top left waistcoat pocket, produced an eyeglass attached to a cord, and fixed it in his right eye.

  3. Psmith was regarding Adair through his eyeglass with pain and surprise.

  4. I guessed that that was the reason, sir," sighed Psmith replacing the eyeglass in his waistcoat pocket.

  5. Are you the chap with the eyeglass who jaws all the time?

  6. The duke turned his eyeglass in all directions, looking at the preparations of departure with the eye of a connoisseur in painting.

  7. She put up her eyeglass at the intrusion and murmured "Ah?

  8. Polly rose slowly and drew herself up with something so new in face and manner that the old lady instinctively put up her eyeglass and gazed curiously through it, as one would look at a strange animal.

  9. My grandmother too looked round, and turned her eyeglass from Yermil to Baburin.

  10. Psmith screwed his eyeglass into his eye, and examined Mike carefully.

  11. He wore pumps and thread stockings; the black ribbon of his eyeglass meandered over a white waistcoat, and the fashion and elegance of Paris was strikingly apparent in his black coat.

  12. The genial American gentleman and his charming daughter had conquered even the austerity of the Duchess of Bayswater; and the Duke conversed with Mr. Sydney, swaying his gold eyeglass on its string with gracious abandon.

  13. HIM -- with the pants and the eyeglass and all.

  14. The Englishwoman took up her eyeglass and looked round the room with gloomy indifference; then she submitted the three stands to the same scrutiny, and made no sign.

  15. The Englishwoman took up her eyeglass and scanned the manufacturer from head to foot, unwilling to understand that the man before her was eligible for Parliament and dined at the Tuileries.

  16. The general then gave a fresh turn to his eyeglass and called Madame Delbet's attention to the splendid physique, smart appearance, perfect order, method, and discipline of his troops.

  17. A young general, with an eyeglass fixed to his left eye, approached, while a soldier stood with a loaded revolver pointed at the old lady's head.

  18. Not all without, either," Cecil de la Borne remarked, raising his eyeglass and pointing to the walls.

  19. Major Forrest asked, looking at Andrew through his eyeglass as though he were some sort of natural curiosity.

  20. Forrest, who was at the window, screwed his eyeglass in and leaned forward.

  21. The younger man dropped his eyeglass and shrugged his shoulders contemptuously.

  22. He looked through his eyeglass at his brother and groaned.

  23. Striding past Finn's hotel Cashel Boyle O'Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdall Farrell stared through a fierce eyeglass across the carriages at the head of Mr M.

  24. His eyeglass flashed frowning in the sun.

  25. He decorated Harry with paper aprons and the cap of a chef, and stuck his eyeglass in the wrong eye while Harry worked patiently with a fork in semicircles.

  26. Harry's single eyeglass fascinated her as with a demand for showing some kind of culture.

  27. He had screwed his eyeglass into his eye the better to see Miss Toner and looked very much like a solicitor trying to coax dry facts out of a romantic client.

  28. He had adjusted his eyeglass for a clearer confrontation of her.

  29. The spectacles nevertheless made the eyeglass a bow, of which the latter took no sort of cognisance.

  30. The old dowager lifted her eyeglass to her black eyebrow, and read a paper written in English, and bearing no signature, in which many circumstances of Lord Kew's life were narrated for poor Ethel's benefit.

  31. Eyeglass essayed another attempt, but stopped in the midst of his words, frozen into mute helplessness by the look of the adjutant.

  32. The man with the eyeglass took up his position, and issued some order, but his voice was so low that the men nearest him could not hear the command.

  33. The gentleman with the eyeglass had charge of my platoon, and from the start he cast surreptitious glances at a little red brochure which he held in his hand, and mumbled words as if trying to commit something to memory.

  34. There were forty-seven the last time," he said, and the man with the eyeglass made an entry in the notebook.

  35. Whereat Mr. Trifugis dropped his eyeglass and looked absently over his left shoulder, blushing hard.

  36. Then he screwed the eyeglass in again very tight, looked at us all with amiable indefiniteness, took off his hat, and departed.

  37. It was, and Sir Melville came up in response to Mrs. Bangley Coffin's eyeglass and bow and smile, and made himself extremely agreeable for about four minutes and a-quarter.

  38. In a rich baritone, with his eyeglass fixed the while on Mr. Repetto, he proceeded to relieve himself of the first verse of "I only know I love thee.

  39. Psmith's eyeglass dropped out of his eye.

  40. Insensibly the great drama doing down there resumed its hold; and it was even with a slight shock that she became aware by and by of James sitting sedately by her, with the eyeglass sharply set for diversion anywhere but on the scene.

  41. She wondered if James knew for how much his eyeglass was answerable.

  42. The eyeglass focussed upon the cornice, and glared at a fly which found itself belated there.

  43. The eyeglass ruefully stared at the fire.

  44. I am sure that he did just as I said he always did, and bluffed her into marriage with an eyeglass and smile awry.

  45. The eyeglass dropped, and its master stretched out his fine long legs, with a great display of black speckled sock.

  46. The eyeglass dropped with a click and had to be sought.

  47. He dropped his eyeglass with a smart click and kissed her cheek.

  48. I believe that James's eyeglass stands in his way with Lancelot--as it certainly did with me.

  49. The eyeglass became a searchlight exploring her.

  50. The eyeglass grew abhorrent over the spelling.

  51. Again she remembered with secret amusement that she had not been conscious of the eyeglass when--for reasons of his own--he had paid his mysterious homage to love and her.

  52. The count stuck his eyeglass in more firmly and looked at George with speechless astonishment.

  53. The eyeglass would have accorded but ill with the wretched tile, which was not half large enough for him.

  54. He left his coat open, because that gave him a more careless air, and he made frequent use of a huge eyeglass hanging from his neck by a pink ribbon.

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