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Example sentences for "announced"

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annotating; annotation; annotations; annotator; announce; announcement; announcements; announcer; announces; announcing
  1. He also announced his intention of returning to England before the third winter, provided no unforeseen event happened to detain the expedition.

  2. They were announced to the general Arctic public by the following printed notice, which was widely circulated.

  3. At brief intervals a noise as of thunder or distant artillery announced the disruption, or creation, of one of these wonderful islands of ice.

  4. In 1841, he announced his first sale of young bulls, and every year since that date has put up at public auction the male progeny of the herd.

  5. Then the consummation is announced in the form of an invitation to the public to "assist" at the opening of a railroad through towns and villages that never saw the daylight the locomotive brings in its wake.

  6. At last the singing of the National Anthem announced the end of the piece.

  7. The little corporal now marshalled them carefully in two rows, and announced to an older man in a green jacket trimmed with red braid who was standing in a doorway: "The recruits are here, sir.

  8. Gunner Gaehler, as servant to Lieutenant Reimers," he announced himself.

  9. It was Corporal Vertler with the team belonging to gun five; he announced that a trumpeter had gone to find a doctor, and that the ambulance-orderlies would soon be here.

  10. At first it was difficult to recognise them in the thick dust; but Sergeant-major Heppner announced that he saw the colonel's big sorrel horse.

  11. Some made eager inquiries for husbands, and fathers, or brothers; and sad was the wail raised in lieu of songs of triumph, when the death of any loved one was announced to them.

  12. When the visit was announced to Evelyn, her young heart was susceptible only of pleasure and curiosity.

  13. It was a handsome and striking countenance; and an inscription announced it to be a Digby, an ancestor of Maltravers.

  14. A letter had been that morning received from Aubrey, in which he had announced his arrival for the next day.

  15. While thus engaged, the door of the study opened abruptly, and the servant announced Mr. Merton.

  16. As soon, therefore, as Robert announced his plan of a pilgrimage, men's minds were immediately turned to the question of the succession.

  17. When the assembly had been convened, and the preliminary forms and ceremonies had been disposed of, Robert announced his grand design.

  18. A lay brother announced us, upon which one of the monks rose to bid us welcome.

  19. Gaston had asked for two persons; the governor only announced one; which one was it?

  20. The man announced that Captain La Jonquiere, not being able to return, had sent him in his stead.

  21. One evening Pontcalec and his friends had met in a little room near the old castle; their countenances were sad and irresolute--Du Cou√ędic announced that he had received a note recommending them to take flight.

  22. Chaverny, her father, left her without support or fortune; your father placed her at the convent of the Faubourg Saint Antoine, and announced that at a proper age he should give her a dowry.

  23. Half an hour afterward the door opened, and the servant announced De Launay.

  24. He announced that he disapproved of The Stallion's deeds, and that the Cherokees must not destroy Creeks passing through their country on the way to the frontier.

  25. Presently it was announced that the sum was complete.

  26. South was terribly nervous and anxious, half disposed, at the last minute, to forbid it, although it had been announced on the bills for a week.

  27. I will go back to the house; I will see him in my own room," Mrs. Ocumpaugh suddenly announced to her greatly disturbed companion.

  28. An accompanying despatch to his distracted wife announced his relinquishment of the project which had taken him abroad and his immediate return on the next steamer sailing from Southampton.

  29. Jocyln announced his intention of following their example.

  30. Whether the rumor so announced prove to be literally correct or not, it is hardly possible that the war can continue long, and grow desperate and earnest on any territory where slavery exists, without leading to this result.

  31. Already, too, we see it announced that Napoleon will find in the massacre of French subjects a pretext to seize on the island.

  32. The ladies announced that, as the distance was only six miles, it could be walked, in case this difficulty proved insuperable.

  33. Even in the early part of these centuries, Louis the Fourteenth made his boast, 'I am the state,' and thereby announced the substantial reinauguration of pagan imperialism or absolutism.

  34. I guess this is the place all right," announced the chauffeur.

  35. I know too that Griesbach in 1785 announced himself of Wetstein's opinion.

  36. The great bulk however which the present volume has acquired, induces me to limit myself in this place to some account of those Codices which have been expressly announced and discoursed about in my Text (as at pp.

  37. Now Hector threw open the great doors and announced that M.

  38. The barking of the dogs in the yard announced the return of the carriage.

  39. Mr. Bishopriggs returned from the window, and announced the appearance of a new element of embarrassment in the situation at the inn.

  40. When the mistress of Craig Fernie was duly announced to the mistress of Windygates, Lady Lundie developed a sense of humor for the first time in her life.

  41. The London Gazette announced him to the world as Baron Holchester of Holchester.

  42. THE newspapers have announced the return of Lord and Lady Holchester to their residence in London, after an absence on the continent of more than six months.

  43. THE servant, appearing the next morning in Anne's room with the breakfast tray, closed the door with an air of mystery, and announced that strange things were going on in the house.

  44. He rose, and held out his hand, with a look of surprise, when the servant announced Sir Patrick's name.

  45. Lady Lundie had announced it as a settled resolution, on her part, to trace Anne to the place in which she had taken refuge, and discover (purely in the interests of virtue) whether she actually was married or not.

  46. After a longer delay than usual, the servant announced Mr. Geoffrey Delamayn and Mr. Moy.

  47. Boys," he announced exuberantly, "I think I heerd the stage.

  48. I come back now," the Chinaman announced serenely.

  49. Mistah Bruce, if you'll jest step out and take what they is," announced Ma Snow from the doorway.

  50. There was luggage on behind and--Yankee Sam's voice broke as though it were changing when he announced it--a female and two men!

  51. But whatever Mr. Dill's business it appeared to be of a nature which would keep, although they sat expectantly till Miss Rosie coyly announced supper.

  52. They're there yet" he announced with elation, "in good shape, too.

  53. The stage's comin'," the musical hostler announced when the strains died away.

  54. The climax came when he dramatically announced his intention of making a stock company of his acquisition and permitting Bartlesville's leading citizens to subscribe!

  55. By the time this had been done, Seammux announced that the food was ready, and before long the members of the party were sitting about the fire, highly enjoying their meal.

  56. To my delight Mrs. Horton announced that she had come to spend the day with us.

  57. We were well up on the hillside, and the fields below us were hidden from our view, when he suddenly announced that it was time to go home.

  58. If I had my way with it I'd put it into the stove and have done with it," she announced frankly.

  59. Yo' goin' to like hit," announced Watts, noticing the smile.

  60. The Governor came up to Madame Odintsov, announced that supper was ready, and, with a careworn face, offered her his arm.

  61. An unexpected incident relieved her from her embarrassment; a steward announced the arrival of Sitnikov.

  62. He took a few tiny steps, doubled back like a hunted hare at the edge of a copse, and abruptly, almost with dismay, almost with a wail, announced that he proposed going too.

  63. It sounds as if they're coming sir,' announced the servant, popping in from the gateway.

  64. Arkady had gone along the corridor to his room; a steward had overtaken him, and announced that Mr. Bazarov was in his room.

  65. At last Tanyusha came in and announced that dinner was ready.

  66. Bazarov, Kirsanov,' he announced abruptly in imitation of Bazarov.

  67. Arina Vlasyevna sent me to call you in to tea,' announced Anfisushka, coming by with an immense dish of ripe raspberries.

  68. When he announced that he had done so, the first man begged to have the forceps back that he might draw it out, and it was transferred to him; but in taking it he let go the stone, and the whole thing had to be done over again.

  69. The three hundred imitators whom Mitchell announced as ready to encounter similar martyrdom will probably not be forthcoming.

  70. Last night it was announced to both Houses, and coldly enough received in the House of Commons.

  71. On this he announced that he had prepared a manifesto to the nation setting forth his wrongs, and that it should be immediately published.

  72. The useless and unmeaning character of this display was very apparent when he announced his intention of doing nothing, and asking no opinion of the House.

  73. They were severally received with hisses, uproar, and in some instances shots, and returned to the palace and announced their failure.

  74. Palmerston made another speech, and announced the same intention.

  75. He called on Brunnow, who repeated what he had before said in his letter, and announced that he must go away, for he would not stay here to be on bad terms with Palmerston, and it was impossible for him to remain on good terms.

  76. On July 21 Lord John Russel announced that the Habeas Corpus Act would be suspended in Ireland.

  77. However, at about twelve o'clock crowds came streaming along Whitehall, going northwards, and it was announced that all was over.

  78. He asked three shilling-tickets for each song, and finally closed for five tickets for two songs, on the understanding that he was to be announced as a distinguished amateur, who had come forward by most particular desire.

  79. The conversation by degrees resolved itself into a snore, in which they were all indulging, when the raw morning air rushed in among them, as a porter with a lanthorn opened the door and announced their arrival at Newmarket.

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