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Example sentences for "calloused"

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callitris; callosities; callosity; callosum; callous; callouses; callously; callousness; callow; calls
  1. It was for you that I calloused my hands!

  2. Mary, Mary, I calloused my hands for you!

  3. Do tell me what troubles you," urged Wyn, patting her firm, calloused hand.

  4. But she went over and sat on the arm of the Morris chair beside him, and I saw his big, brown, calloused hand steal about her waist.

  5. I looked at her, while my pipe bowl was hot in my calloused hand.

  6. Why, my hands are as calloused as yours," she laughed, "and about as tanned.

  7. Ann said, and she sat down heavily in her chair and tightly locked her calloused hands in front of her.

  8. I'm beginning to get calloused around my elbows and knees.

  9. The full cups overflowed, and as we took each brown calloused hand in ours, and felt the warm tears dropping over them, we realized how far from calloused were the hearts behind them.

  10. Their color and deftness stood out in vivid contrast to the heavy, brown, cracked, and calloused pawlike hands of the men.

  11. So even the dullest of minds and the most calloused realize that it pays to do what is right--the lesson being pressed home upon them in a way it has never been before.

  12. He ran his stiff and calloused hand through his white hair, which seemed to bristle with leonine defiance.

  13. I am hard and cruel and calloused to the bone; yet were I not thus, in the name of the high gods, what should I be?

  14. Fordak rubbed one side of his bull neck with a calloused palm.

  15. His prisoner let out a single cry for help; then a calloused palm covered her lips.

  16. It was then that she became aware of the hairy back beneath her and a great calloused hand clamped about her wrists.

  17. The marriage formula with Ahenobarbus once uttered, while Quintus lived, and by no possibility, save by an open spoliation that would have stirred even calloused Rome, could Lucius touch a sesterce of his intended victim's property.

  18. After a few years' work, the skin becomes calloused and tough.

  19. Deep lines of care and suffering marred her face and labour had calloused her hands.

  20. She bent over the Greek, caressing his curly hair with her calloused hands, while he regarded her with compassionate eyes, seeing her shrunken breast and hollow form.

  21. He proudly raised his round head with its close-cropped hair and shaven cheeks, on which the chin-straps of his helmet had worn hard calloused lines.

  22. Rome is sturdy, she is stronger than our republic of merchants corroded by avarice and pleasure; her hands are calloused by the plow handle and the lance--then against Rome am I headed!

  23. Beneath their rough exteriors, despite their calloused and criminal natures, there exists in each a well-defined strain of romantic emotionalism--you will find it among such as these throughout the world.

  24. Inherent in him was a calloused familiarity with violent death.

  25. Teola did not care if the girl's finger-nails were filled with black soot, did not care if the squatter were covered with a dirty, ragged dress, or if her bare feet were calloused from the rocks.

  26. He prodded Tantor with a calloused toe and the big beast swung off across the clearing, the apes watching them until they were swallowed up by the jungle.

  27. He swelled his giant chest, beat upon it with his calloused knuckles and swaggered to and fro before her.

  28. He was moving south along a game trail, his calloused soles and knuckles giving forth no sound, when he came upon Dango at the opposite side of a small clearing.

  29. It is to be considered that he had been case-hardened by war to all ordinary agitations; that exposure to cannon and musketry had so calloused him as that he could read newspapers with tranquillity.

  30. He was popularly supposed to be a man of the world, with bad morals and a calloused heart, which could neither feel much anguish of its own nor sympathise keenly with the anguish of other hearts.

  31. It is said that Deaf Burke's physiognomy was so calloused by frequent poundings that he would permit any man to give him a facer for a shilling a crack.

  32. His moral perceptions, not very keen perhaps by nature, had been still further calloused by thirty-five years of wandering in the wilderness of sin.

  33. Tall, lean-bodied, with big calloused hands, as brown as an Indian, hair and eyes were uncompromisingly black.

  34. The Kid, being young, had something of youth's impatience, perhaps the only reminiscence of youth left in a calloused soul.

  35. Of course there's a lot of minds so calloused over with the things of the past that they can't see the beauty in anything that takes 'em out of a rut, even if it's really old and only seems to be new.

  36. I do not know that it would be a good thing for any public speaker ever to approach the emergent hour with entire assurance and utterly calloused nerves.

  37. Benton reached out an axe-calloused hand, all grimy and browned from the stress of fire fighting, and covered her soft fingers that rested on his bed.

  38. Long ago she had revised those first superficial estimates of them as gross, hulking brutes who worked hard and drank harder, coarsened and calloused by their occupation.

  39. He had been terribly hardened in some ways, so calloused that it sometimes seemed to him he had not the actual nerve surface for feeling anything.

  40. They were worn, and had calloused stains and ill-kept nails.

  41. He held up his hand, rubbing the ball of the thumb over the calloused palm and gazing at the dirt that was ingrained in the flesh itself and which no brush could scrub away.

  42. She put her work-calloused hand upon his hot forehead and felt his pulse.

  43. I am a very good liar, an adept, as you shall see, for I am not calloused by practice and therefore liable to forgetfulness.

  44. Every face in the room was tense and expectant; even the calloused attendants felt the hush and lowered their voices in deference.

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