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Example sentences for "immersion"

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immer; immerged; immerse; immersed; immersing; immersions; immigrant; immigrants; immigrate; immigrated
  1. The immersion or insertion is a little more difficult in the case of depression, and a little easier in the case of elevation.

  2. The deeper the immersion the more the compression, and consequently the more work required for the inflation.

  3. The difficulty of elevating the weight would appear to have suggested its immersion in a trough of water, as here shown.

  4. The immersion in fresh water acts as a poison, death not resulting from any variation in the respirable quality of the water.

  5. This fish will live a long time out of water, provided it be kept slightly wet, but soon dies on immersion in fresh water.

  6. One who holds the doctrine that immersion is essential to Christian baptism.

  7. The patient is then thrice immerged in the sacred pool; after the immersion he is bound hand and foot, and left for the night in a chapel which stands near.

  8. What possible good could immersion be to her?

  9. Some, which before immersion were of a particularly flinty texture, became in a few weeks so friable that they could be broken up by the fingers.

  10. If not, a second heating and immersion will do so, leaving the interior as clean as when made.

  11. The flask was then brought to 0° by immersion in melting ice, the pressure of the gas taken, and the stop-cock closed.

  12. The bottle is then filled with distilled water, and brought to a definite temperature by immersion in a thermostat, and the stopper inserted.

  13. It results from the air which is contained in the pores of the material, which on immersion is displaced by the heavier water, and rises in oozing bubbles to the surface.

  14. The emphatic preference here shown for immersion may surprise those not familiar with Luther's writings.

  15. Even when immersion was not used, the copious application of the water was a prominent feature of the ceremony.

  16. A dilute acid with 8 volumes of water, used in the cold, takes three hours' immersion before any action on the cotton becomes evident.

  17. On the inner lining of the coat there was a dark stain around the slit, though the immersion in the river had of course washed away any definite blood-clot.

  18. At the moment he was looking down with one eye through the high-power immersion lens of his microscope at two tiny blobs of life in a drop of water.

  19. The English and most foreign Baptists consider a personal profession of faith, and immersion in water, essential to baptism: this profession is generally made before the church at a church meeting.

  20. Yet the bishop ought to have known that baptism by immersion was practised in the church for many centuries, and the rubric of our common prayer leaves the option of immersion or aspersion.

  21. Let the fat become smoking hot before each immersion of croquettes.

  22. Frying is cooking by immersion in very hot fat.

  23. Illustration: Figure comparative merits of the dry and immersion systems.

  24. When using the oil-immersion objectives it is particularly desirable, that this exact tube length should be employed.

  25. A glance at the table will suffice to show the great advantage which the immersion objectives have over those of the dry series.

  26. His immersion in the forms of self-consciousness prevents him from dramatizing the real relations of men and their thinkings to one another, to Nature, and to destiny.

  27. In case of an immersion in clothes, with no help in sight, the sooner the swimmer removes his clothes the longer he can support himself.

  28. Under-water swimming should be practised by experts only, but care must be taken not to prolong the immersion in order to reach a definite point or to accomplish a certain distance before rising to the surface.

  29. In all cases of prolonged immersion in cold water, when the breathing continues, a warm bath should be employed to restore the temperature.

  30. He had his watch, but his immersion in the fish pond had caused it to stop.

  31. As to the mode of baptism, the Church affirms that immersion alone is the one method sanctioned by scripture, and that this mode has been expressly prescribed by revelation in the present dispensation.

  32. All spirits pre-existed, and their partial immersion in an impure material environment is a degradation from which they must aspire to be delivered.

  33. In this embrace and essential unity with God all devout and inward spirits are one with God by living immersion and melting away into Him; they are by grace one and the same thing with Him, because the same essence is in both.

  34. The use of the bath as an institution, apart from occasional immersion in rivers or the sea, is, as might be anticipated, an exceedingly old custom.

  35. BATH, the immersion of the body in water, or an apparatus for this purpose.

  36. We shall say nothing as to the defects or merits of aspersion or sprinkling, immersion or dipping, affusion or pouring.

  37. Sir John Lubbock found that after eight hours of immersion they could be restored to life, and several ants after two days and five days were restored to momentary life with feeble motions, followed by death in two hours.

  38. If access of air to a body be prevented in any way by its inclosure in a coffin, by closely fitting clothes, or by complete immersion in water, putrefaction is retarded.

  39. The quantity and quality of the water may constitute important evidence; but to be of full value the water or other fluid found in the stomach ought to be the same as that in which the immersion has taken place.

  40. Late studies as to the cause and mechanism of asphyxia by submersion or drowning warrant our speaking of submersion as immersion complete enough to menace or to extinguish life.

  41. Also immersion in cold water brings on rigor mortis quickly and lengthens its duration.

  42. Occasional instances are recorded of death of children, the insane or feeble persons by inadvertent immersion in a bath of hot water (Case 21).

  43. The immersion of bodies in water, the change taking place more rapidly in running than in stagnant water.

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