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  1. At the same time it is a characteristic of myth and folk-tale that no matter how greatly cultural surroundings alter them they tend to keep the basic elements of which they were originally compounded.

  2. Never let us neglect, however, the matter which lies beneath the cultural veneer.

  3. The exception to this rule is equivalent names of flora and fauna and technical terms which refer to exactly the same cultural forms: e.

  4. The Cebuano Filipino Dwelling in Caticugan: Its Construction and Cultural Aspects.

  5. Neutrality, once ingrained as part of the Austrian cultural identity, has been called into question since the Soviet collapse and Austria's increasingly prominent role in European affairs.

  6. Each economic program takes into account the government's desire to protect the country's environment and cultural traditions.

  7. It is this: Where, in point of time and place, is the change in the world’s linguistic and cultural life from ideographic to literal to be sought for, and what is its rationale?

  8. The following table shows the precipitation and temperatures recorded at the Kellogg Farm where most of our nut cultural experiments are conducted.

  9. Most of them were planted in orchard form and given some attention as to cultural needs.

  10. Fifty-three were to the officers and Mr. Reed regarding association affairs, while 122 concerned nut cultural problems and memberships.

  11. The colleges submit to it whenever they concentrate their attention on the details of the student's vocation before they have built up some cultural background.

  12. The destinies of society are felt to be too solidly set in industrial conditions to allow any cultural direction.

  13. That the last few years have witnessed a revolution in the study of mental life is plain: the effects are felt not only in psychotherapy, but in education, morals, religion, and no end of cultural interests.

  14. The protoplasm of plants is now known to act like that of animals, but not quite so quickly or freely in response to cultural methods.

  15. The world is at the beginning of a new cultural revolution.

  16. Same story there as in everything else--rapid advancement in the past few decades, after thousands of years of cultural inertia.

  17. I posed as a relative and tried to claim his body for the burial-ceremony observed on that cultural level, but was told that it had been completely destroyed by fire when the fuel tank of this automobile burned.

  18. The Jews, for example, were always a cultural minority in Europe, yet they adhered intensely to their own cultural norms.

  19. An understanding of it necessitated an inquiry into the social relationships, the religious institutions, the educational and cultural opportunities, and the values of this frontier community.

  20. And finally, the religious institutions, the educational and cultural opportunities, and the system of values have to be considered in arriving at a judgment regarding the democratic nature of Fair Play society.

  21. It was also the cultural and educational core, in which its members learned their faith, received their education, and acquired the values which would serve them throughout their lives.

  22. Despite the high value placed upon education, the educational and cultural opportunities on this frontier, as on others, were extremely limited.

  23. The "new order of Americanism"[1] which arose on this frontier was in part due to the cultural background of its inhabitants, the knowledge and traditional values which they had brought with them.

  24. Zen and its Chinese cultural trappings should also be credited partly to their desire to stand up to the snobbery of the Kyoto aristocracy.

  25. A prototype for many Zen leaders to come, he was a scholar, aesthetician, and architect of some of the great cultural monuments in Kyoto, personally designing several of the capital's finest temples and landscape gardens.

  26. Unfortunately for Northern Ch'an, this cultural brilliance was beginning to be the province of groups other than the blueblooded gentry that traditionally had controlled China's culture.

  27. Before long, however, it evolves into a political and cultural rather than a spiritual force.

  28. The T'ang was an era to be remembered forever for its poetry, its art, its architecture, its cultural brilliance.

  29. By making themselves emissaries of a prestigious foreign civilization, the warrior class achieved a bit of cultural one-upmanship on the Kyoto snob set.

  30. And Other Studies in Chinese Cultural History.

  31. Authentic Zen practice had become almost completely emasculated, overshadowed by the rise of a Zen-inspired cultural movement far outstripping Chinese prototypes.

  32. The Soviet embraces workers of all undertakings, of all professions, of all stages of cultural development, all stages of political consciousness--and thereby objectively is forced to formulate the general interests of the proletariat.

  33. It is absolutely false that our party had the idea of managing without the intelligentsia, not realizing to the full its importance for the economic and cultural work that lay before us.

  34. The reason is that the children of the American slaves have made the greatest cultural progress of all Negroes.

  35. In 1863 America committed herself to the task of raising her millions of black slaves to the cultural level of white citizenship.

  36. The place, however, seemed to lack the cultural significance it ought to have.

  37. Our Teutonic ancestors carried their mental and cultural environment with them wherever they went.

  38. All these cultural features seem to appear somewhat or considerably too late in North Germany to suit Kossina's theory.

  39. But cultural queers are good at overlooking things.

  40. At any rate I had to admit to myself that my pet term "cultural queer" did not describe to my own satisfaction members of a culture which could create things like this cabin.

  41. A cultural queer from one of the "civilized" places would have found it funny, I suppose, if he'd been able to watch us perform in an arena or from behind armor glass for his exclusive pleasure.

  42. The other urge, the sexual, is one that I know all cultural queers (and certainly our time traveler) would claim to know all about.

  43. It is the characteristic trait of the modern culture, very much as exploit and fealty were the characteristic cultural traits of the earlier time.

  44. Race difference can therefore not wholly, nor indeed for the greater part, account for the cultural difference of which this difference in preconceptions is an outcome.

  45. The theoretical output of the Schoolmen has necessarily an accentuated pragmatic complexion, since the whole cultural scheme under which they lived and worked was of a strenuously pragmatic character.

  46. That is to say, they are questions of the bearing of economic life upon the cultural changes that are going forward.

  47. A civilisation which is dominated by this matter-of-fact insight must prevail against any cultural scheme that lacks this element.

  48. Indeed, peculiarities of class difference in some such respect are among the most striking and decisive features that distinguish one cultural era from another.

  49. The apex of cultural growth is at this point.

  50. In the course of these developments Europe became the center of world economic, political and cultural affairs, held the position briefly and lost it in the course of two general, suicidal wars.

  51. Long continued cultural changes play a part in local history.

  52. The provinces, under their Roman appointed governors, enjoyed a large measure of economic and cultural self-determination within the Roman Empire.

  53. The work is published under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization by an International Commission presided over by Professor Pauls E.

  54. It was written up extensively by the Romans themselves, by their Greek and other contemporaries and by a host of scholars and students; since the break-up of Roman civilization as a political, economic and cultural force in world affairs.

  55. Under the Caesars the Roman Empire achieved its greatest geographical extent and exercised its widest cultural influence.

  56. It is not a problem of one continent, of one nation or empire, of one racial or cultural group.

  57. Countries and peoples still under the political, economic and cultural umbrella of the formerly dominant empires were at different stages in the completion of the bourgeois revolution.

  58. Cultural reforms accompanied the reforms in politics and economics.

  59. Effects vary from simple receptiveness with a trigger dose, to release of all cultural sexual restraints with a stronger one.

  60. The cultural treatment is precisely the same as detailed under Brevoortia above.

  61. This conflict between personal interest and the cultural development of the nation is, fortunately, not to be found in the lower classes of society.

  62. But that is exactly the office and the destiny of the State--to make easy and provide means for the great cultural progress of humanity.

  63. Schelling the elder assigns philosophy no less serious a task than that of transforming the entire cultural epoch.

  64. China and her unquestioned cultural prestige are the targets of the Japanese drive for the acquisition of standing, a campaign couched in indigenous Far Eastern terms.

  65. Fifth, the universal features of government may be more fruitfully scrutinized in a novel cultural and social setting.

  66. The effect of forced cultural cross-fertilization is yet to be seen, but it may prove to be of extraordinary significance.

  67. The family, though subject to legal redefinition caused by Western cultural and economic influences, nevertheless plays a role far greater than in the West.

  68. Absorption or cultural extinction is not a matter of race; it is a question of ideology, of thought and the habits which arise from ways of thought.

  69. The proletariat had an equal economic interest in the democratizing and the cultural progress of all other countries in their relation of buyer or seller to its own country.

  70. It has accomplished a huge cultural work.

  71. Such a struggle for peace means for us not only a fight to save humanity's material and cultural possessions from further insane destruction.

  72. Thus there can be no doubt that the two peoples are essentially different in physical characters and the same holds good on the cultural side" (p.

  73. They have certain cultural features in common[366], and these as a rule differentiate them from their neighbours.

  74. Thus in both hemispheres the iso-cultural bands follow the isothermal lines in all their deflections, and the human varieties everywhere faithfully reflect the conditions of their several environments.

  75. Through these the primitive Tibetan race extends into Burma, where however it has become greatly modified and again civilised under different climatic and cultural influences.

  76. Rivers[334] has attacked the cultural problem by means of the genealogical method and the results of his investigations are here briefly summarised.

  77. Friederici[332] has accumulated a vast amount of evidence based chiefly on linguistics and material culture, to support the theory of Melanesian cultural streams from the west.

  78. They absorbed several cultural elements of the Sumerians, notably their script, and were profoundly influenced by Sumerian religion.

  79. Some of the relationship systems are of great antiquity, and it is evident that changes have taken place due to cultural influences coming in from without.

  80. Kava and betel were introduced into Melanesia by different cultural migrations.

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