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Example sentences for "huge"

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huffed; huffing; huffs; huffy; hug; hugely; hugeness; hugenesse; hugeous; hugest
  1. Jess with an hysterical laugh; "it is like a huge graveyard, and the dark shadows between are the ghosts of the buried.

  2. In an instant the huge bird was on the top of her, kicking at her, rolling over her, and crushing the very life out of her.

  3. Some of them glowed like huge castles wrapped in fire, others with the dull red heat of burning coal.

  4. So he struggled on bravely through the wet grass and over the scattered boulders, till at last he came to the base of the huge column that had been shattered by the lightning before Jess's eyes.

  5. Slowly the huge red ball of the sun sank towards the horizon, steeping the earth and sky in blood.

  6. The moment he was gone Mrs. Doyle declared she was dead tired, used up, and drank huge goblets of the wine until she reeled off to her room, leaving an apron behind.

  7. And in a moment the huge bulk of the senior lieutenant of Light Battery "X" was being boosted through a window opening from the gallery into the bachelor den of the junior second lieutenant.

  8. The huge sarcophagus in the wall is a cenotaph.

  9. Here the river, a narrow green ribbon, disappears altogether, its way blocked with huge masses of rock, as of some mountain split into fragments and hurled by gigantic hands from above.

  10. It is constructed of huge blocks put together symmetrically, without the adjunct of cement.

  11. It is built of huge blocks of stone adjusted without cement.

  12. Fran├žois, holding in each hand a huge steaming jug filled to the brim, his handsome face beaming with satisfaction at having thus anticipated my wishes.

  13. The wild fig-tree grows here, and the huge boulders are tapestried with box and bilberry.

  14. Then, seeing that our supply of bread was somewhat small, he cut off two huge pieces, and brought them to us in his bare hands.

  15. Lincoln, averse to dueling, chose absurd weapons, imposed ridiculous conditions and tried to treat the whole affair as a huge joke.

  16. When the Richardsons were building their corn-crib, Abe saw three or four men getting ready to carry several huge posts or timbers on "sticks" between them.

  17. This reminded me how often I had done the same to huge rocks which blocked the way for my wagons on the Congo.

  18. It was as if a dozen huge and powerful serpents were exerting every effort to escape.

  19. Bacon, who announced that the syndicate he represented had in mind a project to erect a huge summer hotel on top of the "most beautiful mountain east of the Rockies," in the event that satisfactory terms could be arranged with Mr. Crow.

  20. He wore huge round spectacles, hooked over his ears.

  21. As the marshal tried to rise, a huge object ploughed through the hedge beside him, and the next instant he was knocked flat and breathless by the impact of this hurtling body.

  22. Should you e'er stand with open mouth, And turn your face exactly south, The shadow your huge nose must throw On your wide teeth, the hour will show.

  23. The fish are conscious that a narrower bound Is drawn the seas around By masses huge hurled down into the deep.

  24. In one we are jammed into a doorway by a train of builders' waggons laden with huge blocks of stone, or massive logs of timber.

  25. No sooner had he vanished behind the open door than Dave Darrin, Tom Reade, Dan Dalzell, Greg Holmes, Harry Hazelton and several other boys grinned broadly in their huge delight.

  26. He was just in time: the tallest and strongest giant had laid hold of the sultan, bound and helpless as he was, and was carrying him off to a huge coal-black horse that was picketed to a tree close by.

  27. We must each do as seems best to him, but I fear me that we see each other no more;' and catching up a huge blazing beam, he threw it over the edge of the roof, among the men who were gathered below.

  28. Without further delay he bade the guards take Bevis and carry him off to a deep dungeon under the palace where lived two huge dragons, who would be fain to eat him forthwith.

  29. At last there crept forth from one corner an old, old man with a huge bunch of rusty keys hanging from his arm.

  30. Suddenly there leapt from a bush a huge grey wolf with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out.

  31. One morning the sultan arranged a great hunting expedition, which was to take place in some huge forests a few miles from Babylon.

  32. At the other end, the black king bestrode a huge black horse, and the moment he caught sight of his foe poured out a stream of abuse, which only ceased when the sound of the trumpets drowned his voice.

  33. Turning their heads, they beheld on their right a huge dragon, lying stretched upon the sunny side of a great hill, himself like a great hill.

  34. A shout of laughter pealed out behind him, and to his amazement he saw that his victims of the previous night had been three huge leather bottles and not men at all!

  35. Before him a long table was spread with fruits and food of the rarest sort, while in a large chair at the further end a horse was seated enjoying a huge pasty.

  36. But somebody tracked him into the library and saw him take a huge thick black book, half as tall as himself, out of a bookcase, and sit down and read it.

  37. Then Psyche seized the lamp and snatched off the covering, but by its light she saw stretched on the cushions, not a huge and hideous serpent, but the most beautiful of all the gods, Cupid himself.

  38. On examining the huge monster, we found he had received no less than four bullets: two in the neck, and two in the body.

  39. The scenery is very fine; huge masses of scarped and jagged sierras are tossed about in the most fantastic irregularity, whilst the valleys between are clad with a luxuriance of foliage that can be met with only in this prolific climate.

  40. They are very remarkable, one part for masses of sheer precipices descending in columns to the sea, the other for the extraordinary contortions which the rocks have undergone from igneous action and huge compressing forces.

  41. This is his very prosaic story of the first of those huge and excited multitudes of which for months and years to come he was to confront so many.

  42. The difficulty arose from the huge and bottomless ignorance of those in whose hands the power lay.

  43. The stove-room, where a huge fire is kept up day and night all the year round, is situated at the back of the bath building.

  44. I wanted to go out to our van, taking a carpet with me to lie on, but when I got out I saw three huge shepherd's dogs lying near the vans, so I did not dare to leave the stable door.

  45. At a huge station the train again stopped and everyone in the carriage got out I said to myself doubtfully that this must be London.

  46. Like all the departmental bureaus of that Ministry, the central courts are situated in the huge buildings opposite St. Sophia, and just outside the gate of the ancient seraglio.

  47. The furnace itself is very much like an oven upon which is placed a huge boiler.

  48. Slowly, her handkerchief to her face, she obeys the sign, and is moving down the corridor, now encountering anxious eyes peering through the narrow grating of huge black doors.

  49. Her huge person, cleanly appearance-Auntie has got her bandana tied with exquisite knot-and very motherly countenance excite general admiration, as on an elevated stand she looms up before her audience.

  50. The ridge forms a level walk, sequestered by long lines of huge oaks, their massive branches forming an arch of foliage, with long trailing moss hanging like mourning drapery to enhance its rural beauty.

  51. At times he had thought they were like modern democratic rights, linked to huge comprehending faculties, such as was his good fortune to use when expounding state rights and federal obligations.

  52. The sun's rays are fiercely hot, and, though his features are browned and haggard, he holds a huge umbrella in one hand and the inseparable whip in the other.

  53. The second floor was a duplicate of the first, so that the house contained eight small rooms, nine by eleven feet, exactly alike, each with a huge fireplace.

  54. This creature lives on the bottom, his food being chiefly mollusks and crustaceae, for the disposal of which he has a huge mouth with a pavement of flat enameled teeth.

  55. Napoleon, digging his fork into a huge potato and transferring it to his plate.

  56. Then a huge negro, dressed in gaudy colours, and bearing a cutlass in his hand, sprang upon the bulwarks, and shouted to them.

  57. His surprise and anger at the result can be imagined, for he had expected to find an easy prey, and had already counted the huge stores of baggage and ammunition as his own.

  58. Clenching his teeth, the gallant colonel clung to the wreckage gamely, and, though frequently submerged beneath the huge masses of green water which rolled and tossed about him, contrived to maintain his hold.

  59. But I can't think what has happened to him, for amongst the following below there must be a huge number of strange men collected together, and Ali's clever enough to pass himself as one of these.

  60. As he did so he threw a glance aloft, and noted that the huge leg-of-mutton sail which was tied up to the mast had a large rent in one corner of it.

  61. He was apparently unarmed, while the Somali bore a flashing spear, and a huge sword at his girdle.

  62. If they come in a huge army, we shall lie behind our cover and blaze at them from a position of safety, and as we have been careful to bring a large store of ammunition, we need have no fears that it will become suddenly expended.

  63. Supposing Ali had made a huge blunder, and was the victim of too vivid imagination.

  64. Hitherto the minds of the public have been fully occupied with other parts of this huge continent.

  65. At length, in a lonely dell, we came on a huge wooden gate with a sign upon it like an inn.

  66. This huge idol is more than twelve hundred feet long, and is the most wonderful symbol in the world of the serpent worship, which was everywhere the earliest religion of our race.

  67. All this seems now like a huge joke, and so it has ever since been regarded, but a war was coming which was serious enough.

  68. The only weapon the Ice Folk had was the stone ax which they may have struck into their huge prey when they came upon it sleeping or followed in the chase till it dropped with fatigue.

  69. As the huge creature began to turn, to seize his prey, the black fin disappeared.

  70. Before noon the Mikado's fleet returned, as the United States ships came back at the battle of Manila, and once more the huge twelve-inch rifles thundered and the shore forts replied.

  71. A huge gap appeared in the hull of the ship.

  72. This is the Church of St. John," said Liddon, as the naval party entered an imposing portal, flanked by two huge towers.

  73. A roll of smoke burst from the bows of the Kniaz Souvaroff, followed almost instantly by a roar from the huge twelve-inch guns of the Mikasa.

  74. Oto steered his small black craft directly toward a huge battle-ship with three smoke-stacks.

  75. The Octopus, which had made its way under cover of the darkness of the preceding night to the western extremity of the Yellow Sea, and was lying in wait for its huge adversary, had remained awash until daylight.

  76. With light, quick steps they passed through one or two of the most important shops, then turned to the river-side, and halted beside the huge ship that was on the stocks, almost ready for launching.

  77. He skidded the huge shoes toward the side of the cheap oak bureau.

  78. Now they could see the piled mound of huge stones, cross ties, tree trunks, which had stopped the engine.

  79. The overcoated deputies boasted of their huge feeding, and treated with growing insolence the wives and daughters of the men.

  80. The huge searchlights, one to each car, wavered, then poured their blinding flood on the dark gap summits.

  81. The two outer hills were like the top halves of the shells of a huge bivalve; their gray structure, chipped by the persistent artisanship of time, still indicated that they had once folded high above the two central heights.

  82. His fingers wandered uncertainly up and down the shiny buttons of his fancy vest, his eyes glanced away from the brutal dominance in the huge face before him.

  83. Faller stood transfixed, but soon began to roll huge snowballs on the top of the fire, and succeeded in extinguishing it just as day broke.

  84. Pilgrim had a very pretty knack of story telling, especially about a certain chesnut brown Turk, Kulikali, with a huge nose, who could swallow smoke.

  85. In the next second the dog, a huge brute of mongrel breed, cleared the block and closed his jaws on the murderer's neck.

  86. The base logs were huge fellows and held the floor several feet from the ground.

  87. Huge pot-pies were hurried from all the cabins to where the backwoodsmen were waiting to prove their appetites.

  88. The Point was sprinkled with huge trees and it would take a big force to clear it of our reserves; and the bulk of the enemy was before us on the ridge.

  89. By thrusting my knife-blade through the hole and against the shaft of the arrow I managed to dislodge it, and it burned itself out against the huge bottom log.

  90. My helping of pie was served on a huge china plate that had been packed over the mountains with much trouble and when every inch of room was needed for the bare necessities.

  91. Deep-voiced oaths and thunderous welcomes were showered upon Baby Kirst as he proudly rode among them, his huge face further distended by a broad grin.

  92. Runner laughed in huge delight, and cried: "The world's mighty small after all.

  93. The Republican leader, with huge contempt for the raw young legislator, answered the charge patronizingly and with sneers.

  94. On the top of the hill was a huge iron kettle, used probably for sugar refining.

  95. One of the anecdotes that came out of the trenches has for its hero a short but stocky Yank who, in an encounter with a huge Prussian, dropped his rifle and went for his foe with his fists.

  96. He was the first grizzly Roosevelt had ever seen, and a huge one at that.

  97. Mr. Akeley found that while the Colonel took a huge interest in the hunt for big game, he was yet so much of a naturalist that he showed a keen interest in even the most insignificant of wild creatures.

  98. As Roosevelt came home toward nightfall from a vain hunt, walking through a reach of burned forest, he came across the huge half-human footprints of a great grizzly which had evidently passed a short time before.

  99. Then I took my tea, and passed the time of day with the women and girls who came with huge calabashes on their heads to get water.

  100. In the afternoon came huge flocks of vultures to feast upon the carcase, and again we put our camera into requisition, getting some fine pictures.

  101. Eventually they all converged at a level spot just outside the principal village, where the half-burnt torches were thrown together in a huge heap, making a very presentable bonfire.

  102. The chief was a tall, big man, and Schomburgk is of quite medium size; consequently he had to bend his neck backwards at an angle, and look up at the huge Konkombwa towering above him like a rock, in order to address him.

  103. Here we found a huge mail awaiting us, and many cablegrams.

  104. We had to lead our horses, clambering painfully up slippery slopes, dragging them after us, often threading our way between huge boulders where there was hardly room for them to pass.

  105. He yelled like a hyena, and screamed for mercy, to the huge delight of our boys, for Mseu was always greatly interested and pleased when anybody else got a hiding.

  106. After a little searching he discovered the huge tree, far towering above oak and pine and palm, set with lustrous clusters, ivory and palest gold, exhaling incense.

  107. Certainly the old fellow had a sense of humour," he insisted; "the will he left was one huge joke on every relative who had expectations.

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