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Example sentences for "avarice"

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  1. Faithless and rapacious, his insatiable avarice induced him to take every extortionate advantage of the helpless party at his mercy, whilst his tottering sway debarred him the power of reserving to himself the exclusive right of pillage.

  2. Avarice is the ruling passion--the salient point in the character of the Dankali.

  3. Avarice stigmatises his every gift, and even adulterates the incense of his sacrifice.

  4. They make the law of God and their advocacy of it serve their pride, avarice and desires, and from those who dwell in Jesus Christ they boldly snatch wealth and honours, and cherish their foulness.

  5. On another picture Liberality, 'Largitas,' has stripped Rapine and Avarice, and has transfixed Avarice with a spear.

  6. Peter belike, foresaw pride and avarice to be the ministers' temptations; and indeed they have often proved their fall: and to say true, they could hardly fall by worse.

  7. To which saying I have a mind to add one member, and render it thus: poverty wants some, luxury many, avarice all things.

  8. The like befel his wife, being privy to the deceit their avarice had led them to.

  9. But such was either the hatred or avarice of this man, that instead of doing us the good offices he pretended, he advised the King to refuse our present, that he might draw from us something more valuable.

  10. Our goods were no sooner landed than we were surrounded with a crowd of officers, all gaping for presents; we were forced to gratify their avarice by opening our bales, and distributing among them some pieces of calico.

  11. His ordinary acuteness of mind seems to desert him in that passage[485] where he resolves the passions of ambition and avarice into the fear of death, and that again into the dread of eternal punishment.

  12. In his passionate humours he frighteneth the hearts of the prudent, in the delight of vanities he loseth the love of the wise, and in the misery of avarice is served only with the needy.

  13. Prodigality or avarice are the notes of his inclination, and folly or mischief are the fruits of his invention.

  14. Those who were accused having been, for the most part, men of great possessions, it seems that Justinian made this ordinance through avarice alone.

  15. My creditors, as you know, drove me headlong into it: men whose avarice even your high authority, which tried to support me in my distress, could not overcome.

  16. And these counsels were supported by the rest of the royal eunuchs, whose avarice and covetousness at that period had risen to excess.

  17. His avarice swayed his will stronger than his compunctions.

  18. They made converts in regions which neither avarice nor curiosity had tempted any of their countrymen to enter; and preached and disputed in tongues of which no other native of the West understood a word.

  19. Avarice is the mother: she brings forth bribe-taking, and bribe- taking perverting of judgment.

  20. The acquisition of riches served only to stimulate the avarice of the rapacious Barbarians, who proceeded by threats, by blows, and by tortures to force from their prisoners the confession of hidden treasure.

  21. But avarice is an insatiate and universal passion, since the enjoyment of almost every object that can afford pleasure to the different tastes and tempers of mankind may be procured by the possession of wealth.

  22. Excessive rigour and avarice are defects which are rendered tolerable by their consequences, which impoverish life in order subsequently, with a freer hand, to enrich it.

  23. Avarice is a powerful safeguard for the remnants of morality in a people.

  24. The excess of austerity, to which religions have so often led, bears the same relation to virtue that avarice does to economy.

  25. Avarice had entered his soul, and expelled another powerful passion, which had been impelling him to the commission of felo de se.

  26. I should dispute the possibility; but I find, from the avarice and ignorance of the wretches; in my household, people have been admitted for one purpose, and perhaps others may have been admitted for another purpose.

  27. She it was, I doubt not, that made this match to satisfy her own grasping avarice by Montgomery's folly.

  28. Yet the King had less to fear from the pertinacious adherence of these men to their absurd principles, than from the ambition and avarice of another set of men who had no principles at all.

  29. But those dexterous slaves secreted many articles of value, by the purchase of which several of the Aeginetans, whose avarice was sharpened by a life of commerce, enriched themselves--obtaining gold at the price of brass.

  30. The Spartan law interdicted the desire of riches, and the Spartans themselves yielded far more easily to the lust of avarice than the luxurious Athenians.

  31. Meanness or avarice was indeed no part of the character of Themistocles, although he has been accused of those vices, because guilty, at times, of extortion.

  32. Greece resounded with the praises of Aristides; it was afterward equally loud in reprobation of the avarice of the Athenians.

  33. The Athenian government was not disposed to surrender a claim which proffered to avarice the temptation of mines of gold.

  34. But this was all over now; avarice could have no pretence.

  35. Avarice was his master-passion; and, second to this, gross sensuality.

  36. In the first instance, the actress being a minor, negotiations were carried on with her father, the committee denouncing in the bitterest terms the avarice and rapacity of M.

  37. But avarice could not forever blind men's eyes to scenes of sorrow, nor stop their ears to sounds of woe.

  38. Felix was avaricious, and St. Paul instantly transported him into a world in which avarice shall receive its appropriate and most severe punishment.

  39. Voluptuousness and avarice were the predominant vices of his heart.

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