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Example sentences for "hastens"

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hastely; hasten; hastened; hasteneth; hastening; hastes; hasteth; hastie; hastilie; hastily
  1. Word is carried that Margerie has been slain; her sister hastens to the wood, takes under her care the child which Margerie was going with, and calls him Brown Robin, after his father.

  2. Young William hastens to his mother, and asks whether his father's death had been by violence, and, if so, who killed him.

  3. I say to this child of nine years old bring me that hat, he hastens and brings it me.

  4. The rascals claim to have done their work and Eustace, with some misgivings, hastens home and assumes the vacant title, though he discreetly avoids any attempt to wind the famous horn.

  5. We are fortunate in finding an intelligent custodian in charge, who hastens to inform us that he himself is an American citizen, having been naturalized during a sojourn in the States.

  6. And then the letter, like almost every letter, hastens in disconnected sentences to its close.

  7. To take counsel with his adjutant about the best mode of proceeding, he hastens back to the camp; plunges into his tent; and there becomes closeted--the lieutenant along with him.

  8. He hastens on, therefore, supposing them still before him.

  9. The man who has fired the last shot only hastens to re-load, while the others remain mute and motionless--each on the look-out for a like opportunity.

  10. Surprised and indignant, he hastens back to the "Doctor" and complains.

  11. Yet with headlong speed the Frankish army hastens back, with trumpets sounding in token of approaching help, all praying God to preserve Roland till they come.

  12. Claverton hastens to obey, and, with his contingent, makes his way swiftly and stealthily by a circuit so as, if possible, to take the enemy in the rear.

  13. From this tube nest it comes forth only at night to feed, and when disturbed it hastens into it out of sight.

  14. A high and heavy protection produces an eddy which blights and sun-scalds the trees, as well as hastens the ripening and dropping of apples.

  15. Carbonic acid gas in the water greatly hastens the dissolving of dead shells.

  16. Carbonic acid gas, whether free in the air, or absorbed by percolating water, hastens the dissolving of skeletons of creatures that die upon land.

  17. That State but hastens the day of its own destruction that fails to train its citizens in the right use and management of their land holdings.

  18. The advantage is more apparent than real, however, as the retention of the water until the magma has been shaken up and mixed with it hastens greatly its complete evacuation.

  19. Even when the tumors are large and the pastern joint involved, firing often hastens the process of anchylosis and should always be tried.

  20. And having now with pleasure heard somewhat of the life and exercises of Robert Garnock, we come now to notice somewhat anent his trial, death or martyrdom which now hastens apace.

  21. She loudly calls upon us to forbear, And hastens hither with uplifted hands.

  22. He discovers the headsmen, and hastens forward.

  23. He has now but one fear, that is lest the thing escape him; and in order to bind Paganetti, who has not concealed his need of money, he hastens to effect the payment of a first instalment to the Territorial bank.

  24. The rebuke is deserved, and the writer hastens to say that Moosehead Lake is forty miles long and fifteen miles across in the widest part, having an estimated shoreline of something like 400 miles.

  25. The writer hastens to say that he did not see the dog nor the pike nor even the bark.

  26. People that had lighted on a new thought, or a thought that they fancied new, came to Emerson, as the finder of a glittering gem hastens to a lapidary to ascertain its quality and value.

  27. It can not promote health, nor ease pain; it makes no increase of merit in the person; it creates envy; it hastens misfortune.

  28. A little change of circumstance often hastens on a movement that has been long in preparation.

  29. The pupil of Emanuel meets her, and she hastens back again to the grave, there to quench in tears of mourning her first love.

  30. Even as this moment hastens Battles he the wave-crests rude, And to their unfathomed chasms Dags him down the angry flood.

  31. She shrieks, and beats her breast, and hastens to change the garments of rejoicing for those of mourning.

  32. But the hour for the report arrives; he hastens after it; then he starts off again.

  33. In the morning he hastens to the post-office, then to the colonel's house to obtain the order of the day; then he rushes back to the barracks in company with the messenger.

  34. The polar bear hears the sound also, and hastens to the place, for it is here that he, too, must make his living.

  35. No sooner is he sure that the animal is dying than he hastens to get a drink of warm blood.

  36. He believed that every pure thought, every disinterested deed, hastens the harvest of universal good.

  37. String hastens to undo itself when he approaches; he is the only man who can make a decent impression with sealing-wax.

  38. Half-way across the station he can see him, and he hastens to get a new card out in readiness.

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