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  1. A well organized General Staff to put into effect the plans of the Commander in Chief is essential to a successful modern army.

  2. We accept and shall adhere to the ideals of modern democracy, as they have been the ideals of our nation for centuries.

  3. The Americans are not ready and they are untried as yet in the fierce ordeal of modern warfare.

  4. To keep these cantonments clean and fit to live in, large numbers of sanitary engineers, medical officers, and scientific experts were kept busy planning and installing the most modern sanitation systems.

  5. Our entry into the war found us with little of the equipment necessary for its conduct in the modern sense.

  6. In the artillery school, at Saumur, young officers were taught the fundamental principles of modern artillery; while at Issoudun an immense plant was built for training cadets in aviation.

  7. No more extraordinary venture than this British landing on a naked beach within point-blank range of the most modern firearms can be read in history or fable.

  8. De la Pole, the man who did most to establish the prosperity of Hull, is an excellent example of what is often thought to be a decidedly modern type.

  9. In this the modern sociologist of to-day finds himself more akin with the mediaeval thinkers than with the idealists of the parliamentary era in England, or of the Revolution in France.

  10. Among modern books which can be consulted with profit are:-- Illustrations of the Mediaeval Thought, by Reginald Lane Poole.

  11. Landowners, therefore, in the modern sense of the term, had no existence--there were only landholders.

  12. Yet with all the lack of the modern necessities of life, human nature was still much the same.

  13. The king they knew, and the people, and the Church; but the State (which the modern socialist invokes) would have been an unimaginable thing.

  14. After all, howsoever we define it, socialism is a modern thing, and dependent almost wholly on modern conditions.

  15. The object has been simply to tell what systems were thought out and held, without attempting to apprize them or measure their value, or point out how far they are applicable to modern times.

  16. Only when modern methods began to push out the old feudal concepts do we find this portion of the estate regularly let out to tenants, though there are evidences of its occasionally having been done even in the twelfth century.

  17. It is clear at once that, theoretically at least, there was no room in such a community for the modern landless labourer.

  18. Yet at the same time, and for the same cause, the modern revolt against all individual possession would have been for the mediaeval theorists equally hard to understand.

  19. Down the channel that he dug flowed the whole torrent of mediaeval and modern scholasticism.

  20. The ethical field has thus been largely re-surveyed, and whatever light modern science and speculation have furnished has been thrown upon this great and unceasingly important subject.

  21. Modern theories begin with that of Divine absolutism--making the moral law, like physical laws, only a product of God's will.

  22. And according to the spirit and method of theology in the early Church and during the middle ages, even down to modern times, the discussion was not philosophical, but biblical.

  23. But the purity and elevation of these precepts have been a wonder to many in our modern days.

  24. In modern general literature it is usually called the conscience.

  25. Its modern forms have been greatly varied, but they all agree in founding the morally good in utility.

  26. But with the age of modern philosophy and science a new interest and direction came to ethical inquiry.

  27. Our colleges send us into the world, not Frenchmen, but Greeks and Romans, knowing nothing of modern life, and inspired by our classical studies with a profound contempt for the manners and usages of the present day.

  28. These have ventured to depict one side of modern life--and an important one, alas!

  29. This suits exactly the modern view of a small waist and a No.

  30. Is it too much to hope that modern art may free itself from the bondage of a senseless fashion, and may take to the study of the living types close at hand?

  31. In order to reach woman's ear, modern writers must adopt a different course, and it is curious to contrast their utterances with those of the ballad-makers.

  32. We certainly do not complain of this, but we cannot help regretting that modern life should be so slightly represented in the art of an epoch indued with a life so intense.

  33. Paris is, indisputably, the capital of modern art, and her title to this proud distinction is to-day confirmed by the assembled peoples with all the solemnity and authority of a universal congress.

  34. There are laurels yet to be won in the field of serious painting--triumphs such as Balzac, Thackeray and Tourgueneff have achieved in literature, and Gavarni in caricature, by the faithful representation of phases of modern life.

  35. Paintings are growing smaller, as if to keep in proportion with the small modern salons.

  36. But let us leave the remote antiquity in which the poet-painters of the Neo-Greek school delight to dwell, and come back to modern times.

  37. It is well known to modern engineers, that there is virtue in a bushel of coals properly consumed, to raise seventy millions of pounds weight a foot high.

  38. He went to the front from a high sense of duty, but he was temperamentally unfit for the ghastly work of modern warfare, and broke down under the strain.

  39. Instead of the small circular windows of the south side, there was a large modern two-paned window in a line with the door, opening on to the other side of the house.

  40. A very modern touch, unusual in a remote country inn, was a rose coloured gas globe suspended from the ceiling, in the middle of the room.

  41. Turner's book is very rare and unfortunately at present beyond the reach of most modern students.

  42. The Saurus of Rondeletius appears to be the Skipper or Saury-pike (Scombresox saurus) of modern authors.

  43. Certes our authors are to blame, For to make some well-sounding name A pattern fit for modern Knights To copy out in frays and fights; Like those that a whole street do raze 15 To build a palace in the place.

  44. Bonum is such a kind of animal as our modern virtuosi from Don Quixote will have windmills under sail to be.

  45. This has been experienced by some modern Virtuosi upon rats, mice, and fleas, and found (as they affirm) to produce the effect with admirable success.

  46. A confusion of languages, such as some of our modern Virtuosi used to express themselves in.

  47. This is important to keep in mind, and to urge upon the attention of those who ascribe the condition of the modern negro wholly to the influence of slavery.

  48. On this journey he saw at Niagara for the first time a living gar-pike, the only representative among modern fishes of the fossil type of Lepidosteus.

  49. The Catholics have been more hostilely despoiled by their modern persecutors, and may retort that the religion of reason is a more gross appeal to the senses than the darkest ages of superstition would have ventured on.

  50. The great experiment of governing a civilized people without religion will now be made; and should the morals, the manners, or happiness of the French, be improved by it, the sectaries of modern philosophy may triumph.

  51. Let the government but adopt wise measures for making an honorable peace with a part of our enemies, and with the aid of the Dutch and Spanish navies, let us repair to the banks of the Thames, and destroy the modern Carthage.

  52. And the brave little Kingdom which has just upset all the calculations of the Great Powers is Modern Greece.

  53. This will happily close two of the most thrilling chapters in the history of modern times.

  54. She was a modern Nausicaa, with the same child-like grandeur and unconscious dignity as her Homeric prototype.

  55. The conjugal complement to a Nausicaa must be a man of ponderous presence and statuesque demeanor--not a shrill and nervous modern like himself, with second-rate physique, and a morbidly active intellect.

  56. But that word in modern Europe means a devil of hell.

  57. As we have in English Fisher, in modern French Lepecheur, in Italian Piscatory.

  58. Is the bold sweep of the Master's hand to be measured by the graduation of modern convention?

  59. To enumerate or to even attempt to trace them all would be practically impossible, but enough has been authenticated to indicate a more substantial reality than is found in the work of any other modern English author.

  60. All this is fully recounted in the books of reference, and is only mentioned as having more than a little to do with the modern city of London, which has grown up since the great fire in 1666.

  61. Most of its buildings--except its hall, with its black oak roof--are of comparatively modern date.

  62. Still farther north is the modern district, sometimes called Tyburnia, being built on the ground adjacent to what once was "Tyburn," the place of public executions.

  63. But modern Fleet Street exists to-day as the street of journalists and journalism, from the humble penny-a-liner and his product to the more sedate and verbose political paragrapher whose reputation extends throughout the world.

  64. He poses as a kind of modern Robin Hood, who robs the rich to give to the poor.

  65. I don't think cynicism is altogether a modern disease," remarked Sir Frank Hale.

  66. She needs the confederation of modern democracy, and, when once aroused, must be early directed to the true object.

  67. The people who fought the greatest war in modern history to release slaves are not likely to begin the greatest war in all history to beget slaves.

  68. The modern Sparta may be vanquished by the imperial democrats assailing her from East and West.

  69. The Goths and the Visigoths of modern civilisation are upon the horizon.

  70. The trend of civilized man in all great movements since modern civilization began, has been from East to West, not from West to East.

  71. The blood shed by the founders of modern Italy would all have been shed in vain--that blood that sanctified the sword of Garibaldi--had it not been for the selfish policy of Louis Napoleon and the invading armies of France.

  72. These brilliant books of the most brilliant Commanders and soldiers of modern times possess remarkable interest at this moment.

  73. In modern society, when liberty is displayed, the strife becomes too unequal between the party that governs and those who criticize Government.

  74. I enter the University and begin my Course of Lectures on Modern History.

  75. I determined to resume, in the Faculty of Letters, my course of modern history.

  76. These distinctions are too marked to disappear, even under the controlling uniformity of modern civilization.

  77. Such principles are irreconcilable with exclusive superiority; that of the middle classes, as of every other, would be in direct contradiction to the ruling tendencies of modern society.

  78. He always reads, as a duty, his weekly medical paper, so that he has a general idea as to the advance of modern science.

  79. I borrowed from my capital before I went, and so was able to take with me a choice collection of the most modern philosophical instruments and books, together with chemicals and such other things as I might need in my retirement.

  80. He had been referred to by one of the greatest living authorities as being the very type and embodiment of all that was best in modern science.

  81. The whole tendency of the highest plane of modern thought differs from him.

  82. It was modern in appearance, and yet it was far less so than its neighbours, all of which were crudely and painfully new.

  83. Saxe The Hired Squirrel Laura Sanford Ballad of the Trailing Skirt New York "Life" To the Girl in Khaki "Modern Society" The Tender Heart Helen G.

  84. The modern burglar, electrically educated as regards common practise in such matters, would naturally make a point of cutting all wires that fall in his path.

  85. A Treatise on the Theory of Lightning Conductors from a Modern Point of View.

  86. In the midday glare of modern life even our hours of mental siesta have been narrowed down to the lowest limit, and hydra-headed unrest has invaded every department of life.

  87. Elders have become cheap to modern children; they are too readily accessible, and so are all objects of desire.

  88. But, strange to say, his spirit and teaching come nearer to Jesus, as we find Him in the Gospels, than any modern Christian writer I know.

  89. A list of our articles of clothing would only invite the modern boy's scorn.

  90. It seemed as if into this mysterious region the laws of the universe had not found entrance; as if some old-world dream-land had escaped the divine vigilance and lingered on into the light of modern day.

  91. Rabindranath Tagore is one of the magicians of modern literature--a transcendently great genius who brings to mammon-worshipping Western minds the fantasy, the enchantment, and the wonder of the Orient.

  92. The Cow and the Brahmin are watchwords of modern Hindu Orthodoxy.

  93. The modern child of a well-to-do family nibbles at only half the things he gets; the greater part of his world is wasted on him.

  94. I know of nothing, except it be Maeterlinck, in the whole modern range of the literature of the inner life that can compare with them.

  95. Poetry now sprouts long before the highest Bengali class is reached; so that no modern Gobinda Babu would have taken any notice of the poetic exploit I have recounted.

  96. Bhanu Singha was given a place of honour as one of the old poets such as no modern writer could have aspired to.

  97. The cathedral is a modern edifice and a beautiful church, though the tourist who had been to Toledo and Seville does not care to give much of his time to it.

  98. Andalusia is on both sides of the Guadalquiver, including the three modern provinces of Seville, Cordova, and Jaen.

  99. What an example for modern office–holders!

  100. It was as widely known in early ages for its wealth, as it has been in modern times for its beggars.

  101. He then with the utmost politeness, as required in all intercourse with Spanish gentlemen, invited the visitor into the grand saloon, and sent for Professor Badois, the instructor in modern languages, to assist at the interview.

  102. How strongly this account contrasts with the history of modern Spain!

  103. In religion Ferdinand and Isabella would be considered bigots and fanatics in our time; and their statesmanship would confound the modern student of political economy.

  104. They took his word for it (strange as such a transaction would be in modern times), and loaned the money he needed.

  105. His reign and that of his son and successor covered the most splendid period in the history of modern Spain, ending with the death of Philip in 1588.

  106. There was, indeed, the old Roman province of Lusitania, which corresponded very nearly in size with modern Portugal, except that the latter extends farther north and not so far east.

  107. Though the modern kings of Spain have not spared its memorials of the past, it is still an interesting city.

  108. Lusitania, which was very nearly the modern Portugal, went to the Alani; and the Suevi had the north–western part of the peninsula, which is now Galicia.

  109. I suppose you have learned about sex in plants, which is a modern discovery; but it is most strikingly illustrated in these date–palms.

  110. JOHN DEWEY The method we term "scientific" forms for the modern man (and a man is not modern merely because he lives in 1931) the sole, dependable means of disclosing the realities of existence.

  111. He was the first great representative of the modern secular and rationalistic spirit.

  112. Your savages created God in the only fashion their mental capacities could supply, in the shape of an idol; now the modern physicist creates his god in the light of his own intimate vision, which is that of a mathematician!

  113. Socrates relied on the now outmoded argument from design; and only in a greatly modified form are the arguments of Plato and Aristotle accepted by modern theists.

  114. The sciences of ethics and psychology, like modern Franklins, show plainly that conscience is no more the voice of God than is thunder.

  115. The entire matter is well stated in one sentence by Reinach, "Nothing can be more absurd, generally speaking, than to explain the religious laws and practices of the remote past by considerations based on modern science.

  116. The modern says, "Take not the name of the Lord in vain.

  117. This custom has come down to the present day in the modern worship of Jehovah; the blood of animals is still forbidden to the modern Hebrew.

  118. If the conviction were there that the creed professed was invincibly true, the modern congregation would not come to church, as they usually do today, to hear the preacher and to listen to the music.

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