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  1. Despite the inconveniences within and the noises without few had difficulty in wooing Morpheus and reposed in his embrace until a late hour next morning.

  2. Next day, he came to the Burials Officer.

  3. Arrangements for the evening function were cancelled, and the next day his remains were interred in the military cemetery, and the grave is now marked by a beautiful cross made by a member of his platoon and inscribed by his O.

  4. You appear to be quite oblivious to the fact that the next moment may be your last.

  5. I am more concerned about where the next one will land.

  6. We have received our punishment, and we mean to do better next time.

  7. May heaven make the minds of our enemies stupid for the next five hours!

  8. Marking the energy expended by Wilfrid in this art, the wiser woman said: "Be on your guard the next two minutes he gets you alone.

  9. But it looks like, when he'd written as far as he got, he maybe felt rotten and put it away, intendin' to finish the job the next day.

  10. Would she, at one instant swaying toward a man's arms, the next whip back from him, laughing at him?

  11. You're talking about tomorrow or next day, Twisty," he laughed, filling his deep lungs contentedly.

  12. That which followed next would have appeared unbelievable to any who have not over and over watched the inexplicable happenings of a gaming table.

  13. And by the time the sun flooded the decks next morning he was ready to forget the episode.

  14. And with the mortgage on the place, the next thing I would know was that it was foreclosed and in the end I'd lose everything I've got.

  15. These extracts are from Furneaux, the next is from Kirke.

  16. The next day, as I was pursuing my march, I saw a deer bound by me, upon whose shoulders was fixed a fierce and destructive animal resembling a tiger.

  17. Early next morning they hastened to the shore, impatient to inform their comrades of their success, and also to procure from their vessel such provision, ammunition, and other necessaries, as might better enable them to winter on the island.

  18. Tommy could scarcely refrain from crying when he saw the ruins lying around; but Harry, who bore the loss with more composure, told him not to mind it, for it could easily be repaired, and they would build it stronger the next time.

  19. The next thing that was necessary to be done, was putting on a roof, for hitherto they had constructed nothing but the walls.

  20. You are right; and, by remembering these stars, you may very easily observe those which are next to them, and learn their names too, till you are acquainted with the whole face of the heavens.

  21. But let us hear how this brave man succeeded in his next attempt.

  22. I next reached Burgbrohl and Wassenach, passing several of the trass mills, for the stone is in many places hard enough for mill-stones, and there is a considerable trade in them to Holland, and thence to England and other countries.

  23. Next they illuminate as splendidly as they can, and pray for felicity towards some domestic idol.

  24. In the evening the captain and the rest of the people returned on board, and a substantial acknowledgment having been made to the worthy Dutchman, next day the frigate sailed for Batavia.

  25. The next voyage he brought me over a number of bulbs.

  26. To the nearest shore we can reach," answered Langton; "when there we must consider what next to do.

  27. John undertook to start the very next morning, if Owen was willing to go.

  28. How to repair the boat was the next question.

  29. The very next day Owen was despatched with a letter on business to Captain Aggett of the ship "Druid," then discharging cargo in the Thames.

  30. The next day, although without any preconcerted arrangement, Captain Aggett called at Mr Fluke's office, and desired to see him on private business.

  31. The next morning Mr Fluke announced his intention of staying at home that he might have time to discuss matters with his young friend.

  32. It was not until late the next day that they appeared.

  33. Farmer Rowe, ill as he could afford the expense, sent David off next day to London to make inquiries.

  34. This being done, Mike lost no time in cooking a supply of "his porridge," as he called it, sufficient for their supper and for the next day.

  35. The next morning Kezia appeared in her bonnet and shawl as Owen was about to start.

  36. You shall be welcome to do so next time," answered the doctor, smiling.

  37. His intention was, however, to stand in the next morning and rejoin the prize.

  38. They began to cry like anything, all except the Dog, who was delighted at remaining human as long as possible and who had already taken his stand next to Light, so as to be sure of going in front of his little master and mistress.

  39. Let us go to the next door," said Tyltyl, resolutely.

  40. The boy, therefore, ran to the next door with still greater courage.

  41. Next came two Blue Children bending under the weight of a pole from which was slung a bunch of grapes each larger than a pear.

  42. Next morning when I got up, I saw the river much nearer than the evening before.

  43. I had a bundle of clothes with me and a watch, which I pawned next morning.

  44. The first twenty miles ran on a good road; that would be as far as we could go that night, because the next ten miles were only a blazed track right through the bush made by the prospectors, and could only be safely traversed in the daylight.

  45. Then I went outside and worked desperately at making a sunshade over the tent, because the sun was beating down on us so fiercely; next in again, and out.

  46. Next day, Thorkill came to me with sparkling eyes, and told me he had been so fortunate.

  47. The steamer left Port Denison the next day for Townsville, and I was among the passengers.

  48. That same day, at dinner-time, we arrived at the next plantation.

  49. So at break of day the next morning we went on board the schooner, and I started in the cook's galley making breakfast for all hands.

  50. The water was also fearfully bad, with inches of froth on it, but bad as it was, we would drink it as soon as we got it and then feel like dying of thirst sometimes before the time came to serve out the next rations.

  51. That I should have spent the next few days in the watch-house I am sure enough, had not an elderly man stepped out of the crowd of onlookers and spoken to the policeman.

  52. I was reassured in the next moment, as I saw a gentlemanly young man, dressed in a pyjamas, coming down to greet us.

  53. Having left Copenhagen in the way just described and arrived in Hamburg, my first care was to get work, which I fortunately obtained the next day.

  54. Next morning when the teacher came, Reb Shloimeh inquired with a displeased expression: "Well, are you going to tell stories again to-day?

  55. Next day Ezrielk came with his mother to the doctor's house.

  56. Little Struli was the only Jewish boy he knew (the children were next door neighbors), and so a large share of their responsibility was laid on Struli's shoulders.

  57. Next day, there was no turkey, and no Porush, either!

  58. Next morning he felt very weak, and stayed in bed.

  59. Next morning the travellers told all this, and declared that no sooner had the cloak touched them than they had fallen asleep, and they had seen and heard nothing more that night.

  60. On waking next morning, she threw a look into the glass which hung opposite the bed.

  61. The next morning broke with a smile from the bright and cheerful sun.

  62. Next day Maxim managed to have a large helping of porridge, more than he could eat, and he found Israel, and set it before him.

  63. My teacher must have had a hand in it, because he heard of it before anyone, and the next time the Shochet came, he exclaimed "Apostate!

  64. Next the white pollen--the bloom--shows under the warm sunshine, and then the birds begin to grow busy among it.

  65. Almost immediately the fly grew feeble; then the wasp snipped off its proboscis, and next the legs.

  66. Upon the hurdles perched the crow, bold with over-feasting, and hardly turning to look at me, waiting there till the next lamb should fall and the `spirit of the beast go downwards.

  67. The next day it was the same, and the next.

  68. At the next stile a similar scene took place--promise of pardon, and scornful refusal to recant, followed by more torture.

  69. It is difficult to tell from what place the cry proceeds: at one moment it sounds almost close at hand, the next fifty yards off; then, after a brief silence, a long way to one side or the other.

  70. They were totally unfit for work next day.

  71. An unusual proportion of young birds would then survive, and next building season the larger part of these would return to the old trees and be immediately met in battle by their older relatives.

  72. Next in importance is the roof, which, rising from very low walls, really encloses half of the inhabitable space.

  73. To gratify this curiosity, which is so natural to a reader, I design this paper and my next as prefatory discourses to my following writings, and shall give some account in them of the several persons that are engaged in this work.

  74. As I was sitting in my chamber and thinking on a subject for my next Spectator, I heard two or three irregular bounces at my landlady's door, and upon the opening of it, a loud cheerful voice enquiring whether the Philosopher was at home.

  75. I cannot believe the report they have there, that it was sent down franked by a parliament-man in a little packet; but probably by next winter this fashion will be at the height in the country, when it is quite out at London.

  76. The action at the tilt-yard you may be sure won the fair lady, who was a maid of honour, and the greatest beauty of her time; here she stands the next picture.

  77. I made my next application to a widow, and attacked her so briskly, that I thought myself within a fortnight of her.

  78. A glance at the social and literary history of the next thirty or forty years will reveal how fully this wish was accomplished.

  79. I have left your mother in the next room.

  80. It is said, he keeps himself a bachelor by reason he was crossed in love by a perverse beautiful widow of the next county to him.

  81. It is described in the next paragraph under the name of skiomachia.

  82. In the sitting-room, next to the bar, I noticed little change of objects, but much in their condition.

  83. The cry of "Father" had reached the ears of Morgan, who is sleeping in the next room, and roused him into consciousness.

  84. At a single bound she cleared the intervening space and in the next moment was in the room where she had left her husband.

  85. To step forth into this world, where he was soon to be a busy actor and worker, and to step forth alone, next came in the natural order of progress.

  86. And she drew him almost by force into the next room.

  87. At the next session, a better man took his place.

  88. On the next day I was to leave Cedarville.

  89. My next application was met in the same spirit; and no better success attended my reference of the matter to a third party.

  90. Neither Slade nor his son was present at the breakfast-table on the next morning.

  91. A cordial grasp of the hand and a few words of hearty welcome greeted me as I alighted from the stage at the "Sickle and Sheaf," on my next visit to Cedarville.

  92. The landlord did not make his appearance on the next morning until nearly ten o'clock; and then he looked like a man who had been on a debauch.

  93. Just what I'm going to do the very next time he comes after me.

  94. I'm spared, I'll go the same ticket next year.

  95. In a few moments the boy came back, and said that his mother would see us in the next room, into which we all passed.

  96. The next morning King took Irene to the Crystal Cascade.

  97. The next morning he crossed to Norfolk, was transported through the snow-covered streets on a sledge, and took his seat in the cars for the most monotonous ride in the country, that down the coast-line.

  98. The young gentleman next to Irene threw in an explanation now and then, but she was becoming thoroughly uncomfortable.

  99. Perhaps it was this impression that made her assent readily to a walk next morning with Mr. King along the bay.

  100. And with recklessness he added: "We reach the Profile House next week, and I am sure I can convince you I am right.

  101. That man will know a painting next time he sees one, and then he won't rest till he has bought a chromo, and so he will go on.

  102. Mrs. Glow's comment to Stanhope, when she next met him; "but she is immensely amusing.

  103. When next Stanhope King saw Fortress Monroe it was in the first days of June.

  104. The next day there were a hundred on the register; the day after, two hundred; and the day following, an excursion.

  105. I like it thoroughly, and mean to be here earlier next year.

  106. One of the Ashley girls in the next wagon caught up the word with, "Here's a state of things!

  107. King thought he had heard something like this before, and he engaged the man for the next day.

  108. Said he was going to take his niece to Newport next week.

  109. Who knows but what to-morrow they will have reached the Place de la Concorde, and the next day perhaps I may be killed by one on the Boulevard Montmartre?

  110. And then Paris falls asleep, and gets up the next morning, just as fresh and lusty as if Napoleon the Third were still Emperor by the grace of God and the will of the French nation.

  111. Next appears an immense funeral car draped with black, and drawn by four black horses; the gigantic pall is of velvet, with silver stars.

  112. Council of Revision of the Amazons of Paris," this next is called.

  113. Next morning, the 19th of March, I was in haste to know the events of last night, what attitude Paris had assumed after her first surprise.

  114. And Widow Blunt rocked backwards and forwards in her splint-bottomed chair and watched the robins, and the next thing she knew the clock struck six and woke her up.

  115. Robert Robin shook the feathers from his bill and struck the next and the next.

  116. All day long Robert Robin did nothing except carry food for the baby robins, but the next day Mrs. Robin helped him, and both of them were busy, for the four little baby robins were very hungry.

  117. Once I kicked a stone from hither to yonder, and Billy Rabbit asked me to help him dig his next hole!

  118. And the hired man said: "They looked so much like cherry pits that the next time I am over this way, I am going to get some of them, and plant 'em in a box and raise me a cherry orchard!

  119. I am worried about what I will have to eat next winter, Mister Yellowbird!

  120. The next morning a fog covered all the land, and Robert Robin had good reason to think that the night was far too long.

  121. Donald kept blowing the tin whistle and following the Maltese cat, but the next thing he knew the farmer's wife took his tin whistle away from him.

  122. He was now in the meadow next to the woods, and was walking slowly towards Mister Robert Robin's tree.

  123. He did not know what he was going to have to eat next winter.

  124. Then Mister Bulldog laughed and showed all his teeth and said, "The next time I see you, Kitty!

  125. I expect that my baby partridges will all be out of the shell before next Thursday!

  126. Both of them were so tired that they went to bed and slept until the next morning.

  127. Huygens next directed his attention to the construction of telescopes, and displayed much skill in the grinding and polishing of lenses.

  128. The next opportunity he had of observing them was on the 10th, when two stars only were visible, and they were to the east of the planet.

  129. He next perceived that their velocity increased as they approached the Sun, and decreased as they receded from him.

  130. The Arabs next took up the study of astronomy, which they prosecuted most assiduously for a period of four centuries.

  131. Few among English astronomers will hesitate to rank him next with the illustrious Newton, and all will agree with Herschel, who called him 'the pride and the boast of British Astronomy.

  132. THE MOON The Moon is the Earth's satellite, and next to the Sun is the most important of the celestial orbs so far as its relations with our globe are concerned.

  133. Galileo announced his next discovery in this manner, and which read as follows:-- Smaismrmilme poeta leumi bvne nugttaviras.

  134. The next class in order of brightness are called second-magnitude stars; they are fifty or sixty in number, the most important of which is the Pole Star.

  135. Eager inquiries having been made as to where he lodged, Sirturi, fearing a repetition of his experience in the church tower, decided to quit Venice early next morning, and betake himself to a quieter and less frequented neighbourhood.

  136. It is pleasant to know that the pretty promise was fulfilled, Mrs Stevenson herself acting 'postman,' and taking the likeness to her friend next day.

  137. By the afternoon they had reached Sacramento, which he writes of as 'a city of gardens in a plain of corn,' and before the dawn of the next day the train was drawn up at the Oaklands side of San Francisco Bay.

  138. The next day was a day of forest and flowers.

  139. It might be that her suite was already let for the next day.

  140. Even Timmy was in a dangerous mood, and, as Kate appeared, on her way back from dinner, the gentleman from the next car retired in good order.

  141. The girl took first her dollar and next her gloved hand.

  142. And I'll fight till the next spring rains sooner than let her slip away out of my life.

  143. When Nick came and saw her again next time there would be reason why he would have no eyes for her.

  144. Kate must be close behind, and I'll try to swing her up to the next seat.

  145. She knew Mr. Hilliard wouldn't want to bother about bringing her here next day, after he had just seen the trees himself, and for the second time, too.

  146. She thought of this, as she flirted with the officer from the Presidio, and promised to make him the hero of her next book.

  147. He had, however, one true friend, who esteemed Bolamah next to himself; and if any make profession of greater friendship than that, we ought to suspect their sincerity.

  148. The next thing she remembered was that she was apparently being carried along on some gliding object to the sound of rippling water.

  149. We are approaching the Middle of Next Week," said the leader, gravely; "but what of that?

  150. They approached the edge of the slide hand in hand, hesitated--and the next moment disappeared!

  151. But the next moment springing to his feet, he shouted, "Ho!

  152. In the next campaign, Syria was invaded on the side of the desert; and Belisarius, with twenty thousand men, hastened from Dara to the relief of the province.

  153. The eighth day," replied Totila; but early the next morning he attempted to surprise a foe, suspicious of deceit, and prepared for battle.

  154. The next morning the Bulgarian cavalry advanced to the charge.

  155. Palestine, and the holy wealth of Jerusalem, were the next objects that attracted the ambition, or rather the avarice, of Chosroes.

  156. Evil is necessarily connected with and subservient to good, although in the next world there will be all good and no evil.

  157. It is next said, that virtue gives a better chance for happiness than vice.

  158. This leaves them simple deists, but the force of reasoning next carries them a step farther, and whoever trusts to this reasoning, devoid of all fear and prejudice, is very likely to end at last in being an atheist.

  159. Next he observes that parents suspend at times their benefits to their offspring, when persuaded they are not for their good; so does the Deity.

  160. During that day and the next they saw nothing of the Germans; but Fernando protested that it would not be safe to push on towards Maziriland, since the enemy was certainly in the district.

  161. As for our four adventurers, daylight the next morning found them once more upon the hill-tops, shrouded in the mists.

  162. The next night the bivouac-fire was again visible, this time nearer than before.

  163. During the next few minutes it was as if each second dragged out into eternity.

  164. On the next day, from the far south, there came a noise like thunder that continued until the afternoon.

  165. In the moonlight he saw the flash of a knife that missed him by the fraction of an inch, and the next moment he was full length upon the ground, struggling in the arms of a powerful and savage man.

  166. One second, strong fingers gripped Harry by the throat, and the next his adversary was gone.

  167. After that I fell asleep; and for the next three days I lay in that place, thinking that I was dying, frequently drinking at the stream.

  168. What happened next was the work of a few seconds.

  169. I would to God that those men have their wages cut down one-half in the next twenty-four hours.

  170. He will next begin to sidle around a chair, shuffling his feet in a vague fashion, and sometimes, needing both of his hands to seize some coveted object, he will stand without clinging, leaning on his stomach.

  171. The next step is to require him with you to think out the rights of others, and both of you together should shape your conduct so as to leave these rights unfringed.

  172. This one's heart burns over the little boy next door who is shamefully mismanaged and who already begins to show the ill effects of his treatment.

  173. It is tact, not discipline, that is needed, and the more he is helped the sooner he will live through this stage and come to the next point where he begins to throw things.

  174. Presently they reach the stage when they must have toy-boats, and next they long to go into real boats and go rowing and sailing.

  175. Although they could bound the States of the Union, and give the principal exports and imports, they knew next to nothing of their own city and of its actual relation to the countries which they studied in their geography lessons.

  176. Sidenote: Precautions to be Taken] Every reasonable precaution should be taken against the recurrence of the attacks, for every lapse into this excited state makes him more certain the next lapse and weakens the nervous control.

  177. The illogical, strange character of the paragraphing, as measured by the standards of modern English, is apparent at a glance, for often a verse will end in the middle of a sentence, and the sentence be concluded in the next verse.

  178. But if this early period has been missed, the next best thing is to take advantage of every spontaneous interest as it arises; to hitch the impulse, as it were, to some task that must be steadily performed.

  179. Sidenote: Positive Commands] As we shall see in the next section, Froebel meets this difficulty by substituting positive commands for prohibitions; that is, he tells the child to do instead of telling him not to do.

  180. The next garment, which goes over this, is made in the same way, only an inch larger in every measurement.

  181. As to your next question about quick results, I must recognize that you are in a most difficult position.

  182. Knit garments attain this most perfectly, but the next best thing is all-wool flannel of a fine grade.

  183. The chief object of all training is, as we shall see in the next section, to lead the child to love righteousness, to prefer right doing to wrong doing; to make right doing a permanent desire.

  184. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "next" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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