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Example sentences for "discovery"

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discoverest; discovereth; discoveries; discovering; discovers; discrecion; discrecioun; discredit; discreditable; discredited
  1. Mr. Rhodes' greatest contribution to nut growing was the discovery and first propagation of a heartnut variety mow called Rhodes.

  2. The outlook is excellent for the discovery of exceptional individuals suitable for the northern zones.

  3. He could bear it no longer; even at the risk of discovery he must speak with her.

  4. Rebecca Giles, the housekeeper, an elderly woman, crying violently, repeated the evidence as to the discovery of the body.

  5. He thought the best chance was the discovery of some additional fact that might tell in favour of Leonard, and confident in his own sagacity, was going to make perquisitions at the mill.

  6. Her rapid departure after dinner always discomposed Henry; and the usual vent for his ill-humour was either a murmur against the clergy and all their measures, or the discovery of some of Leonard's transgressions of his code.

  7. Averil was sound asleep, breathing deeply and regularly, so that it was; a pleasure to listen to her; and Mary did not fear wakening her by a shoeless voyage of discovery to the place whence Dr.

  8. But Monica, in happy ignorance of rotting timbers, thinks only of the joy she felt last evening when the discovery of this demoralized treasure was made.

  9. They have had a great shock, these two old ladies, in the discovery of a duplicity that they in their simplicity have magnified fourfold.

  10. How Monica makes a most important discovery and, changing suddenly from "lively to severe," is reprehensibly cruel to a most unoffending young man.

  11. Her discovery delighted her, and for the rest of the day she was sunshine itself.

  12. This excellently-planned search resulted in the discovery of Captain Twinely's clothes, damp and somewhat muddy, in a ditch about a mile out of the town.

  13. The horsemen passed again, but this time the risk of discovery was less.

  14. Time and again the 'Greek Dancer' was thought to have been discovered, but each discovery brought panic to the betting ring and a frantic registering of new wagers by those who wished to hedge.

  15. When or where he could not tell, but the puzzling sense of familiarity so wrought upon him that he turned his attention to the discovery of her identity.

  16. Mrs. Gibson was impressed by the discovery that cousin John was the Honourable John Ruffin; but she expressed her surprise that he should have gone away for the day and left them to themselves without a nurse to look after them.

  17. Why should I destroy the poor wretch whose heart has probably been as scored as mine by the discovery of her treachery?

  18. So Tom kept up his search, all the time hoping to make a pleasing discovery that would make his chum's eye dance, and add a pleasing variety to their meals.

  19. He saw that his companion was now examining the ground more closely than ever; and there was that about his manner to tell that he must have made a discovery of some sort.

  20. Wataru Sampei, departed in all haste to Edo, returned in fright to announce his discovery of the state of affairs.

  21. Make report of the discovery to his lordship.

  22. His dissipated life, the discovery of their relations, had so angered his father that under sentence of banishment from Edo he had come for a last look at her face.

  23. This was to throw the consequences of discovery on the animal, to file the sharpness of teeth against the promised mauling of Kakunai's flesh.

  24. A notable discovery was made by Chaptal and Delessert, who improved on Markgraf's process of procuring sugar from beetroot and made it a practical success.

  25. If anything could have increased this exasperation, it was the discovery that he was playing with them all the time.

  26. That discovery made him rush out, and through the kitchen to the large cabin, where his sudden appearance startled the men.

  27. The astounding discovery that he did not want to kill Ellen's father--that he could not do it--awakened Jean to the despairing nature of his love for her.

  28. The rejoicing at this discovery was not confined to us, for men of science were quick to grasp the importance which was attached to this new knowledge.

  29. In the meantime I may say that since this important discovery I have taken some part in an experiment similar to the historic one wherein we were detected, but of that too I shall have more to say again.

  30. The discovery of electrons has shed a new light upon the meaning of very many things which have been puzzles until now.

  31. These screens were in use for another purpose previous to the discovery of X-rays.

  32. This discovery was made in 1896, or sixteen years after Lorentz's declaration.

  33. The story of our actual discovery by man is an interesting one.

  34. Curiously enough, some of our actions in forming lines in the spectrum led to our actual discovery by man; but I shall tell you of this in the following chapter.

  35. The discovery of electrons has given us a reasonable solution of our difficulty.

  36. These jars are called Leyden jars, after the place in which the discovery was made.

  37. Ha'vama'l It happened, one day, that an accidental discovery caused Alwin to regard these festivities in a new light.

  38. This discovery makes his mission as sure of success as though it were already accomplished.

  39. Upon the one occasion when I did accompany the party, the discovery was made of those fields of self-sown wheat which you prize so highly.

  40. If he was simple enough to expect that he could play with you and then survive the discovery of his trick, he deserved to die, for nothing more than his folly," he said, bitterly.

  41. I have just made a very different discovery from the one I promised you,--Tyrker has been left behind.

  42. In the magic discovery of their mutual attraction he had forgotten these things for a while, but too long had he lived with them for them not to recur and haunt his memory.

  43. The discovery of this good woman was a stroke of luck for Val, though certainly Haidee did not consider it so.

  44. Here, I am sure, you are safe from reporters, and the yellow journals will soon forget you in their discovery of the next distorted wonder.

  45. It may mean the discovery of a serum--it may mean so cruel a thing as the blighting of another's life romance.

  46. The shadow of his discovery in the smoking-car an hour before still haunted his sunken eyes, but his lips were half smiling with the new joy of living that had come to him.

  47. It had occurred to her that there was a chance that he had an unknown accomplice whose discovery would make the gaining of the rest of the evidence a simple matter.

  48. But the moment of an extensive and astounding discovery is not the moment for the evolving of well-calculated plans; so the energies of her mind were spent on extravagant dreams or the leaping play of her jubilation.

  49. What you call your discovery would be most valuable, if true.

  50. In a flash the whole man was plain to her, and her second great discovery of the day was made.

  51. I will tell them I went out for an early walk, and by accident met you, who had just made the sad discovery which you did.

  52. When he first heard her sweet low-toned voice a thrill passed through Henderson's whole frame, and for some moments he could not find courage to look in her face, as she spoke of her ghastly discovery in Fern Dene.

  53. But she had made a discovery; a discovery which filled her heart with jealous anger.

  54. A nice discovery awaited her; half, nay more than half, were gone, and paste diamonds had been substituted in place of the real ones.

  55. They could not perceive that there was still room for the invention or discovery of new elements of interest, beauty, power; for such perceptions are the offspring of genius.

  56. So, until some new discovery be made, this must also find its place in the long list of Schindler's mistakes.

  57. Such an assertion is less likely to be made now than before the discovery of the two Imperial cantatas of 1790.

  58. His style of treating his instrument is so different from that usually adopted, that it impresses one with the idea, that by a path of his own discovery he has attained that height of excellence whereon he now stands.

  59. In an instant I realized why I had been unable to find the opening while I had been lightly feeling the surface of the walls--Dian had blocked up the hole she had made lest it arouse suspicion and lead to an early discovery of Juag's escape.

  60. At my discovery I leaped to my feet so suddenly that it brought Raja, growling and bristling, upon all fours in an instant.

  61. The discovery of these ruins, and also of many others, equally wonderful, in the same country, is just commencing to arouse the attention of the schools of Europe, which hitherto have denied that America could boast of her antiquities.

  62. If he had hidden Emilio's letter at home, its discovery might have ruined his family as well as himself.

  63. It was horrible to feel herself hemmed in by influences imperceptible to him; yet if anything could have increased her misery it would have been the discovery that her ghosts had become visible.

  64. He was sure she would not have seen Haskett that first day if she had divined that Waythorn would object, and the fact that she did not divine it was almost as disagreeable to the latter as the discovery that she had lied to him.

  65. In the most successful of these works, ancient dogma and modern discovery were depicted in a close embrace under the lime-lights of a hazy transcendentalism; and the tableau never failed of its effect.

  66. SALA I hope you never took offense at my gradual discovery of the true state of affairs.

  67. We owe the discovery of this remarkable process to Johannes Mueller, one of the greatest anatomists of this century.

  68. Your approbation, with regard to my new discovery of the migration of the ring-ousel, gives me satisfaction; and I find you concur with me in suspecting that they are foreign birds which visit us.

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