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Example sentences for "contemporaneously"

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contemplatively; contemplatives; contemporaine; contemporaneity; contemporaneous; contemporaneousness; contemporaries; contemporary; contempt; contemptible
  1. The language of the discourse now pronounced was similar in tenour to that almost contemporaneously held by the States' special envoys in London.

  2. Contemporaneously was to be despatched the embassy for which Henry was waiting so impatiently at Paris.

  3. In any case the slide and swing should terminate contemporaneously (No.

  4. The legs and feet should combine to exercise pressure against the stretcher at the same moment, and contemporaneously with the application of the oar to the water.

  5. Contemporaneously Tacoma City, now the first ward of Tacoma, was thus named by some Portland town-builders--Gen.

  6. Contemporaneously with the injections, though not by prescription from this physician, but with his approval, I commenced taking carbonate of iron.

  7. Another inquiry which was going on contemporaneously contributed to the same result.

  8. Contemporaneously with the Act of Parliament regulating the penny post was passed another establishing a post to the Channel Islands.

  9. Almost contemporaneously with this production several other world histories saw the light in Germany, and from that day to this world histories have come from the German press in unbroken succession.

  10. Whether he reigned contemporaneously with his brother Enannatum I or not, we cannot tell.

  11. Henry in America was, contemporaneously with Faraday, developing electricity by means of magnetic induction.

  12. At any rate they were used contemporaneously by the same peoples.

  13. Contemporaneously with the war on the Danube, operations were conducted in Asia Minor, but no British or French troops were sent there at any period of the war.

  14. Contemporaneously with the exploits of Sir A.

  15. It is clearly older than the Naskhi in its forms, but the Naskhi has been proved to have existed contemporaneously with the Cufic almost from the beginning of Mohammadanism.

  16. Contemporaneously with the Karaunahs we have frequent mention of predatory bands known as Nig├║daris, who seem to be distinguished from the Karaunahs, but had a like character for truculence.

  17. Contemporaneously with the dawn of the Trilobite group, appear some small shrimp-like forms (Fig.

  18. On this assumption would not each stage of a species be compelled to change, if not contemporaneously at least successively, with the same frequency and intensity, by the action of an innate force?

  19. But it is very improbable that nine different species, derived directly the one from the other, would contemporaneously survive.

  20. Florence, at a somewhat later period, revived painting, while Siena contemporaneously developed a style peculiar to herself.

  21. This yearning for the European has been expressed for the first time in poetry by Verhaeren, almost contemporaneously with Walt Whitman's hailing of the American and Friedrich Nietzsche's prophecy of the superman.

  22. Contemporaneously with the vicissitudes of home and foreign policy under the Left there grew up in Italy a marked tendency towards colonial enterprise.

  23. Before his death, and almost contemporaneously with the passing of the Army Bill, negotiations for the alliance were renewed.

  24. Contemporaneously the craft of casting in metal was improved and then virtually perfected, a consummation which had an important influence upon sculpture.

  25. Meanwhile the Egyptian dynasts, who ruled contemporaneously with the Persians, were allowed to proceed unmolested with the building of temples and monuments.

  26. Only that, contemporaneously with the stone implements still made by chipping merely, others of polished stone were used.

  27. Contemporaneously with the growth of the college we find at the head of the university a chancellor, and at the head of the college its principal or "Master.

  28. Contemporaneously with Balsham there lived and toiled another college legislator, Walter de Merton, Chancellor of England and afterwards Bishop of Rochester.

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