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appliances; applicability; applicable; applicant; applicants; applications; applie; applied; applieng; applies
  1. These are at first produced by means of incisions, puckerings of the clay by the fingers, application of accessory coils or pieces of clay, etc.

  2. Of course all this would be more genuinely appropriate to Shelley himself than to Moore: still it would admit of some application to Moore, of whom our poet spoke highly more than once elsewhere.

  3. When the eczema on the face is of the weeping, or moist, variety, the application of bassorin paste gives splendid results.

  4. Continuous application of equal parts of alcohol and water night and day may abort it.

  5. It is used to cover any local application to prevent evaporation into the air or to prevent the clothing from absorbing the medicament.

  6. Care should be taken not to allow this form of application to remain on too long.

  7. If the application is covered with oiled silk it cannot escape into the clothing, because the oiled silk is impervious.

  8. Such an external application will aid in the actual cure of the disease and will quickly relieve the patient of the pain.

  9. This application is kept in place for twenty-four hours and renewed if necessary.

  10. If there is much inflammation, or if the face looks angry, a very good application is Lassar's paste.

  11. When the scalp becomes sore from the application it can be stopped for a day or two, or until better; then begin again and repeat the treatment right along.

  12. As in the case of roasting, the application of boiling water coagulates the albumen, thus retaining the juices of the meat that would be dissolved in the liquid.

  13. The application of heat to animal and vegetable substances, for the attainment of this end, constitutes the basis of the science of cookery.

  14. Gentlemen, I must leave the application to you.

  15. The government regarded this letter as an application for his discharge, indirectly declaring that the reprimand was unavoidable.

  16. This movement of the representations (sketched in a masterly manner by Herbart) may be calculated according to the rules of mathematics, and this is Herbart's well known application of mathematics to the empirical theory of the soul.

  17. In fact, Hegel himself has not attempted a complete application of his principle, and indeed gave it up at the very threshold of the Grecian philosophy.

  18. He guards himself against such a false application of his doctrine as would imply that the pleasure of the debauchee were the highest good, and boasts that with a little barley-bread and water he would rival Zeus in happiness.

  19. The practical and selfish application of all this is--let us enjoy ourselves as long as we exist, and not throw away any satisfaction we can attain.

  20. After Fichte has attempted the application of this conception of rights, and for this end has deduced the corporeity, the anthropological side of man, he passes over to a proper theory of rights.

  21. From the very nature of the "number-principle," it follows that its complete application to the province of the real, can only lead to a fruitless and empty symbolism.

  22. But since our intuition is wholly through the sense, these categories have their validity only in their application to the sensuous intuition, which becomes a proper experience only when apprehended in the conceptions of the understanding.

  23. This is so with Bach, who, only gradually discovering his full stature, was thirty years old before unremitting application raised him above the difficulties of his art.

  24. To conclude: it was the union of astounding genius and indefatigable application that enabled Bach to widen at every point the domain of musical expression.

  25. If Bach was more successful, if he was able to produce great work of convincing beauty and imperishable as a model for those who came after him, we owe it as much to his application as to his genius.

  26. The source of Bach's astonishing pre-eminence is to be sought in his facile and constant application of the methods we have discussed.

  27. His application was in the end successful, though the consent of Governor Clinton, to whom the application was made, was gained in a somewhat singular way.

  28. He became even more gloomy and silent than before, and his incessant application to business proved his anxiety to banish painful reflections.

  29. Here he enjoyed a six months' course of study; and so well prepared was he for it by his well-formed habits of application and thinking, that he gained in six months as much as many a student did in three years.

  30. The general application of the fable of the Swallows to the short gleam of Catholic prosperity during the reign of James II.

  31. The application of the neuter pronoun it to the liberal clergy, is probably in imitation of Virgil's satirical construction: Varium et mutabile semper fæmina.

  32. Limited as it was in application who could doubt that, with one condition, it doomed slavery everywhere.

  33. A wide application may be given to Herndon's remark that "he had no money sense.

  34. What a glorified application of the true Thomasian line of thought.

  35. Sidenote: Pivotal Law of Business Passion] The wise application of this law will lead you to vigorous health and material prosperity.

  36. In this way you will be fitted to comprehend the practical instruction, the application of these principles to practical affairs, toward which this Course is tending.

  37. We went up the staircase, of regally broad and easy ascent, and made application to be admitted to see the grand-ducal apartments.

  38. Hospital” was a wide-embracing term, and the occasional application of the word to religious foundations of one kind or another has not always been accounted a reason for their inclusion.

  39. The emaciated sick man bade farewell and received the last rites when he was restored by the application of a relic of the archbishop.

  40. The gentlemen appear to acknowledge its force; and yet, while they yield to the principle, they seem to fear its application to the government.

  41. There is the same force in the doctrine of secession in the application of counties as in the application to states, and if it be right for a state or a county to secede, it is equally right for a town or a city.

  42. In the name of the Commons of England, I charge all this villainy upon Warren Hastings in this last moment of my application to you.

  43. What mortal shall restrict the application of these words?

  44. It treats the elements of expression in their simplest and most natural order, showing their application to the various sentiments and emotions, and provides exercises in the technic of voice and action.

  45. The action stands at a distance inferior to the application of wisdom.

  46. In 1764 he came to this country, where, by his industry and application to business, he acquired a large property, and great respect.

  47. An unwearied and systematic application of known laws to nature, causes the unknown to reveal themselves.

  48. The admonition was obeyed, and the application of discipline seems to have produced a most salutary impression upon the mind of the offender.

  49. He alleged that the ticket of a martyr was no sufficient proof of the penitence of the party who tendered it, and that each application for readmission to membership should be decided on its own merits, by the proper Church authorities.

  50. When the name bishop was first used as descriptive of the chief pastor, there must have been some special reason for such an application of the title; and the rise of the hierarchy furnishes the only satisfactory explanation.

  51. When the reading ceases, the president delivers a discourse, in which he makes an application and exhorts to the imitation of these good things.

  52. At this crude statement of the naked facts Slingswivel's face went a deeper shade of purple, and you can appreciate why I put in an urgent application for immediate release, on compassionate grounds, and why the Major gladly endorsed it.

  53. Application was, in the meantime, again made by the crown officers to Margaret Williamson, for information as to whether she had had any communication with Sir Willoughby on the day on which Richard Forster was slain.

  54. Blank forms of application shall be furnished by the Commission, and the date of reception and also of approval by the Commission of each application shall be noted on the application paper.

  55. Persistent importunity will not, therefore, be the best support of an application for office.

  56. The vacation by judicial decrees of fraudulent certificates of naturalization, upon bills in equity filed by the Attorney-General in the circuit court of the United States, is a new application of a familiar equity jurisdiction.

  57. When two or more eligibles are of the same grade, preference in certification shall be determined by the order in which the application papers are filed.

  58. It certainly is not too much to require that an application for American citizenship shall be heard with as much care and recorded with as much formality as are given to cases involving the pettiest property right.

  59. Then I put in my application at the Cotton Belt Shops.

  60. The name "Ku Klux" seems to have grown in application as the organization changed from a moral association of the best citizens of the South and gradually came under the control of lawless persons with lawless methods--whipping and murdering.

  61. Again I hated all my application wherewith I had earnestly laboured under the sun, being like to have an heir after me, 2:19.

  62. But this hinders not that he may offer himself daily in the sacred mysteries in an unbloody manner, for the daily application of that one sacrifice of redemption to our souls.

  63. By these words our Saviour hath declared the necessity of baptism; and by the word water it is evident that the application of it is necessary with the words.

  64. How prodigiously cheap is the application of any such epithets, considering the terrible abuse they have undergone!

  65. An application was made to the President of the Royal Society, requesting him to point out a person who might appear worthy to be entrusted with the work.

  66. Under these circumstances, the Trinity House made application to Dr.

  67. But in devoting several of our volumes to the Useful Arts, we shall not be unmindful of the fact, that Art is the application of Science to a practical end.

  68. The application to this purpose of deep metallic mirrors, known under the name of parabolic mirrors, has been found effectual to the purposes required.

  69. Ancient and Modern Modes of Measuring Time, with curious Illustrations of the application of Clockwork.

  70. There are few portions of the Acts more fruitful in spiritual instruction, or teeming with more abundant lessons, or richer in application to present difficulties, than this very incident.

  71. He may indeed strive to limit its application to the special case before him, and he may earnestly deprecate any wider application of the principle on which he has acted.

  72. It has, however, gained a sanctity and special application in the Christian Church which causes a certain amount of mental confusion.

  73. Such being the historical setting of the picture presented to us, let us apply ourselves to the spiritual application and lessons of this incident in apostolic history.

  74. Here a spiritual meaning and general application are given to words referring primarily to special external incidents.

  75. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "application" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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