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Example sentences for "contemporaries"

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contemporaine; contemporaneity; contemporaneous; contemporaneously; contemporaneousness; contemporary; contempt; contemptible; contemptibly; contempts
  1. Both make themselves more difficult to the reader who is familiar with the poetry of their contemporaries by the disconcerting freshness of their point of view.

  2. How can we who are contemporaries tell whether an author's work is permanent or no?

  3. The contemporaries of Tennyson and Browning in poetry divide themselves into three separate schools.

  4. When he turned critic it was not to discern and praise the power and beauty in the works of his contemporaries but to rediscover and interpret the Elizabethan and Jacobean romantic plays.

  5. In none of his contemporaries (except perhaps in the sentimentalities of Steele) can one detect the traces of emotion; to read Swift is to be conscious of intense feeling on almost every page.

  6. He had also what neither Rossetti nor any of his contemporaries in verse, except Browning, had, a fine gift of understanding humanity.

  7. Probably in no single case amongst our contemporaries could a high and permanent place in literature be prophesied with more confidence than in his.

  8. It was not art, but the public did not know it any more than I did, and I was admitted to a place which I believe was one of the highest amongst my contemporaries at home in a way that led to little even in its complete success.

  9. I influenced some of my contemporaries and gave a jog to the landscape painting of the day, and there it ended, through a diversion of my ambition to another sphere, but there it must have ended; even if I had never been so diverted.

  10. Now will any of his contemporaries bewail him?

  11. Mrs. Walbridge's taste was bad, but it was no worse than the taste of the greater part of her contemporaries of her own class, for she belonged body and soul to the Philistines.

  12. The story itself seemed to her, he could see, as remote as if its actors had been contemporaries of Noah.

  13. Contemporaries are usually accustomed to overlook many mistakes, follies, and even flagrant injustices in their great men if only they can find some one to maltreat and kill, as a proper victim for the relief of their feelings.

  14. It might be possible that he who is superior to the approbation of his contemporaries would nevertheless not deny himself the gratification of small vanities.

  15. In the same way he who disavows the honour of his contemporaries will have a mean opinion of it; he can thus dispense with it and struggle against it more easily.

  16. In the same way a later generation will also see the State become meaningless in certain parts of the world,--an idea which many contemporaries can hardly contemplate without alarm and horror.

  17. If she did not deserve the reputation for utter thoughtlessness and frivolity which some of her puritanical contemporaries have given her, she was undoubtedly fond of amusements.

  18. For these reasons I must regard the whole of Father Gerard's third chapter on 'The Opinion of Contemporaries and Historians' as absolutely worthless.

  19. After his time and that of his contemporaries Sir William Ross, J.

  20. Less than most of his contemporaries was he able to break away from a strong personal characteristic; and eventually it became a species of obsession with him, so that his female portraits strikingly resemble one another.

  21. It is lucky for the memory of Wright that he had contemporaries such as Jeffreys and Scroggs, who considerably exceeded him in their atrocities.

  22. Though Utamaro's influence upon his contemporaries was incalculably great, he left behind him a body of pupils who were almost without exception rather insignificant artists.

  23. The small man in Europe is reflected to his contemporaries from a magnifying mirror, while even the great men in America can be imaged only in a diminishing one.

  24. Theophilus Parsons was one of those men of whom surviving contemporaries always say that he was the most gifted person they had ever known, while yet they are able to produce but little tangible evidence of his superiority.

  25. For our ignorance of the personal life of Shakespeare is remarkable only because he was Shakespeare; and we know little, if any, more about the greater number of his literary contemporaries than we do about him.

  26. The contemporaries of Levinsohn exaggerated the importance of the literary part of his work.

  27. It distinguishes them strikingly from their contemporaries in Galicia and Russia, who proclaim themselves almost without exception the followers of a relentless rationalism.

  28. What distinguishes Abramowitsch from his contemporaries is his style.

  29. By his self-abnegation and his wretched fortunes, his isolated life in a remote town, weak in body yet working for the elevation of his co- religionists, he won the admiration of his contemporaries without exception.

  30. It lacks grace and naturalness, qualities possessed by the greater number of his contemporaries in Russia.

  31. For vivacity, his style, at once incisive and elegant, may be compared with that of his contemporaries Heine and Börne.

  32. The charge made by contemporaries of Jefferson that his aversion to war sprang from personal cowardice may be dismissed at once, as it was by him, with contempt.

  33. The psalmist knows that the present disaster is no case of the fathers having eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth being set on edge, but that he and his contemporaries had repeated the fathers transgressions.

  34. Perhaps his contemporaries will listen and shake themselves clear of this entail of disobedience.

  35. But then I, again, look back to the people I knew with regret, and think my contemporaries less amusing.

  36. As a religious painter, he was perhaps beyond all his contemporaries in tenderness and pathos.

  37. He was not a man of Italian imagination, but a painter of low life, with coarse humor and not too much good taste, yet a superb technician and vastly beyond many of his little Dutch contemporaries at the North.

  38. After the Restoration David, who had been a revolutionist, and then an adherent of Napoleon, was sent into exile; but the influence he had left and the school he had established were carried on by his contemporaries and pupils.

  39. He came early in the century and died early, but his contemporaries did not continue the advance from where he carried it.

  40. He went beyond all his contemporaries in technical strength and color-harmony, and was in fact the epoch-making man of early Venice.

  41. His contemporaries elsewhere in Italy were doing the same thing, and none of them was any more than a link in the progressive chain.

  42. This is why the great men of antiquity seem to us to have been much more logical than our contemporaries are.

  43. Some of these chapters relate, as will be seen, to men who were not contemporaries of S.

  44. The troglodytes of the Lesse and the people of Spiennes were contemporaries in the age of cut stone, but there was no intercourse between them.

  45. Can it be proved they held any communication with their contemporaries of the caverns of the provinces of Liege and Namur, or with the quaternary peoples of the valleys of the Somme and the Thames?

  46. Seneca expresses an open contempt, although he is perhaps, here as elsewhere, judging by a standard more severe than that of his contemporaries in general.

  47. Such and such a historian or paleographer is powerless to make us understand the contemporaries of the Maid.

  48. His contemporaries represented him as being of a somewhat bitter disposition.

  49. After spending two years at a private school at Newington Butts, he was moved to Westminster, where among his contemporaries occur the names of Lord Thurlow and Lord Shelburne, Sir Elijah Impey, and the poets Cowper and Churchill.

  50. He is highly spoken of by contemporaries in such Shakespearian parts as Othello and Brutus.

  51. Harvey himself and all his contemporaries were well aware of the novelty and importance of his theory.

  52. While reading his praise of Voltaire's manner, we almost seem to see him abjuring the consciences of his contemporaries for not having learned long ago what the modern Voltaire had to offer them.

  53. All writers upon the subject agree that here the frescoes show no trace of Cimabue's style, but are from the hand of his contemporaries and pupils, who worked together in unfolding the history of the Jews and the world's redemption.

  54. Surely they dwell in a mythological epoch, and are not the contemporaries of their parents.

  55. For, after a certain distance, every step we take in life we find the ice growing thinner below our feet, and all around us and behind us we see our contemporaries going through.

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