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barbaris; barbarised; barbarism; barbarisms; barbarities; barbarized; barbarorum; barbaros; barbarous; barbarously
  1. It took two entire months to empty the Tuileries.

  2. In the act of wounding France, the Vendée covered her with glory.

  3. Such a disturbance was provoked by the alleged barbarity of this proceeding, that the prisoner was taken to a capital room up stairs, where he gave dinner-parties every day.

  4. Servants could hardly see such a barbarity committed on their master, without pity; and the vengeance that they presume canst overtake the actors of it is a sentiment and doctrine well worthy of the stage.

  5. And, perhaps, if we turn our thoughts upon the barbarity and ignorance of the age to which this story is referred, it will appear not so unlikely as while we estimate Lear's manners by our own.

  6. But Mrs. Lovick has actually sold, for fifteen guineas, some rich lace worth three times the sum; out of which she repaid her the money she borrowed for fees to the doctor, in an illness occasioned by the barbarity of the most savage of men.

  7. Such persistent barbarity needed a check, and Don Tristan de Luna was sent in 1559 to subdue the country.

  8. He moralizes over the barbarity of the bull-fights, too.

  9. In return, the privateers'-men hesitate at no barbarity when engaged in such enterprises.

  10. They had both bent in the lamplight of the Gould drawing-room over the document containing the fierce and yet humble appeal of the man against the blind and stupid barbarity turning an honest ranchero into a bandit.

  11. An American victory tarnished by such barbarity and meanness, would overwhelm the authors of it in eternal disgrace.

  12. Those placed in confinement by us were never allowed to suffer through want of clothing or food, while a barbarity characterized the treatment of American citizens that reflects the deepest disgrace on the British empire.

  13. It is astonishing, when we read of the enormous injustice and barbarity of this beast, to know that no one struck him dead on the judgment-seat.

  14. James Smith, then of Kentucky, in 1799 calls it "an act of barbarity equal to any thing I ever knew to be committed by the savages themselves, except the burning of prisoners.

  15. To which I answer, that barbarity is not humanity, but its opposite, and the right of the one to control the other is supported by law, founded upon the immutable principles of justice.

  16. And even to-day it is not the memory of the black barbarity of General Dyer that is keeping the undoubted restlessness among the people from breaking forth into violence.

  17. And if the method is consistently continued, it will mark an important improvement upon the official barbarity of the Punjab.

  18. Such were the fetish-like cruelties perpetrated by these savages; nor can one wonder at their barbarity when they are hardly less brutal towards those of their own race and kindred.

  19. These, and a few other like instances of barbarity which occurred, hardly any degree of watchfulness could have entirely prevented.

  20. The barbarity with which they tore away the poor blacks from their native country, and the cruelty with which they treated them on board, is indescribable.

  21. This barbarity aroused the utmost indignation in Europe, and the prospect of war with Russia was greeted with enthusiasm by the British.

  22. Perhaps the king's barbarity to the Jews must be accounted for by the bitter gloom which mastered him at the death of his only legitimate son.

  23. The only sign of barbarity was in the hair which, when the head was not clean shaven, was allowed to grow straight out in every direction, giving a very wild appearance to its owner.

  24. The merciless barbarity of the Great White Queen horrified us.

  25. But the absurd barbarity of our prejudices and customs often leads us to transgress this rule.

  26. Theodoric, the Ostrogoth, repaired the schools which barbarity was suffering to fall into decay, and continued those pensions to men of learning, which avaricious governors had monopolized.

  27. To excuse the barbarity of this gross age, we must remember the still more frightful fate of slaves among the Greeks and Romans.

  28. The war between the Christians and the Turks became every day more cruel, and presented nothing but scenes of barbarity and destruction.

  29. The barbarity of the Turks disgusted the Christian nations afresh; and the maritime countries of the West beheld with terror an invasion which threatened to exclude Europeans from every road to the East.

  30. The custom of exposing infants was born of the spirit of fierceness and barbarity that characterized many ancient races.

  31. The combats of gladiators were the culmination of Roman barbarity and brutality.

  32. You are not ignorant certainly of the wickedness of the Arabians, which is to that degree as to appear incredible to all other men, and to include somewhat that shows the grossest barbarity and ignorance of God.

  33. So he underwent this death as a punishment for the wickedness he had perpetrated against his brethren, and his insolent barbarity to the Shechemites.

  34. And after this manner it was that this Menahem continued to reign with cruelty and barbarity for ten years.

  35. These things made Cherea more resolute to go on with his plot, in order to put an end to this barbarity of Caius against men.

  36. I would have an excuse for your barbarity and unnatural usage.

  37. But when a lady comes tyrannically to insult a ruined lover, and make manifest the cruel triumphs of her beauty, the barbarity of it something surprises me.

  38. We may then call these people barbarous, in respect to the rules of reason: but not in respect to ourselves, who in all sorts of barbarity exceed them.

  39. Need we feel surprised that barbarity should produce alienation, and that she who refuses to show tenderness, should fail of receiving attachment?

  40. Their plan exhibits the barbarity of the age and the sensuality of the king.

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