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Example sentences for "barking"

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  1. They slid out into the current, the boat vibrating to the buffets of little waves, the dog running from side to side, barking excitedly.

  2. There was less mud than he had expected and the thud of his flying hoofs was flung from wall to wall and called out a burst of barking dogs, and a startled face behind a drawn curtain in a red-lit cabin window.

  3. He set it down to the barking of the dog, for, after the manner of those who lead the lonely lives of the outlawed, he was superstitious.

  4. As she had expected, dogs of various sorts and sizes, to judge by their voices, began barking as soon as she came opposite the first house.

  5. The next thing that Grace remembered was the loud barking of a dog.

  6. If the fish keep running, if the wild ducks come north, or the walrus come barking in from Bering Sea, then you can stay with us and get sleek and fat.

  7. Following the sound, he came to where the dog was apparently barking at nothing.

  8. At times, when he heard the barking of the dog, a frown could have been seen on his face, had there been a light by which to observe it.

  9. He was now barking fast and furiously, and had evidently gotten on the track of something.

  10. He's off there somewhere, barking to beat the band!

  11. Only the frogs and alligators are barking and bellowing.

  12. Then all at once their deep croaking was dominated by a loud barking bellow; and as I listened with my hands feeling cold and damp, I caught hold of Morgan.

  13. In the midst of this infernal torture, Conscience (and be damn'd to her), is barking and yelping as loud as any of them.

  14. The Red Nightcaps, opening the cell, breathe but one mouthful; burst forth into chorus of barking and coughing.

  15. But the strangest thing of all is that Patriotism, whether barking at a venture, or guided by some instinct of preternatural sagacity, is actually barking aright this time; at something, not at nothing.

  16. As we got near, a shout from the master brought out several black boys, accompanied by a number of barking dogs, who welcomed us by leaping round the horses' heads, and yelping and frisking about with delight.

  17. He is said to be able to speak all languages, as well as to be possessed of the faculty of roaring like a lion, crowing like a cock, barking like a dog, etc.

  18. He had been sitting smoking some few minutes, when he was suddenly startled by the loud and angry barking of Ottens' dogs, Captain and Snowball, just outside his hut.

  19. At the barking of the dog the smugglers backed water to stop their way.

  20. Then the master of Pohyola Went himself to learn the reason For the barking of the watch-dogs; Strode he through the spacious court-yard, Through the open fields beyond it, To the summit of the uplands.

  21. A farm-house cur came barking after the dog-cart just then, and Geoffrey's anger expended itself partly on the dog, instead of being embodied in a reply.

  22. At the very mention of her as wearing this brown veil he grew pale with anger, and the barking cur got the benefit of it, and at Nina's insistence his face and eyes grew like steel.

  23. At this moment his little terrier sprung forward, barking most furiously.

  24. We were disturbed by the barking of a dog at some distance, and parted, but not before he had conjured me to prepare to.

  25. A most furious barking was set up at their approach, by the whole three generations of Mustard and Pepper, and a number of allies, names unknown.

  26. Mr. Trimble dropped his hoe across a row of potatoes, and walked to where Splash was still barking away in front of the smoke-house.

  27. Mr. Brown, for the big dog had run up the side of a little hill along the road, and was barking at a hole in the ground.

  28. Splash rushed around, up and down the shore, barking loudly, but he did not try to swim out.

  29. They had pretended to divide him down the middle, so each one might have part of the wagging tail, and part of the barking head.

  30. He would dash into the water, not going far from shore, though, and then he would jump back, barking all the while.

  31. He sniffed around, and then, all of a sudden, he made a dash for a clump of bushes, and, standing in front of it began barking loudly.

  32. They had to let go of Splash's collar, though, and the dog now began to run after the fox, barking again and again.

  33. The dog was running around and around the small house, barking loudly.

  34. He again rushed into the water, barking and snapping his sharp teeth.

  35. For, all this while, Splash was running around the smoke-house, barking more loudly than before.

  36. Peredonov listened for a long time and said at last: "What are you barking at, fool!

  37. So far as one can judge by the barking of the dogs, the boar is directing his course to where an experienced marksman is posted--one who is not about to fire his first difficult shot.

  38. At that instant the barking was more distinctly heard, and the enormous head of Rask appeared at the opening.

  39. Suddenly I fancied that I heard the distant barking of a dog, but this sound might be only an illusion caused by the noise of the cascade.

  40. There was a faint halloo, and a wilder barking followed.

  41. But the baying and barking came no nearer, and I helped Mrs. Knapp out of the carriage.

  42. As we bumped and groaned again through the ruts, however, there arose in the distance behind us the fierce barking of dogs, their voices raised in anger and alarm.

  43. No sooner was the sea-lion comfortably ensconced in his old quarters than he again began barking to such an extent that I heartily wished him in the Atlantic.

  44. The Englishman before spoken of engaged a variety performer who was an adept at imitating the barking of dogs.

  45. From this I gather that the barking which was so disagreeable to us must have been his expression of joy.

  46. Once a dog ran out from a yard and commenced barking wildly at them, even threatening to nip Tubby in the leg.

  47. Illustration: He twisted in the saddle and sent leaden answer to the spiteful barking of the guns.

  48. As well as he could with his legs held rigid by the rope that tied his ankles, he twisted in the saddle and sent leaden answer to the spiteful barking of the guns that called upon them to halt.

  49. For the first two or three nights at the fort, however, our sleep was much disturbed by what we imagined to be a dog barking outside the fort.

  50. He does not often succeed in this, as the keen noses of the hounds guide them to the right tree, where they stand barking and howling until the hunters come up.

  51. He had "treed" the turkey, and was looking upward with glancing eyes, barking and wagging his tail.

  52. Running down towards the bank, he crouched behind some yucca-bushes, and commenced whining and barking like a young puppy.

  53. I was awakened toward midnight by the furious barking of my dog Bock.

  54. Now we begin to hear slight country noises, the double cry of the quail in particular, then the mewing of cats and the barking of dogs.

  55. He recrossed the farmyard, quieted the dog, which had started barking again, went out on the road bordering on his ditch, and disappeared in the direction of Tourville.

  56. We can hear them barking all over the plain and making the identical noise they make when baying at the moon.

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