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Example sentences for "announce"

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annotates; annotating; annotation; annotations; annotator; announced; announcement; announcements; announcer; announces
  1. If an engagement to announce the dinner had been offered me to-day, I'd have taken it and I'd be going back to Notting Hill happy.

  2. Vaguely he heard her announce him; he saw the room as in a mist.

  3. He had left word that, as men came in from their runs, they were to report at a hall where the strikers met and announce which side of the contest they favored.

  4. One day he came to town to announce that he was going to move his traps, thanking Mrs. Fairbanks for her great kindness to him in the past.

  5. I cannot too deeply announce my feelings towards you, Fairbanks," said Mr. Gibson.

  6. My Lord L'Estrange, when I quit this room, it will be to announce my resignation, and to solicit those who have promised me their votes to transfer them to Mr. Audley Egerton.

  7. Your pa and ma are not to know about it until we get ready to announce our engagement.

  8. It comes to announce to a father the murder of his child; to us all, the destruction of our last remaining friends and comrades.

  9. Who shall announce the intelligence to his sister?

  10. This so annoyed the master that he went to the negro and said, "Don't announce each person like that; say something shorter.

  11. A negro servant, on being ordered to announce visitors to a dinner party, was directed to call out in a loud, distinct voice their names.

  12. We are happy in being able to announce that it is the intention of the new potentate of Guildhall to revive the ancient and honourable office of "Lord Mayor's Fool.

  13. He then seemed to be impressed with an idea that he was the index to a "Little Warbler;" for at the request of no one he proceeded to announce the titles of all the popular songs from the time of Shield downwards.

  14. Camilla could not refrain from an eager affirmative; and the conversation was then interrupted by a message from Mrs. Arlbery, who always breakfasted in her own room, to announce that she was going out lodging-hunting.

  15. Her ensuing birth-day, upon which she would enter her tenth year, was to announce to the adjoining country her uncle's splendid plan in her favour.

  16. An interest so warm in her welfare was soothing, and the name of her mother rendered it awful; yet, thus united, it appeared to her more strongly than ever to announce itself as merely fraternal.

  17. Jacob presently tapped at the door, to announce that Mrs. Arlbery was waiting below in her carriage.

  18. We at once agreed it was better to tell the whole truth, and soon settled that it would be better for its success that he should announce the details.

  19. The week before the time arrived for the minister to announce the decision of the cabinet, it became clear that public opinion in the great English centres would run decisively for non-intervention.

  20. But neither do we think it would be right, even if it were safe, to announce that we would in any case stand by with folded arms, and see actions done which would amount to a total extinction of public right in Europe.

  21. This was the day on which, amid the ardent cheers of his party, he arose to announce to the House the views of the government.

  22. The South have not taken hold of our principles as we announce them; nor does Judge Douglas now grapple with those principles.

  23. The positions are not definitely assigned, and will not be until I announce them privately to the gentlemen whom I have selected as my Constitutional advisers.

  24. Judge Douglas turns away from the platform of principles to the fact that he can find people somewhere who will not allow us to announce those principles.

  25. The Supreme Court met again, did not announce their decision, but ordered a reargument.

  26. When the quartermaster came to announce that the relief would take place this evening, he confided in him that we were going to change our position.

  27. The Quartermaster calls out from the interior: "At least, Lieutenant, no one can say you don't announce yourself!

  28. I, Abd-el-Kader will have these two killed and then I shall announce to the assembled tribes the new jedah, a Holy War to bring the Chosen of Allah once again to their rightful position in the Sahara.

  29. I suggest that each group of us represented here, stand up and announce their position.

  30. Pray announce my great news to my darlings.

  31. I wonder if he will have the face to come in himself to announce it.

  32. At once," she read, "allow papers to announce you have decided to come from retirement and accept public office.

  33. Its wheels were embedded in black viscid mud and to extricate them the engine would have to run on low speed and announce the car's position to such as might already be seeking him.

  34. He requested me to announce his visit to you.

  35. Lost in his fancies, he did not hear a footman announce an arrival, or the sound of footsteps in the room behind him.

  36. I have the honour to announce to you the betrothal of my only daughter Bertha to Herr Hugo von Wangen.

  37. Yet the leaves of the nightshade family vary considerably in shape, and it is therefore decisively the texture and peculiar appearance of the leaves, that announce the kinship of the plant.

  38. The crux of the whole question is the uncertainty of the signs which announce the cessation of physical existence.

  39. I announce my Lady Huntingtower(106) to you.

  40. I am not only pleased, my dear lord, to have been the first to announce your brother's legacy to you, but I am glad whenever my news reach you without being quite stale.

  41. I did not dare to announce him to you, for he insisted on enjoying all your ejaculations.

  42. I have no news to send you: one cannot announce a royal wedding and a coronation every post.

  43. King Henry threw open one of those windows to announce the news to his courtiers, who were walking in the oval court below.

  44. Monsieur can announce himself," replied Brandon, with the grin of a hyena; and proceeding up stairs, he entered the boudoir without knocking.

  45. Monsieur," said the page, with true Gallic dignity, "I was about to proceed to announce monsieur.

  46. Then, sir, you come to announce the arrival of the holy father,--of my friends.

  47. To whom," said he, "shall I announce the law?

  48. Buddha, who came to announce the law of salvation to all beings, could not but go to the seats of Nats, and teach them the way to free themselves from the turmoil of never-ending existence.

  49. He saw by a stretch of his incomparable foresight that all of them had gone to the seat of Tawadeintha, in the Nats' country, to announce the perfect law to their mothers.

  50. He distinctly charges them to announce openly and unreservedly all that they have heard from him.

  51. He who deserves to be worshipped by all beings now feels no disposition to announce the law to them.

  52. In a few weeks the Government would announce the numbers--drawn by a second lottery--of those who were condemned.

  53. It was some time before the grind of straining gears came faintly in the air to announce the coming of a car up the long grade.

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