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Example sentences for "hastened"

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hasta; haste; hasted; hastely; hasten; hasteneth; hastening; hastens; hastes; hasteth
  1. After a vain attempt to dress in the dark, I procured a light, and having made a hasty toilet hastened to the officers' messroom.

  2. I hastened to the general, and from the look on his face guessed he had already heard the news.

  3. It was soon seen that the principal attack would be made by way of the Leopoldstadt and Landstrasse suburbs, to the former of which I hastened with my brother and Rakoczy.

  4. I now hastened to the chamber, where the Bed of justice was to be held.

  5. As soon as I had eaten a morsel, I quitted my company, and hastened to the Palais Royal, where I learnt from M.

  6. Edith, this is a little protege of mine, Mary Smith by name," Mrs. Markham hastened to say.

  7. I beg your pardon," she hastened to say, falteringly.

  8. His face grew scarlet as he hastened to say: "I kissed your hand, Miss Glenalvan, and I entreat your pardon for yielding to that overmastering temptation.

  9. Without giving myself time to rest, I hastened to Detroit, to report our work and give an account of the unjust sentences of those prisoners at Ship Island and the Tortugas.

  10. She hastened out of the crowd, leaving her pail and jug behind her.

  11. Without further trouble we reached Vicksburg, but learned that the loudest cry for aid was in Natchez, and we hastened there with our supplies.

  12. As she was twelve miles from our school, and by this time it was nearly night, I hastened to inform brother Canfield, a Wesleyan minister, that the older brother of these fugitives was Mary Todd's husband.

  13. As it was impossible for me to speak to him I hastened to escape the sound of the drop, but did not succeed.

  14. The moment Willis received the message he hastened to her with flying feet; and here the wretched husband and wife, but a few days before so full of plans for a pleasant future, held their council in tears.

  15. It was not yet sunrise; but I hastened to obey the message, as I supposed he was dying.

  16. And I hastened to outdistance the report of the guns that took his life.

  17. I hastened to see him, and, to my surprise, he too was very near to death with consumption, and without hope.

  18. I hastened back 'to Camp Bethel, to witness the marriage of twenty couples that Colonel Eaton, who was a chaplain among them, was to marry with one ceremony.

  19. Then the sight of one whom she recognized hastened her back to Canada, a proceeding which probably saved us the fate of the Oberlin or Wellington rescuers, who spent a few weeks in jail.

  20. She jumped up and looked at him and hastened to her mother in law's room.

  21. They hastened to cut her down, and just as she was breathing her last she whispered, "Tell my husband.

  22. And the dog stood rigid in his tracks while Blackstock hastened forward to see what he had found.

  23. He chuckled to himself as he realized the situation, and the bear, catching the incomprehensible sound, glanced nervously over its shoulder and hastened its retreat as well as the difficulties of the path would allow.

  24. The daimyƍ was looked upon as the patriotic leader of the country, and ronins from all parts hastened to enroll themselves under his banner.

  25. The poor frightened lord hastened to the emperor and humbly apologized for his stupidity.

  26. The death of Kiyomori(117) hastened the triumph of Yoritomo.

  27. But there was scant time for reflection upon the problem of his own mission in the world as he hastened towards Unorna's house.

  28. Unorna is quite safe," the Wanderer hastened to say.

  29. Still he hastened onward, never pausing for breath, till he found himself all at once in the great Ring.

  30. The Wanderer understood most of these things as he hastened towards her house through the darkening streets.

  31. He hastened to open the door and was confronted by Unorna.

  32. No, no," Sister Paul hastened to assure her.

  33. To me, at least," Keyork hastened to say, as though somewhat confused.

  34. I leaped to the ground and hastened to her side.

  35. Who knows but that that has hastened her death?

  36. I hastened to her side; she had not lost consciousness and begged me not to call any one.

  37. They hastened away and disappeared in the crowd.

  38. Seeing that I was wounded, my seconds hastened to my side, but he pushed them aside and seized my wounded arm.

  39. Then they hastened to add: "Then keep quiet, at least; if no one harms you, do not seek to harm.

  40. When the curtain fell, I followed him to the foyer; I do not know that he saw me coming, but he hastened away and entered a box.

  41. My mistress gave vent to a cry of terror, and fell on her hands, while I hastened from the room.

  42. Dinner was presently announced, and we hastened to the house.

  43. The black messengers of death hastened at the word from their dark recesses, loaded with those new instruments of torture, and stood around the miserable man.

  44. In the midst of these preparations, news is brought us by Milo that Aurelian, hastened by accounts of disturbances in the army, has suddenly started for Thrace.

  45. Determined to see all I could, and the last if it must be so, of this undaunted spirit, I hastened at my utmost speed in the wake of the flying troop.

  46. Old Mrs. Wurzel hastened to the stationer's to order a copy of The Sphere and all the society papers, then, bursting with the news, she proceeded to call upon the Misses Sleek to tell her tale.

  47. Lucy felt that she had said a little too much, so she hastened to qualify it.

  48. The result of this conversation was that the Reverend John Dodd hastened to secure the services of that energetic priest the Reverend Barnes Puffin.

  49. Jules hastened up a dark stairway, the steps of which were knobby with hardened mud left by the feet of those who came and went.

  50. The young man hastened his step, passed the woman, and then turned back to look at her.

  51. Fearing he would penetrate my disguise, I hastened my errand.

  52. And she hastened away to the tent where lay her poor patient.

  53. O, with what pleasant anticipations I hastened to her house!

  54. His attendants hastened to raise him, and even carried off his body after a sharp contest with the Spaniards.

  55. Others of the Spaniards contrived to mount the wall, helping each other, and hastened to succour those who had gained the gate.

  56. In the confusion occasioned by this exploit, great numbers of the royalists hastened towards the tent occupied by Centeno; but on this occasion several of the soldiers belonging to Valdivia threw away their arms and fled.

  57. The exasperated toqui no sooner learnt the arrival of the missionaries at Ilicura, than he hastened to that place with two hundred horse, and slew them all with their defender Utiflame.

  58. To the men we offered red-gold rings, that they it might not to Atli tell; but they forthwith hastened home, and it quickly to Atli told.

  59. Hastened the bright-faced dame to bear their potions to them, the wondrous lady to the chiefs; and reluctantly to the pallid Atli the festal dainties offered, and uttered words of hate.

  60. Taking possession, therefore, of this sum, and a dozen silver spoons that had been left in pledge a few days before, I hastened to put my plan into execution.

  61. I saw he thought my wits were unsettled, and I hastened to remove the impression.

  62. To the dreadful ennui which precedes that state, one of the ancient monks pathetically alludes when he relates how often he went forth and returned to his cell, and gazed on the sun as if he hastened too slowly to his setting.

  63. In their own countries they gave it little encouragement, and, indeed, hastened quickly to its total rejection.

  64. I hastened on to the priest's house, and after a good deal of loud knocking succeeded in rousing him.

  65. After bidding us a friendly 'boozhoo,' he proceeded on his journey to the Neepigon Post, and we hastened toward the wigwam from which we were still ten miles distant.

  66. As he hastened along, making little or no noise, Halstead wondered what he would do with the man in case he discovered him to be really one of the pair who had sat in the seat ahead on the train.

  67. Jennison and his young companions hastened back to the automobile where they stood deliberating.

  68. The good priest, accompanied by his sacristan, hastened directly up the mountain, carrying the Holy Sacrament with them.

  69. The farmer, anxious to get in his corn while the fine weather lasted, promised to increase their wages if they hastened on with their work.

  70. Kepler saw it for a short time, and mistook it for the planet Mercury, and with his usual precipitancy hastened to publish an account of his observation of this rare phenomenon.

  71. Sennacherib hastened back to Nineveh, and the court annalists were bidden to draw a veil of silence over the conclusion of the campaign.

  72. Startled by Alan's earnest manner, despite his firm reliance on Pembroke's honor, Nigel made no further objection, but hastened with him to the eminence he named.

  73. With this mandate in his pocket, Pfefferkorn hastened back to the scene of his activity, the Rhenish provinces.

  74. On the appointed day, the deluded people, dressed as on the Day of Atonement, hastened to the synagogues, and waited there to hear the trumpet-blasts announcing the Messianic advent.

  75. This eager young poet was fortunate enough to escape the Inquisition, and hastened to Amsterdam.

  76. He hastened to the emperor, and complained of Pfefferkorn, the rancorous calumniator, the ostensible author of the "Handspiegel.

  77. Hence, while the papal police were lying in wait for Molcho, at the gates of Rome, he escaped over the walls, and hastened to the pope, from whom he obtained a pontifical passport that guaranteed him against harm.

  78. Solomon Romano was so indignant at this that he hastened to Venice to persuade his brother to return to the bosom of Judaism.

  79. Therefore, he hastened to announce his appeal to the pope, so that silence might be imposed from that quarter on his embittered enemies.

  80. Having obtained it he secretly left Egypt, and hastened to the court of Solyman I, at Constantinople, to inform the sultan of the treacherous design of the pasha, which was thus frustrated.

  81. Fanatical Catholic priests, especially the bishop of Eichstaedt, saw with indignation that Jews, instead of being abhorred and persecuted, were glorified in this book, and hastened to efface the impression.

  82. He hastened to Amsterdam with the sad news (1604), became an eager convert to Judaism, and adopted the Hebrew name of Rohel Jesurun.

  83. Some of Joseph's retinue succeeded in escaping from the city, and they hastened at full speed to the king, to whom they related what had taken place.

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