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ignominious; ignominiously; ignominy; ignoramus; ignoramuses; ignorances; ignorant; ignorantes; ignorantia; ignorantly
  1. Both were dismissed; and Eva at least went peacefully to sleep, in happy ignorance of the kind of awakening which was in store for her.

  2. Lady Countess, I cry you mercy for mine ignorance and mine unwisdom.

  3. Slowly the bewilderment of ignorance passed into the greater bewilderment of knowledge.

  4. So in his ignorance of the real difficulty, he had thought to conquer his unsuccess by putting forth a greater effort.

  5. By means of a thousand secret agencies, by careful and skilful propaganda, by huge bribes, and by playing on the ignorance of the foolish, we set the Bolshevist movement on foot, and it has done our work.

  6. Hugh Stanmore had scarcely referred to his life at Wendover, and seemed to be in ignorance of Tony Riggleton's whereabouts.

  7. In my ignorance of the true lay of the land, I was continually making some irritating blunder; and the more I tried to make myself agreeable, the worse was my success.

  8. As to the American part of it--the truth is they were not really Americans at all: Birchmore and the girl were French; and I in my ignorance mistook their French accent for the Yankee twang.

  9. Jelly was within his professional rights, but the man's brutal ignorance maddened him, and he spoke recklessly.

  10. If she had children, what difference would that ignorance of the man she loved, that division from him, make?

  11. Probably he attributed this mistake to the young doctor's ignorance of the world, due to the regrettable fact that Dr.

  12. Imaginatively, with the ignorance of a young man, he attributed to her appetites for luxury, for power, for success.

  13. Chester Brownell, who was one of the best athletes in the troop, and would assuredly be picked out by Hugh as one of the guards of the night; though Chester, being in complete ignorance concerning matters, could not know this.

  14. O that kings and princes would consider what account shall be craved of them, as well of their ignorance and misknowledge of God’s will, as for the neglecting of their office!

  15. Norah's ignorance and disregard of moral precepts, or readiness to yield to the snares of unlicensed joy, were summed up in the better and truer word innocence.

  16. Yet it is true that I described the change from childhood to manhood, as a change from ignorance to wisdom.

  17. Here we come to a grave consideration--that this doctrine of an infallible rule of interpretation may suit ignorance or scepticism: it is death to a sincere and reasonable and earnest faith.

  18. This is a fatal mistaking of our present condition for our past; there was a time when to the human race ignorance was innocence; but now it is only folly and sin.

  19. And such is the case of those who now in this present world confound ignorance with innocence.

  20. And the opposite belief has arisen mainly from that strange confusion between ignorance and innocence, with which many ignorant persons seem to solace themselves.

  21. I am well aware that our ignorance of their condition is so great that, we may not dare to say anything of them positively; there may be a hundred things true respecting them which we neither know nor imagine.

  22. When men worship demons of cruelty and lust instead of God, they reveal the depravity as well as the ignorance of human nature in its downward evolution.

  23. We highly appreciated the honor done us, and did not regret that in our ignorance of the situation we had given to that distinguished audience the true gospel of Christ.

  24. The people were in ignorance and were ruled by the priests.

  25. It enshrines a religion which, with all its ignorance and superstition, is more free from gross immorality than that which prevails on the other side of the bay.

  26. Only an ancestral sin can explain man's universal ignorance and depravity.

  27. For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: as free, and not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.

  28. In our ignorance of the true nature of electric energy, we speak of it as a fluid; and so by analogy the forces through which the mind is governed have been called spiritual fluids.

  29. On being asked to explain her nautical terms, the joker protested ignorance and entirely disowned her far-fetched joke.

  30. It never errs on the side of partisanship, but occasionally through ignorance or misapplication of facts.

  31. Nearly half the table had seen it, but they pretended ignorance of the thing so well that he thought no one had observed, and so went quietly on with his breakfast, and drank the tea!

  32. April of the year 1751, deserves notice as marking the extent of popular ignorance and barbarity at that period.

  33. The power of ignorance and rumour to magnify small facts into monstrous fictions is aptly illustrated by the story of the famous three black crows.

  34. He grew up in ignorance and his appearance clearly indicated mental backwardness.

  35. You know, unless you are merely aiming to try me, that I have always been conscious of my insignificance; and if I have sometimes thought otherwise, it was due to a consideration of the ignorance of others.

  36. Some of them are noted in his Letter to Posterity, One of his professors, whom in later life he sharply criticised for his ignorance of classical philology, accused him, in turn, of cowardly desertion.

  37. Before we can give full credit to his genius we must recollect the incredible ignorance of his time.

  38. The old jurist did not take this criticism kindly, but made an angry effort to justify himself; whereupon Petrarch wrote again, exposing his ignorance and childishness more savagely even than in this first epistle.

  39. His extant writings do not exhibit the ignorance which Petrarch here exposes.

  40. The prison and stake are alike impotent to restrain the impudence of ignorance or the audacity of heresy.

  41. Besides many other ridiculous peculiarities, these people add to their gross ignorance an exaggerated and most disgusting pride.

  42. If I may be allowed to speak for myself, it seems to me that, although the path to virtue by the way of ignorance may be plain, it fosters sloth.

  43. Still ignorance of the past, the ephemeral glory that fortune bestows and the vanity that always attends undue prosperity, may serve to excuse in some measure even these.

  44. You were actuated by a noble indignation against the emptiness and vanity of our age, which in its crass ignorance corrupts or, far worse, despises everything good.

  45. He is indeed ignorant, but others are still more hopelessly benighted--hence the title, Of His Own Ignorance and That of Others.

  46. When I asked the reason of your doing this, they all confessed ignorance and held their tongues, except one.

  47. But even these false notions may be excused in view of the utter ignorance and want of instruction on the part of those who hold them.

  48. It is in the very nature of ignorance to scorn what it cannot understand, and to desire to keep others from attaining what it cannot reach.

  49. Ignorance and fanaticism exclaim, that the Pentateuch is the most ancient book in the world.

  50. Here we see ignorance of a different description.

  51. We are therefore deceived, when we believe that the Jews, under the reign of Herod, were plunged in the same state of ignorance in which they were previously immersed.

  52. It is true that these children of ignorance were right by chance in not entertaining the idea that the sun and fixed stars moved, round the earth.

  53. It is against the rules of politeness to scold a servant in the presence of his master; but self-important ignorance is revolting in a Christian who makes himself the servant of a Jew.

  54. The cause of this is to be found in the revolutions of the globe, and the long and universal ignorance of the art which transmits events by writing.

  55. I could here transcribe a large volume of instances of your own individual ignorance and imbecility, and many of those of your brethren and colleagues.

  56. I expressly make this repetition that you may have no ground for pretending ignorance of it, and that you may not accuse me before the ecclesiastical court.

  57. The legal processes by which the vast territory of these various tribes passed to the United States, are full of incongruities resulting from a general ignorance of the country in question.

  58. Sheridan, in ignorance of its former christening.

  59. The real explanation of this remarkable ignorance appears to us to rest on grounds essentially practical.

  60. She had a slow, deliberating habit of work, and of some things was astonishingly ignorant, with the ignorance of those who, when at school, have worked at what they preferred and quietly disregarded the rest.

  61. Though she thought those who differed from her profoundly wrong, she never admitted ignorance of the books they admired.

  62. In my ignorance of the world and its ways I took one false step long ago while still at school, and then could not draw back.

  63. Had we remained in ignorance that the secret of our policy was out, we might have found ourselves in a very awkward predicament.

  64. She had in her ignorance declared d'Egloffstein-Wolfsburg to be a charming fellow.

  65. She seemed in utter ignorance of recent events, except such as she had read about in the newspapers.

  66. You are living in ignorance of the peril that daily threatens you, and I--who love you so well--am unable to give you a single hint which might warn you of the pitfall so cunningly concealed.

  67. But it was a matter of necessity that we should no longer remain in ignorance of the source of the information which constantly leaked out to our enemies; hence, one evening I busied myself in assisting Mackenzie to pack my bag.

  68. He wished to see it, and I gave it to him in ignorance that the real reason was that he desired the signature for purposes of forgery.

  69. Only six hours before we had stood beside the river, and she had vowed that for no man save myself had she any place in her heart; yet with my own eyes I was watching her while she believed me sleeping in calm ignorance of her movements.

  70. Baronne, evidently much puzzled, for she undoubtedly knew him, even though she had declared her ignorance of his existence.

  71. Any departure from these plain rules of good breeding is downright rudeness and insult; or, at all events, it betrays great ignorance or disregard for propriety.

  72. A man may be polite, really so in heart, yet show in every movement an ignorance of the rules of etiquette, and offend against the laws of society.

  73. But, at the same time, such ignorance stamps an ordinary man, and hinders conversation.

  74. To leave a card with your business address, or the nature of your profession written upon it, shows a shocking ignorance of polite society.

  75. This important fact ought never to be lost sight of, since to ignorance of it alone we owe many of the evils which afflict society.

  76. Does it not betray, on the part of young men, great ignorance of the paternal and filial relationship, or great contempt for them?

  77. Above all, to swear in a drawing-room or before ladies is not only indelicate and vulgar in the extreme, but evinces a shocking ignorance of the rules of polite society and good breeding.

  78. On the other hand the best society will not endure dilettantism, and, whatever the knowledge a man may possess of any art, he must not display it so as to make the ignorance of others painful to them.

  79. Of course I do not suppose him to be in the blissful state of ignorance on the subject once enjoyed by our first parents.

  80. Grossness is not vulgarity, ignorance is not vulgarity, awkwardness is not vulgarity; but all these become vulgar when they are affected, and shown off on the authority of others, or to fall in with the fashion or the company we keep.

  81. Vice and ignorance are the only things I know, which one ought to be ashamed of; keep but clear of them, and you may go anywhere without fear or concern.

  82. O Elfie, make no haste to lose Thy ignorance of offence!

  83. A star to us, all glimmer and glance, May teem with seraphim: A fancy to our ignorance May be a truth to Him.

  84. Only when they returned home did they realize their error, and learn that ignorance of fundamentals ingrained in army experience had made their narratives Greek to all who had not been in action.

  85. Was it surprising that some of class C and class B and even of class A felt, at the prospect of enlightening the ignorance of the manhood of all the United States, a constriction of cap-bands which had formerly been large enough?

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