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  1. In the spring of 1809, English Bards and Scotch Reviewers was given anonymously to the world.

  2. The second 'Ode is founded on a tradition current in Wales, that Edward the first, when he compleated the conquest of that country, ordered all the Bards that fell into his hands to be put to death.

  3. On perusing the works of several modern bards of our own country, we have sometimes rather inclined to the same idea, but the recollection of Milton and Thomson presently banished it.

  4. When the fame of the ancient bards of the Gael was noised from end to end of Europe, it was through the medium of Macpherson's forgeries.

  5. God wot, With bards and rhymes I would not quarrel.

  6. Keep up your heart and sing only when you feel the internal impulse, and you will add something to our poetry more lasting than any of the peasant bards of old England have done yet.

  7. I would not have thee come to sing Long odes to that eternal spring On which young bards their changes ring, With buds and flowers: I look for many a better thing Than brooks and bowers.

  8. The hint was timely, and induced an acquaintance with the great bards of England and Germany, although her taste led her to select works of another character.

  9. Nay, for your honour's sake, desert me not now; and to the latest day of the Dekhan your deeds shall be sung by bards and minstrels.

  10. Are not the loves of this happy pair sung by bards and dancing-women to this day?

  11. Lord Byron, in his fifth edition of English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, refers to the reviewers as an "oat-fed phalanx.

  12. Even a thousand years after the time of Ossian, the bards uttered their prophetic sayings.

  13. Queen Elizabeth, however, acted differently: she ordered bards and minstrels to be hanged as traitors, as she believed they instigated rebellion by their songs.

  14. Almost every nobleman of distinction maintained bards in his family, and treated them with great consideration.

  15. Bards followed clans to the field, where they eulogized the chiefs, and sang in extravagant verse the deeds of the favourite warriors.

  16. We have the story of five bards passing an October night in the house of a chief, who, like his guests, was a poet, entertaining their hearers with poetic descriptions of the night.

  17. Greek mythology is confessedly the creation of poets; and to the bards of our own country we are indebted for some of our strangest fictions.

  18. After the contest was sounded, the bards were employed to honour the memory of the brave that had fallen in battle, to celebrate the deeds of those who survived, and to excite to future acts of heroism.

  19. I shed some strongly saline tears For bards I loved in younger years.

  20. O bards of rhyme and metre free, My gratitude goes out to ye For all your deathless lines--ahem!

  21. Most of those bards were intimately associated with London, and several of them are buried in the Abbey.

  22. What need of fields in some far clime Where Heroes, Sages, Bards sublime, And all that fetched the flowing rhyme From genuine springs, Shall dwell together till old Time Folds up his wings?

  23. All day the bards sang the songs of old, and at night the ghosts of buried heroes sailed past on the wings of the wind.

  24. Silently the warriors filed away, and, as they laid themselves to rest, the bards sang of glorious deeds.

  25. In the minstrels' gallery there were harpers who harped of war, and bards who sang of heroes' deeds and victory.

  26. The victory will be as the gods decree, but end the battle as it may, see that the bards have a glorious song to sing of you, and let not the ghosts of your fathers be ashamed when they greet you in the after world.

  27. The bards have ever been foremost in instigating insurrections in Wales.

  28. The bards had fanned this feeling to the utmost, by their songs of marvels and portents at his birth, and by attributing to him a control even over the elements.

  29. And Roman bards of course are all correct.

  30. But why should Rome capriciously forbid Our bards from doing what their fathers did?

  31. Nor would the land we love be now more strong In warrior's prowess than in poet's song, Did not her bards with one consent decline The tedious task, to alter and refine.

  32. Faults are soon copied: should my colour fail, Our bards drink cummin, hoping to look pale.

  33. Still, bards there are whose excellence commends The sovereign judgment that esteems them friends, Virgil and Varius; when your hand confers Its princely bounty, all the world concurs.

  34. Remark our swagger as we pass the dome Built to receive the future bards of Rome; Then follow us and listen what we say, How each by turns awards and takes the bay.

  35. The existence of bards among the Celtic nations is well established, and their songs were preserved with pride.

  36. Among the bards devoted to the worship of Apollo and other deities, were Marsyas, the inventor of the flute, Musaeus and Orpheus.

  37. Among the Welsh metrical remains, some are plausibly assigned to celebrated bards of the sixth century.

  38. It was probably derived from the Etruscans, and until Ennius introduced the heroic hexameter, the strains of the Italian bards flowed in this metre.

  39. They are the common expression of the life and feelings of a common race, under the prevailing influences of the same period, and the same stories often inspired the nameless bards of both countries.

  40. The bards of India, inspired by this predominant feeling, have given to poetry nearly every form it has assumed in the Western world, and in each and all they have excelled.

  41. In glancing at the various phases of German literature, we see the bards at first uttering in primitive strains their war songs and traditions.

  42. The bards held an important post in the festal banquets, where they flattered the pride of the princes by singing the exploits of their forefathers.

  43. Some of the bards were poor, and recited their songs from court to court; but many of them sang merely for pleasure when their swords were unemployed.

  44. They are extracted from an excellent poem entitled "English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, a Satire," with notes by the author.

  45. The sounds she made were not like any sound of birds, but like the sounds bards make chanting their verses.

  46. And with the bards and harpers and Kings' envoys who came in, the King's Son saw his two half-brothers, Dermott and Downal.

  47. And they had there the best heroes of Lochlinn, the best story-tellers of Alba, the best bards of Eirinn.

  48. Just as they were adding the two numbers together they both heard sounds in the air--they were like the sounds that Bards make chanting their verses.

  49. Their bards are offered prizes to celebrate her deeds.

  50. Welshmen North and South, united for the nonce, now propose her gallantry as a theme to the rival Bards at the next Eisteddfod.

  51. Mr. Stephens, by way of illustration, points out poems by the greater bards which from the first line to the last commence with the same letter.

  52. There is much misunderstanding as to the fashion in which the bards were treated by Edward the First.

  53. The bards had been prolific and reminiscent during this quiet winter, and there seemed special call as well as scope for their songs and forecasts.

  54. All the bards of his own time and that immediately following unite in this praise of his hospitality.

  55. Between eighty and ninety bards of this period have left poems behind them as a witness of their various styles and merits, while there are no literary remains whatever of very many who are known to have been quite famous in their day.

  56. The bards had been busy preparing the way on the south as well as on the north of the Dovey.

  57. Glyndwr well knew that the sympathy of the bards would prove to him a tower of strength, and he met them more than half way.

  58. Seeing that it is the only instance we have of so great a patron of bards breaking out himself into verse, I venture to print it here.

  59. Footnote 41: Skalds: the appellation anciently given to the bards or poets.

  60. Welsh bards for the purpose of musical and poetical contests, the judges being originally appointed by commissions from the native princes, and after the conquest from the English kings.

  61. In reply to his criticisms Byron wrote his English Bards and Scotch Reviewers.

  62. They authority of the Druids and bards is not less powerful in peace than in war.

  63. This is that Homer, of all bards supreme: Flaccus the next in satire's vein excelling; The third is Naso; Lucan is the last.

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