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adunque; aduocate; adust; aduyse; advance; advancement; advancements; advances; advanceth; advancing
  1. At the head of between six and seven hundred men, he advanced two hundred miles up the river, and destroyed the villages and corn-fields on its head branches.

  2. The right column of the British advanced on Lee, who disputed the passage of the bridge until a considerable body of the enemy forded the river above him, and gained the point of a hill which endangered his position.

  3. The British then advanced on the second line, which received them with more firmness; and maintained their ground for some time with great resolution.

  4. General Greene, who commanded that wing, advanced to its support, and a sharp engagement was continued for about half an hour, when the British retreated to Quaker Hill.

  5. That officer advised that the army should be advanced to a position in the neighbourhood of Newport, but should not break ground until the Count should be in readiness to act in concert with them.

  6. This movement was in progress as Lee advanced for the purpose of reconnoitring.

  7. As Lord Cornwallis retreated, Gates advanced to Charlotte, Smallwood encamped lower down the Catawba on the road to Camden; and Morgan was pushed forward some distance in his front.

  8. As the British army moved towards Monmouth court-house, he ordered Brigadier General Wayne, with an additional detachment of one thousand select men, to join the advanced corps.

  9. After reconnoitring the country, Colonel Campbell advanced on the great road leading to Savannah; and, about three in the afternoon, appeared in sight of the American army.

  10. Disregarding the judicious remonstrances which were made to him against pursuing the direct road, he determined on taking the nearest route to the advanced post of the British on Lynch's Creek, a few miles from Camden.

  11. Sumpter had again assembled a respectable body of mounted militia, at the head of which he advanced towards the posts occupied by the British.

  12. Tank yer mars jedge," he exclaimed as he advanced to grasp the judge's hand.

  13. He was the advanced guard of the freedmen who welcomed the agent of the bureau with waving of hats and clapping of resounding hands.

  14. The Colonel had no difficulty in finding a friend who advanced for him the amount of the fine and he sought the carpet bagger Laflin to ask his protection against future indignities.

  15. The negro constable observing the distress of the family and wishing for the time being to avoid excitement, halted his gang at the gate and advanced to the old man with his warrant.

  16. Indeed, he was laughing with wide-open mouth as Alice entered the parlor, and advanced to grasp her hand, confused and stammering.

  17. Ned distrustfully advanced to the fire place and lifted the top from the pot and sank back with a groan, into an old bottomless chair.

  18. Infantry, who, having been detailed as a scout, had fearlessly advanced upon one of the forts in order to secure, if possible, some information regarding their position and strength.

  19. It was hailed with joy by advanced thinkers in the cities, and with loathing by the clergy, the nobles, the wealthy, and the peasants.

  20. Yet still, in pursuance of a preconcerted plan, they drew back where he advanced in person.

  21. The First Consul, believing that the Austrians were bent solely on flight, advanced from Stradella, where success would have been certain, into the plains of Tortona, whence he could check any move of theirs southwards on Genoa.

  22. The only money he has is £100 advanced by Lowe.

  23. Population and wealth advanced by leaps and bounds; but with them came the nineteenth-century problems of widening class distinctions and uncertainty of employment.

  24. But two years later elementary and advanced instruction received a notable impetus from the establishment of the University of France.

  25. To the university he gave special attention, rearranging the curriculum on the model of the more advanced écoles centrales of France, but inclining the studies severely to the exact sciences and the useful arts.

  26. Aldous advanced into the inner hall at sight of Marcella, leaving his companions behind in the vestibule taking off their coats.

  27. Then, as he advanced to her she saw that his flushed face wore an expression unlike anything she had yet seen there--of mingled joy and fear.

  28. Aldous advanced into the room with hand outstretched.

  29. Wharton advanced into the room, and let them pass.

  30. The autumn evening was far advanced when Aldous Raeburn, after his day's shooting, passed again by the gates of Mellor Park on his road home.

  31. To extend those searches as much as possible, and to prepare the men for that work when it should come, advanced depots were now sent forward in the autumn, under the charge of the gentlemen who would have to use them in the spring.

  32. Filth and refuse you soon grow hardened to in Peking, but occasionally some particularly nauseous sight, such as a dead dog in a far advanced stage of decomposition, or a cat with the entrails protruding, unnerves you again.

  33. The Commissioner at Newchwang states that "importations of metals advanced to the enormous extent of 113 per cent.

  34. Altogether, St. John is a most enlightened and advanced city.

  35. Fort William was one of the advanced posts of the Hudson Bay Company.

  36. The education of the island is in a far advanced state, with compulsory and free education.

  37. Indeed one of his hearers was to suffer the advanced stage of this dread disease within six months.

  38. By March 17 the cave was sufficiently advanced for three men to move in.

  39. We could not have advanced at all had it not been for our ski: "on foot one sinks to the knees, and if pulling on a sledge to half way between knee and thigh.

  40. That day we had advanced 1½ miles by the utmost labour, and the usual relay work.

  41. At the close of the apostolic age, and {263} for many generations afterwards, orthodox Christianity was often regarded as too materialistic for advanced thinkers.

  42. The apostle was evidently advanced in years.

  43. The only explanation that has been advanced is that of hypnotism.

  44. Mr. Mackay was so impressed that he advanced sufficient capital to enable Beavis to proceed to Spain to prosecute his inquiries.

  45. The prosecution, represented by Mr. Sergeant Ballantine and Montague Williams and Douglas Straight, advanced no new facts, relying upon a repetition of the proof they had given at the first trial.

  46. This was only one of the many telling arguments advanced by Huygens.

  47. Gilbert himself demonstrated some facts and advanced some theories, but the system of general laws was to come later.

  48. In these experiments, however, Leonardo seems to have advanced little beyond Hero of Alexandria and his steam toy.

  49. In the eleventh century another Arabian discoverer, Arzachel, observing the sun to be less advanced than Albategnius had found it, inferred incorrectly that the sun had receded in the mean time.

  50. It has been said of this remarkable collection of engravings that if they had been published when they were made in the sixteenth century, anatomy would have been advanced by at least two centuries.

  51. He continued the work of Honain, and advanced therapeutics by introducing more extensive use of chemical remedies, such as mercurial ointments, sulphuric acid, and aqua vitae.

  52. His writings on anatomy have been called merely plagiarisms of Galen, but in all probability be made many discoveries independently, and on the whole, his work may be taken as more advanced than Galen's.

  53. But protection against employees who can manipulate books and records does not seem to have advanced as rapidly.

  54. He advanced menacingly toward Kennedy, who stood with his shoulders thrown back, and his hands deep in his pockets, and a half amused look on his face.

  55. Needless to say, I was no further advanced in the morning than at midnight, but Kennedy seemed to have evolved at least a tentative programme.

  56. Much to my surprise, he advanced to meet me.

  57. Taking off his coat, Kennedy advanced to the bed where the emaciated figure lay, cold and motionless.

  58. Quickly we advanced over the open space to the house, approaching in the shadow as much as possible, on the side farthest from the river.

  59. The order of sailing was to be the order of battle; the fleet in two lines, with an advanced squadron of eight of the fastest-sailing two-deckers.

  60. But now, echoing cheer on cheer, redoubling volley on volley, trampling the dying and the dead, and driving the fugitives in crowds, the British troops advanced and swept the field before them.

  61. In the heat of the action, as he advanced at the head of the grenadiers of Louisburg, a bullet shattered his wrist; but he wrapped his handkerchief about the wound and showed no sign of pain.

  62. When the task was accomplished, Juan Pizarro and his gallant troop rode through the gateway and advanced towards the second parapet.

  63. When he was seven years old he was sent to a more advanced school, taught by “Master Knapp,” and remained there for five years.

  64. Eveley almost choked on the word, but she knew it would be only folly to explain her advanced ideas to this kindly conscientious soul.

  65. I know he had rather--advanced ideas," said Eveley gravely.

  66. Then Eveley crept timidly from the corner where she was engaging in prayer for the safety of herself and her club, and advanced cautiously toward the swaying pile of shrieking boys.

  67. I am really not a bit advanced nor modern, nor anything.

  68. Billy advanced with the threatening hunch of his shoulders and clench of the brown fists.

  69. As the ex-mate of the Seamew advanced to the stand the prisoner stared at him as though he were a ghost, nor could he imagine by what miracle this witness had reached Forty Mile in time to appear against him.

  70. The Confederates advanced in a dense mass, yelling and cheering, and the discharge of the guns fairly blew them back across the works they had just taken.

  71. At this summons Phil advanced from the farther end of the room, and the prisoner regarded him with undisguised amazement.

  72. A few strides and he had advanced toward our little audience, now keyed up to the highest pitch of excitement by the extraordinary exhibition.

  73. It was Sandoval, and as he advanced furiously at Kennedy I more than feared that Page's idea was correct.

  74. The adventurer surveyed him for some minutes, then advanced softly to the hammock without producing the slightest noise.

  75. A few paces in advance of the bandits advanced a man, holding a sabre in one hand, and a torch in the other.

  76. In the meanwhile political events advanced with a fatal rapidity.

  77. Ere long, by Miramon's orders, the troops entered almost insurmountable paths, on which the horses only advanced with great difficulty.

  78. In spite of their numerical superiority, the soldiers only advanced inch by inch, and were constantly driven back and broken by the President's troops.

  79. They advanced a few paces, and then stopped.

  80. Dominique asked him, as he advanced toward him candle in hand: "Pray light your cigarette, senor.

  81. Don Pacheco advanced a few steps toward him, and bowed graciously.

  82. The Count re-assured Dona Maria, told her to fear nothing, and after begging her and the young ladies not to leave the garden, he and Dominique advanced to the outer door.

  83. He went in front again as guide, and they advanced once more, but this time on foot.

  84. If you had advanced at the time agreed upon, and made a more vigorous attack, we should have routed the enemy," said General Floyd.

  85. General Paine advanced almost to the ditch in front of the fort.

  86. Officers and men who were in the fight pointed out the places where they stood, showed me where the Rebels advanced, where their batteries were, how they advanced and retreated, how the tide of victory ebbed and flowed.

  87. The Second Texas, which had advanced through the peach-orchard, was all gone, and was not reorganized during the fight.

  88. They also advanced from Nashville to Bowling Green.

  89. It was a little after five o'clock when Nelson threw forward his skirmishers, and advanced his line.

  90. They were so far advanced towards Pittsburg Landing, that Sherman saw he was in danger of being cut off.

  91. The infantry pickets ought to be out three or four miles, but they are not a mile and a half advanced from the camp.

  92. Rousseau advanced across the open field, over the ground so hotly contested by McClernand the day before.

  93. Hindman, Cleburn, and Wood advanced into the gap between Sherman and Prentiss, and swung towards the northwest upon Sherman's left flank.

  94. Gladden advanced rapidly, sending his bullets into the encampment.

  95. Three times Breckenridge attempted to force Hurlburt back by attacking him in front, but as often as he advanced he was driven back.

  96. Hurlburt's regiments fired away all their ammunition, and Prentiss who had rallied his men, advanced to the front while the cartridge-boxes were refilled.

  97. Mrs. Henry is an old lady, so far advanced in life that she is helpless.

  98. They advanced till they were not more than three hundred feet from the Fifty-third and Fifty-seventh Ohio before they began their fire.

  99. He advanced to where the head clerk was sitting, and putting out his hand-- "I suspect you do not know me, sir?

  100. Max Schindelberger's smile took on the quality of indulgency as he advanced slowly toward B.

  101. He noted, with a satisfied grin, that the stock showed a profit of fifty points, while the bonds had advanced three eighths of a point.

  102. On another ship the fires advanced so rapidly that they had to flood the magazine for fear of an explosion.

  103. Battles may be decided by the weight of guns or the thickness of defensive armor, and in these particulars other nations have advanced as well as England.

  104. The moon was just setting across the bay, and soon all was dark and still, as the men advanced with quick but cautious steps through the silent streets.

  105. Neither girl had expected to enter till after the close of the war, and Amy was continually harping upon the respect which the young and unsophisticated Freshmen were bound to feel for classmates of such advanced years.

  106. The black dots grew larger as they advanced and although the light was dim Dorothy thought they looked like big kettles turned upside down.

  107. Very well, then," said the Woozy in a determined voice, and advanced a few steps toward the giant porcupine.

  108. As he said this the Wizard advanced to the statue of Margolote and made a magic pass, at the same time muttering a magic word that none could hear distinctly.

  109. Eleazar one of the chief of the scribes, a man advanced in years, and of a comely countenance, was pressed to open his mouth to eat swine's flesh.

  110. After these things, king Assuerus advanced Aman, the son of Amadathi, who was of the race of Agag: and he set his throne above all the princes that were with him.

  111. For he was an old man, and far advanced in years: And he judged Israel forty years.

  112. And they had no son, for that Elizabeth was barren: and they both were well advanced in years.

  113. Now king David was old, and advanced in years: and when he was covered with clothes he was not warm.

  114. Esther Chapter 3 Aman, advanced by the king, is offended at Mardochai, and therefore procureth the king's decree to destroy the whole nation of the Jews.

  115. And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and grace with God and men.

  116. For I am an old man, and my wife is advanced in years.

  117. Now they were both old, and far advanced in years, and it had ceased to be with Sara after the manner of women.

  118. She was far advanced in years and had lived with her husband seven years from her virginity.

  119. Josue being now old, and far advanced in years: 23:2.

  120. That is, his person, now far advanced in years.

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