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Example sentences for "eyeglasses"

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  1. The attorney removed his eyeglasses and rubbed them with his handkerchief.

  2. The junior partner adjusted his eyeglasses to his thin nose.

  3. Until private hospitals and dispensaries take steps to prevent people with adequate incomes from imposing upon them for free treatment, it is difficult to make out a case against free eyeglasses and free meals for school children.

  4. Upon an editorial in a daily paper on the relation of eyeglasses to headache and indigestion, an optician based a promise of immediate relief for these ailments if he himself were patronized.

  5. I learned that I needed eyeglasses after a case of protracted indigestion, first diagnosed as "nervous" and later traced to eyes.

  6. Initiative and competition are not interrupted any more by free eyeglasses and free operation for adenoids than by free schooling.

  7. Physicians feel very strongly that it is as unethical for an optician to fit eyeglasses without a physician's prescription as for a pharmacist to give drugs without a physician's prescription.

  8. An epidemic of eyeglasses is usually the consequence of eye tests.

  9. Because they make their money by selling eyeglasses and because their special knowledge pertains to glasses rather than to eyes they frequently fail to recognize their limitations.

  10. This was an unexpected contribution to the debate upon free eyeglasses for the school children of New York City.

  11. Jones munched on; smile after smile spread placidly over his youthful face, dislodging his eyeglasses every time.

  12. Yaw; der bublic it runs," said the large man, resuming his eyeglasses and holding his newspaper nearer to the window in the fading light.

  13. Looking back from the doorway, I was privileged to see, for a moment, the august profile and gold eyeglasses of Miss Gilchrist issuing from the card-room; and the sight lent me wings.

  14. Leslie looked at her more attentively, and saw a pleasant, amiable face with eyes beaming softly through eyeglasses perched on a tip-tilted nose.

  15. She therefore peered through her eyeglasses and said nothing.

  16. A black fan hung from her waist by a thin silver chain, and, as usual, she was peering through her eyeglasses at her surroundings.

  17. Behind a polished counter on which rested a nickeled cash register and a huge book, stood a white-haired man with a smooth Irish face and a pair of gold eyeglasses hanging by a black cord.

  18. The gas was still burning; the coroner stuck a pair of big-lensed eyeglasses upon his rather high nose and gazed about him intently.

  19. The lady in the eyeglasses remarks that one side of the spread has been torn.

  20. The lady in the eyeglasses wishes to make a remark, Joshua.

  21. I do, sir," said the witness, adjusting a pair of eyeglasses and gazing steadily at Walter LaGrange.

  22. With great precision, Hobson adjusted a pair of eyeglasses and proceeded to scrutinize the writing closely.

  23. He hooked one thumb in his vest and balanced his eyeglasses in his other hand.

  24. Aunt Madge took off her eyeglasses in a way she had when she wished to be particularly impressive.

  25. Her eyeglasses were on and she regarded her daughter critically as she came in sight.

  26. She wore eyeglasses and a veil to 'preserve her complexion,' and her idee seemed to be that native Cape Codders lived in trees and et cocoanuts.

  27. Then he polished his eyeglasses with his handkerchief.

  28. He surveyed the room in silence, laying a hand upon a chair back; then looked suddenly down at the chair and brought his eyeglasses to bear upon it.

  29. He adjusted a pair of eyeglasses and gave the portrait the honour of his serious attention.

  30. He put down the cup of tea and put up his eyeglasses to look at it.

  31. Odd sat upright now, putting on his eyeglasses and looking at her with a certain air of resolution.

  32. Odd had put on his eyeglasses and was obediently studying her gown.

  33. He continued doing so, until he struck the deck with a bump which caused his hat to fly off, the cane to drop from his hand, and his eyeglasses to fall from his nose.

  34. On the contrary, the Philosopher was seen to examine her thoughtfully through the eyeglasses he sometimes wears for reading, and which he had forgotten to remove.

  35. The Philosopher adjusted his eyeglasses from time to time as if they did not fit well; he seemed to feel his vision growing distorted.

  36. Percy, settling his beloved eyeglasses for a better view of her.

  37. Holding Eyeglasses Firm [315] Persons who wear noseglasses and who are troubled with excessive perspiration, should chalk the sides of the bridge of the nose before putting on the glasses.

  38. It may be of interest to those owning telescopes without solar eyepieces to know that such an eyepiece can be obtained very cheaply by purchasing a pair of colored eyeglasses with very dark lenses and metal rims.

  39. My eyeglasses are in my pocket; and fearing that my ring may catch the light I hastily drop it also into another pocket.

  40. I am just finishing off a basket bottom and have on eyeglasses of unusual shape--rather too fine for Tom Brown.

  41. There were convex eyeglasses for reading and concave ones for distance to correct near-sightedness.

  42. In 1727 eyeglasses were held in place by frames that went over the ears, which replaced unreliable cords over the ears and leather straps tied behind one's head.

  43. The first eyeglasses were fabricated by pouring molten glass into curved molds.

  44. You could tell that by the wide ribbon on his shell eyeglasses and the gray su├Ęde gloves.

  45. The ribbon on the shell-rim eyeglasses had got him, too.

  46. Harry Randall took off his big eyeglasses and polished one lens and then the other.

  47. Mr. Gleason adjusted his horn-rimmed eyeglasses and peered near-sightedly at his big open-faced silver watch.

  48. The oldest judge did not stir at all; he was congealed in his erect position, and the gray blots behind the eyeglasses at times disappeared, seeming to spread over his whole face.

  49. The physician nervously bit his lips and wiped his eyeglasses with his handkerchief.

  50. Nikolay listened, and nodded his head, rubbing his eyeglasses briskly, while Sofya looked at her, her large eyes wide open and the forgotten cigarette burning to ashes.

  51. Adjusting his eyeglasses with a nervous gesture, Nikolay helped her on with her jacket and pressed her hand in a dry, hot grasp.

  52. But his eyeglasses flashed sparks and his tongue spit fire.

  53. Once there, he changed his clothes, putting on a professional looking frock coat, and adjusting a pair of shell-rimmed eyeglasses to complete the slight disguise.

  54. A pair of gold-rimmed eyeglasses completed the facial disguise.

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