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Example sentences for "cultured"

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cultum; cultura; cultural; culturally; culture; cultures; culturist; culturists; cultus; culum
  1. The trouble was rare among the aborigines and is more common among the cultured than among the laboring classes.

  2. If such is possible, then we vote the Malays a cultured people.

  3. There live in Brighton two ladies, Miss Horace Smith and her sister Rosa, who were and are well known in the cultured world.

  4. Above all, he shows how national are the Welsh poets, belonging not to the cultured few; but to the labouring man as much as to the landed proprietor.

  5. If trouble comes, she bears it bravely, for the cultured woman has a philosophy which is equal to any emergency, and she does the best she can on all occasions.

  6. She was a beautiful, cultured woman, twenty-five years old, who had travelled widely and had seen much of the world.

  7. Her mind was rarely cultured and stored with knowledge, her thoughts were beautiful and crystal clear.

  8. Cultured taste and rare refinement had united with great wealth to make it a complete and perfect ideal of a home.

  9. A ray of sunshine stealing through the lace curtains at the window penciled golden bars on her white dress and bright hair, making her look like a picture to whose beauty St. Leon's cultured eyes were by no means oblivious.

  10. It is hard, looking back upon that virginal and cultured Cynthia, to be convinced that she could have loved passionately, and such a man!

  11. We have a few cultured citizens, Stephen, but all are not so.

  12. Whereupon he smiled in an incredulous cultured way.

  13. His tact, trained by all the subtleties of a life cast in cultured social relations, was unequal to the occasion, and, fearing to lose ground by a false step, he remained silent.

  14. But why should we, here in the West, take readily to all other institutions common to the cultured East and ignore the forefather industry?

  15. I thought I would play the tenderfoot and inquiring pilgrim from the cultured East, so I said: "You do not see the circus often in the West, I presume, the distance is so great between towns and the cost of transportation is so great?

  16. Tens of thousands of Philadelphians love him, and he is honored by its greatest men, but there is a class of the pseudo-cultured who do not know him or appreciate him.

  17. It is only a supposedly cultured class in between that is not thoroughly acquainted with what he has done.

  18. He expresses his surprise in all seriousness that the Pharisees, a thoughtful and cultured set of men, who alone among the Jews believed in a future state, should have been the very men to whom our Saviour was habitually antagonistic.

  19. From field to field, from vale to cultured vale, The prospect spreads its crowded beauties wide!

  20. While commerce throngs thy ports With her ten thousand streamers, is the tract Of the undeviating ploughshare white That rips the reeking furrow, followed soon By plenty, bidding all the scene rejoice, Even like a cultured garden!

  21. It was strange employment for a man of his powers; almost as removed from the Epicurean Olympus of "cultured ease" popularly assigned to him, as night-school teaching and lecturing to workmen.

  22. The educated mind to-day stands in the same attitude toward Christianity as that of the cultured mind of Greece and Rome toward the older mythology in the second century.

  23. Naturally enough, they missed the presence of a cultured circle, its refining influences and the opportunity it affords for an interchange of ideas.

  24. Gunther's wife was Swiss by birth, and had come from a wealthy and cultured family.

  25. Wisdom is cultured naivete or, to speak more correctly, the naivete of genius.

  26. As patron of various charitable institutions, I have been brought into personal contact with ladies of the middle class, and find many of them exceptionally cultured and well-bred.

  27. Arise, my Muse, and tune your harp To ring the praises of a Tharp; His cultured mind and noble soul Truth and virtue both control.

  28. Some men of wit and letters, cultured and refined, Others moral lepers, with heart and conscience blind.

  29. But that same Brahman is often glad to undergo that ceremonial taint if thereby he can only enjoy the white man's cultured society.

  30. The writer recently listened to an eloquent address delivered by a cultured Hindu gentleman, in which he implored Anglo-Indians to cultivate their friendship and to forget the different shades of their complexion.

  31. But His blessed life has become the inspiration and the ideal of life to the cultured classes of India, in a way which is transforming their ethical conceptions and which largely eclipses all other life-influences among them.

  32. The Cultured Schoolboy and his Ignorant Relations.

  33. But the imaginative and cultured are few and far between, and the peasants of Ober-Ammergau can plead, as their Master himself once pleaded, that they seek not to help the learned but the lowly.

  34. You are not writing for cultured school-boys.

  35. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards opposed the marriage to the poor and plebeian lawyer; they urged the folly of exchanging a cultured home for the surroundings to which Lincoln would take her.

  36. The crude article differs from the cultured one so greatly that the man who hungers of necessity cannot sleep too much.

  37. The cultured and delicate lady lying in the bunk above had not spoken so.

  38. It was Mrs Francis Manning who spoke, the faint Cockney twang of her voice sounding discordantly in contrast to the cultured tones of her companions.

  39. O'er many a desert dry and cultured plain He guides the marshall'd train, And cheers with jocund notes their way.

  40. Amid his circle of cultured and kindly friends Paine had dreamed of a lifting of the last cloud from his life, so long overcast.

  41. As Thomas Poole well represents the serious and cultured thought of young England in that time, it is interesting to read his judgment on the king's execution and the imminent war.

  42. Plato was restored to his old place, and in the minds of the cultured seemed worthier of homage than Christ.

  43. In the nature of the case it is doomed to be the faith of a few students and cultured people.

  44. It is a special charm of the most finely cultured English ladies.

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