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  1. A heliometer is the most accurate astronomical instrument for relative measurements of position, as a transit circle is the most accurate for absolute determinations.

  2. An astronomical lectureship at Graz happening to offer itself, he was urged to take it, and agreed to do so, though stipulating that it should not debar him from some more brilliant profession when there was a chance.

  3. Up to Tycho the only astronomical measurements had been of the rudest kind.

  4. He was determined to see for himself all the astronomical wonders; and there being a small Gregorian reflector in one of the shops, he hired it.

  5. For astronomical objects it is almost infinitely less; still it is an exact representation at an accessible place, and no one expects a telescope to show distant bodies as big as they really are.

  6. Began to construct astronomical instruments, especially a quadrant and a sextant.

  7. An immensely important practical discovery this, for upon it all modern clocks are based; and Huyghens soon applied it to the astronomical clock, which up to that time had been a crude and quite untrustworthy instrument.

  8. It excited generally far more interest than his astronomical researches.

  9. It opened a channel for the widespread public interest which was gathering towards astronomical subjects to flow in.

  10. A brilliant young mathematician, born in Normandy in 1811, had accepted the post of Astronomical Professor at the École Polytechnique, then recently founded by Napoleon.

  11. It was an instrument consisting of several flat circular brass plates, with two revolving pointers, used for taking altitudes, and other astronomical purposes.

  12. The nine astronomical spheres there mentioned did not suffice for the wants of theology.

  13. The astronomical tables, composed by order of Alphonso X, king of Castile, about the middle of the thirteenth century, were called sometimes Tabulae Toletanae, from their being adapted to the city of Toledo.

  14. Astronomical knowledge, again, gave rise to cosmological theories which pointed to a ruling and creating God, [194] who as such would have a specially ethical character.

  15. Is it not then probable that astronomical knowledge was so ordered by Easterns, and passed on to Hellenes?

  16. Besides his profound astronomical talents, he added in various ways to the knowledge of the time.

  17. The past has accumulated such undigested masses of astronomical tables, papers and proceedings dealing with measurements, vivisections, and innumerable experiments, that the human mind can live on this capital till the end of time.

  18. One other phenomenon of the atmosphere may be mentioned, only to point out that it is not of an astronomical character.

  19. If the school possesses a projection lantern, a set of astronomical slides to be used in connection with it may be made of great advantage, if the pictures are studied as an auxiliary to Nature.

  20. Sirius, and in astronomical language Sirius is "on the meridian" at 6h.

  21. These astronomical measurements of the curvature of the earth's surface furnish by far the most satisfactory proof that it is very approximately a sphere, and furnish as its equatorial diameter 7,926 miles.

  22. Out of such simple observations with the unaided eye there has grown a large and important branch of astronomical science, some parts of which we shall briefly summarize here.

  23. A refracting telescope may also be used for astronomical photography, and is very much used, but some complications occur here on account of the resolution of the light into its constituent colors in passing through the objective.

  24. Compare the following astronomical definitions with your geographical definitions, and criticise them in the same way.

  25. But for longer periods, extending to hundreds and thousands of days, a larger unit of time is required, and for the most part these longer units have in all ages and among all peoples been based upon astronomical considerations.

  26. In the preceding paragraph there is introduced a method of great importance in astronomical practice--i.

  27. A number whose value, when ascertained (as by observation) and substituted in a general mathematical formula expressing an astronomical law, completely determines that law and enables predictions to be made of its effect in particular cases.

  28. Here, likewise, is the library, which is stored with scarce and curious old astronomical works, including Dr.

  29. Over such short astronomical distances it was impossible to attain any great velocity.

  30. In a week or so the thing passed from an astronomical curiosity to an item of public news.

  31. It was a month or so before that adventure, April, 2070, that this mysterious visitor from interstellar space first appeared upon our astronomical horizon.

  32. It was a manned world, manned by minds and monsters and traveling into our system with a purpose beyond that of astronomical accident!

  33. No astronomical body could come among us, with a mass as great as a fifth of the Moon, without causing trouble.

  34. Mr. Banks, president of the Royal Astronomical Society of England, was horrified after he had made love to Queen Oberea of Papara in the absence of her husband to find her attendant was a cavalière servente.

  35. The special advantage of Arizona in astronomical study is not the altitude, but in the fact that there is the least possible vibration in the air here.

  36. At his own expense he has founded here an Observatory, with a telescope of great power, by means of which he is making astronomical researches of the greatest value to science.

  37. The rest we now proceed to consider in order, beginning with natural phenomena, and firstly those of an astronomical character.

  38. He was never known to make a mistake in any of his astronomical calculations; and he became so exact, that he pointed out two mistakes made by celebrated astronomers in Europe.

  39. Captain Bligh found him a clever assistant in the preparation of charts and in making astronomical observations.

  40. Dupaix conjectures that this monument was intended for some astronomic use, and that the man sculptured on the side is engaged in making astronomical observations, the results of which are expressed by the other figures on the rock.

  41. The line through the centres of the pyramids is in the 'astronomical meridian.

  42. His explanation, by which he connects the figures with aboriginal astronomical signs and the division of time, is too long and too extremely conjectural to be repeated here.

  43. The astronomical facts connected with the motions and appearance of the planet are taken from a paper by Mr. Edward Carpenter, M.

  44. Estimate of the comparative effects of Geographical and Astronomical Causes in producing Changes of Climate.

  45. Croll's theory of the Astronomical and Physical causes of the Glacial Epoch.

  46. If we allow the arc between A and B to be the diameter of the moon, it is by astronomical calculation about .

  47. An astronomical determination of the height of birds during nocturnal migration.

  48. Astronomical and technical aspects of the problem are covered by Rense in his paper (1946), but the underlying principles are discussed at somewhat greater length in this paper.

  49. Fifty centuries of astronomical history can be run off in an hour by the machine.

  50. The fifth shall teach a great part of the general rules of astronomical theory.

  51. In this and the following verses, the Poet describes the Alphonsine Astronomical Tables by the several parts of them, wherein some technical terms occur, which were used by the old astronomers, and continued by the compilers of those tables.

  52. There are two astrolabes in Merton College, besides a plate exhibiting astronomical tables.

  53. As Strabo speaks especially of an astronomical school at Borsippa, there can be little doubt that it was in some way connected with the terraced pyramid of the seven spheres.

  54. The sudden changes of temperature also disturb the mechanism, and therefore time, that very important factor upon which all astronomical data rest, is at best only a rough guess.

  55. With a lucky series of astronomical observations our position was fixed for each stage of progress.

  56. Musk-ox fakes, starved dogs, fictitious astronomical or other calculations may have some effect on popular opinion; but they have none on the actual facts.

  57. Not only by careful observation at sea of fixed stars and other astronomical data, but by an easy and quick access to and from each shore, and by reliable tables for reductions gathered during scores of years of experience.

  58. The man who breaks into the unknown may say what he chooses and present such astronomical observations as he sees fit," says Mr. Balch, "but his proof rests on his word.

  59. History of the Heavenly Bodies; or Astronomical History.

  60. In 1598, after having left Denmark, Tycho in a splendid illustrated book (Astronomiae Instauratae Mechanica) gave an account of this astronomical paradise on the Insula Venusia as he at times called it.

  61. Thus we see that the usage of making seven days a unit of time depends on the religious belief and astronomical science of a very remote civilization.

  62. The philosophical mind of Thales laid hold, no doubt, of some of the essentials of astronomical science.

  63. Gascoigne's determinations of, for example, the diameter of the sun, bear comparison with the findings of even recent astronomical science.

  64. This interest in astrology, or divination by means of the stars, no doubt stimulated the priests to make careful observations and to preserve religiously the record of astronomical phenomena.

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