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Example sentences for "culmination"

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culminant; culminate; culminated; culminates; culminating; culmine; culms; culo; culotte; culottes
  1. He has reached the culmination of his earthly pilgrimage, and stands forth the perfected human reflection of the higher self.

  2. He surpassed by far Trajan at the culmination of the empire.

  3. This amounted to the logical extension and culmination of Schwann's doctrine as to the similarity of development of the two animate kingdoms.

  4. His sufferings have now reached their culmination in this afflictive Prison, into which His oppressors have so unjustly thrown Him.

  5. This confession of helplessness which mature contemplation must eventually impel every mind to make is in itself the acme of human understanding, and marketh the culmination of man’s development.

  6. That alone held him, even in the face of the fact that if he left home some one might know of and rifle the precious ginseng bed, carefully tended these seven years for the culmination the coming fall would bring.

  7. The culmination was the mass meeting in Dreamland Rink, the largest auditorium in the city.

  8. This year the association entered the political arena, the logical culmination of previous years of work.

  9. The culmination of this idea appeared in the period of the Renaissance, a century later.

  10. Greek government reached its culmination and society had its fullest life in this age.

  11. It reached its culmination long before the Christian conquest.

  12. These three represent the culmination of Greek philosophy.

  13. In his mentally dulled state, such a culmination as she begged for had seemed not only desirable, but possible.

  14. To this school Christianity is the culmination of the ethical monotheism of the Old Testament, which finds its highest ideal in self-sacrificing love.

  15. Culmination of Evils," is the great mortality of the community, which it has as a part of the great Javary district.

  16. Translated into English this means "Culmination of Evils," Remate de Males.

  17. The inhabitant of this region is clean in his habits and in his mind as soon as he gets away from the evil influence of civilisation--which for him is the town of Remate de Males or "Culmination of Evils.

  18. That apse and bay are the culmination of the Romanesque ideals, and at the same time, indissolubly part of the new and richer art, they crown the Primary Gothic hour.

  19. That frontispiece of Rheims Cathedral, with its cloud of witnesses, is a culmination of Gothic art.

  20. The capitals of the nave's triforium are said to mark the culmination of Gothic art in foliate design.

  21. Its strange, elongated figures are not the culmination of an old art, but a first effort in a development that was to produce the imaged portals of Gothic cathedrals.

  22. October 10th was to see the culmination of the movement in the trough of the Aire, when the 77th, the pressure on its flank released, was to begin its final sweep through the Forest.

  23. This measure marks the culmination of Edward's activity as a lawgiver.

  24. The history of those years must be sought not so much in the relations of the king and his English subjects as in Gascony, in Wales, in the crusading revival, and in the culmination of the struggle of papacy and empire.

  25. Not speech, certainly, not the careless words of an extemporaneous speech, can adequately express all the sentiments I feel in contemplating the fitting culmination of this deed.

  26. And I can realize in it the culmination of something better than any stereotyped eclat of history or poems.

  27. Perhaps the most illustrious culmination of the modern may thus prove to be a signal growth of joyous, more exalted bards of adhesiveness, identically one in soul, but contributed by every nation, each after its distinctive kind.

  28. In an account of the American Civil War, for example, the writer might set out to show that the conflict was the culmination of the struggle between yeoman and cavalier begun long since in England.

  29. To show them as the culmination of the sonata development.

  30. Barrie had the imagination to see that the day when the six haircloth chairs entered his mother's parlor as the culmination of a long campaign, was a day to her of thrilling adventure, of conquest, of triumph.

  31. In a larger sense, however, they form the culmination of the whole ministry, and therefore constitute a final stage in the study of Jesus' life.

  32. Culmination of the Reformation in America.

  33. Westphalia, Peace of, the culmination of the Reformation, ii.

  34. This may be regarded as the culmination of the Reformation.

  35. They had been seated for some time in the seclusion of a rocky glen above the lake, when she suddenly cut short the culmination of an impassioned period by turning upon him the grave loveliness of her gaze.

  36. Such was Hercules, and such is to be Ulysses, who now having seen the culmination of Hades and heard its prophecy of his future state, leaves it and returns to the Upperworld.

  37. Thus she sends him on beyond herself, and reaches her culmination in this Book.

  38. Perhaps we ought to consider just this to be the culmination of the whole journey, the grand adventure embracing all possible adventures.

  39. In these four Books, accordingly, we behold one stage of the great preparation for the deed which is the culmination of the poem.

  40. Such is the outcome and culmination of Hades; after Hercules has spoken, no further word is heard by Ulysses.

  41. Leiocrates, the third Suitor, responds in a speech which is the culmination of insolence and defiance of right.

  42. The Poet brings Menelaus, as the culmination of his story, to strike the chord which stirs most profoundly the soul of Telemachus.

  43. That authority cannot have been acquired in a day, but represents the culmination of a long and gradual movement.

  44. The culmination of their labors was, in later years, the great Pietistic Reform; and they marked out the path along which Spener subsequently passed.

  45. Goethe and Schiller eclipsed all other names in their department of thought, and were the culmination of the new type of literature.

  46. Contemporary judgment could not, of course, anticipate this culmination of a later generation.

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