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calloused; callouses; callously; callousness; callow; callus; calluses; callyd; callyng; calm
  1. You are asking me whether I am with or without what your sublime father calls the "most powerful of the primary instincts of man.

  2. I seed a little kindlin' cloud break away and go floatin' over your heads, and then it shaped itself into what us Romanies calls the Golden Hand.

  3. As Philip Aylwin says, "the only soul-satisfying function of art is to give what Zoroaster calls 'apparent pictures of unapparent realities.

  4. This is the only portrait of Rossetti that really calls up the man before me.

  5. He calls you a chattering old--I don't know what he won't call you.

  6. I am only making a brief stay in London,' he said; 'I am working hard at a picture in the country, but business just now calls me to London for a short time.

  7. By the time we get to the llyn the colours o' the vapours, what they calls the Knockers' flags, will come out ezackly as they did that mornin' when you and me first went arter Winnie.

  8. The trustees in New York were complaining of the continuous calls made on them for money, and had promptly refused to encourage such extravagance.

  9. It was important for me to maintain the moral of our troops unconditionally if I was to be able to appeal to their sense of honour and make calls on their endurance.

  10. His incessant indulgence in such abuse calls for some examination into its nature and the mental state of which it was a product.

  11. In spite of all his calls for freedom and of his pronounced individualism” he preached an extravagant “dependence upon God.

  12. He calls to mind, that the prophet Elias was almost alone in refusing to bow the knee to Baal.

  13. He calls him “Luther, you drunken swine,” you “most unintelligent bacchant and ten times dyed horned beast of whom Daniel spoke in chapter viii.

  14. Any other interpretation of the words of Christ he calls “violenta atque imprudens prædicatio, aliena atque impia intelligentia.

  15. It is God Who “calls and compels him” to return to Wittenberg after his stay at the Wartburg.

  16. Langlois, however, calls case shot "the true projectile for critical moments, which nothing can replace.

  17. When colonial defence calls for relatively large numbers of men, i.

  18. Wait," she calls back to David, but her voice is weak with fear, and her feet seemed weighted.

  19. Sylvia joyfully calls out, and that moment the light from the lantern falls athwart a prostrate little figure in the midst of the group.

  20. Camarca calls the black, woolly savages of the mountains in Camumusan "Negros Balugas," so it seems that in certain regions more or less pure-blooded Negritos were called by this name.

  21. English authors speak of the Tagabaloyes, Waitz mentions their clear color, and Mas calls them Igorots.

  22. Now for a revisal of that last stanza; and, I think, I'll read it aloud to that young cub, as Rushton calls him.

  23. Still, as such transactions are usually conducted, the practice calls for condemnation.

  24. In fact, financial embarrassments appear to have increased, and frequent were the calls upon Abraham for aid.

  25. And such calls came frequently enough, because well-nigh every member of this remarkable Assembly had his own particular interest to serve.

  26. He responded with ready good nature to calls upon his time or his hospitality; and though he appears to have understood many things, he never learned how to turn his dealings with the little world around him to his own account.

  27. The word Impressionism calls to mind the names of Manet, Monet, Pissaro, Mme.

  28. Dunlap calls her an extraordinary woman, and several writers have mentioned her power of judging the character of her visitors, in which she rarely made a mistake, and chose her friends with unusual intelligence.

  29. Kugler calls this "a patchwork ideal," which puts the matter in a nut-shell.

  30. Next she unlocks the amado, the wooden shutters, and calls the servants.

  31. One of the children is the reader, and when he calls out a proverb the one who has the picture corresponding to the proverb answers at once and gives up the card.

  32. Listen, he calls with his trumpet and horn!

  33. Yes, yes, but I have reason so to do; For I have lived among them in the North, And every bit that memory calls to mind Is like a page to me from my own saga.

  34. Tis evil,--it calls from the village below.

  35. Here life calls to you with a tempter's voice.

  36. But the scope of this paper merely calls for a statement of facts.

  37. The writer forgot that it is the demand which calls the supply into existence.

  38. This subject calls loudly for examination in order that the wrong may be redressed.

  39. They who advocate that radical change in her dress which common sense calls for, are infidels in the eyes of such as subscribe to this interpretation of the Bible.

  40. When it had become sufficiently apparent that the gentlemen were "talking against time" to prevent speaking, there were calls for speakers.

  41. As long as you deny it, as long as the pulpit covers with its fastidious orthodoxy this question from the consideration of the public, it is but a concealed brothel, although it calls itself an orthodox pulpit.

  42. John Chambers points his finger at me, and calls aloud: "Shame on the woman!

  43. She and Alice practised piano duets, studied Italian, made sick calls in the village, and sewed for the babies of dark's Hills and Quaker Bridge.

  44. The Lord beheld wherein you did amiss, And calls you hence to give account for this!

  45. Still, it was a respite, disgraceful as it seemed, and she felt her spirits rise as the churchwarden wrote away as busily as a commercial traveller who has just solicited what he calls a "line.

  46. They may be very acceptable to the poor of your district, but, as a lady, when another lady calls upon me, I look upon it as a visit of ceremony.

  47. She calls to mind with madden'd thought How over man her wiles prevail'd; To take revenge on God she sought, And feels the vengeance it entail'd.

  48. For I must need confess, it is not the advent of danger Calls me away from my father's house, nor a resolute purpose Useful to be to my country, and dreaded to be by the foeman.

  49. In these bushes, in yon grove, Calls she to her sister-throng, And their heavenly choral song Teaches me to dream of love.

  50. This fine poem is given by Goethe amongst a small collection of what he calls Loge (Lodge), meaning thereby Masonic pieces.

  51. Then calls his neighbour mournfully: "Behold that awful sign of evil, Portending woe to me, poor devil!

  52. For as a mother in truth she needs the whole of the virtues, When the suckling awakens the sick one, and nourishment calls for From the exhausted parent, heaping cares upon suff'ring.

  53. The nightingale then calls me Sweetly from out of the misty vale.

  54. He calls it a half-crazy piece (halkunsinn), and the reader will probably agree with him.

  55. Within the realms she calls her own, She sees the splendour of the Son, His dreaded glories shining forth; She sees Him clad in rolling thunder, She sees the rocks all quake with wonder, When God before her stands in wrath.

  56. Here we found some officials of the foreign department, and received calls from a few of the local functionaries.

  57. On the 18th May, having exchanged farewell calls with the commissioners of foreign affairs, we got away from our temple lodging at nine o'clock in the morning.

  58. Whoever calls ours a money-seeking time, should remember how great was the influence of money in former times, and how eagerly it was sought by the poor.

  59. But such transformation calls for singular wisdom and patience.

  60. The yawning seam and corroded bolt conceal their defects from the mariner until the storm calls all hands to the pumps.

  61. What calls on us more loudly for Revenge, Is their Contempt and Breach of public Faith.

  62. But this he calls the Folly of my Youth, Bids me be silent, show Respect to Age, Nor sow Sedition in my Father's Empire.

  63. His life is what the world calls failure and what history calls success.

  64. The supreme desire of his heart is to force all others to adopt his creed, and in order to accomplish this object he denounces free-thinking as a crime, and this crime he calls heresy.

  65. Doesn't call a goddam wrench a wrench, calls it a 'jigger.

  66. This surprising word calls loudly for depluralization.

  67. An avocation is something that calls one away from it.

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