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Example sentences for "clean"

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clayme; claymore; claymores; clays; claystone; cleane; cleaned; cleaner; cleaners; cleanest
  1. It seems to me a quiet, but very agreeable place; with wide clean streets, and a look of stability and comfort; and I admire the Cathedral and its appendages more, the more I see them.

  2. After breakfast, on attempting to clean and dress myself from crown to sole, I found myself quite unfit for anything, and my legs were painful, or rather my feet, and nothing but an horizontal position would remove the feeling.

  3. As for Tibbetti, he has a clean and loving heart.

  4. She brought to headquarters an aroma of English spring, a clean fragrance that refreshed the heat-jaded Commissioner and her brother, but which had no perceptible influence upon Bones.

  5. In spite of her protests, he drew the blood until no more came, then bathed the wound with water from the lake, and bandaged it with a clean handkerchief he happened to have in his pocket.

  6. It was washed and put away clean last Fall, and now it's gone.

  7. And I'm to stay here, then, without a hat, or even a clean handkerchief, until His Majesty sees fit to let me go to my own home in broad daylight!

  8. This work of his, which helped so materially to save the world, was done with clean hands.

  9. Let him swing clean away from that road of destruction and he might well become Paul on his way to immortality.

  10. The Coot bald, else clean black that whiteness it doth bear Upon her forehead starred, the Water-hen doth wear Upon her little tail, in one small feather set.

  11. Kellner, much to his credit, refused to tell the name of his employer, but he made a clean breast of everything else.

  12. It was thin and wan, with a parchment-like skin almost of the same colour as his robe, and clean shaven--as was also the whole of his head.

  13. Sweeping clean a small space on the floor, he laid the roll upon it, and then began to unwind fold after fold of silk wrappings, and it was soon apparent that a belt was hidden within.

  14. Do you think I did right," I asked, when I had finished, "in making a clean breast of everything?

  15. Your wife has to clean and mend for you, and cook your dinner and mow the lawn and nail the carpets down.

  16. You could smell tobacco, and the queer, clean man's smell that came up out of him from his collar.

  17. Again another sea struck her; and had not every one held on tight to the rigging or bulwarks, her deck would have been cleared, as it made a clean wash fore and aft.

  18. The following sea lifted the brig nearly her entire length more ahead, jamming her between two rocks, and a third came rushing on board, and made a clean sweep of everything on her decks.

  19. It was of a doubtful brown hue, and in reality tepid from falling on the not over clean and hot sail.

  20. In the summing up, the strength of will which enables a man to lead a clean life is no different than the strength of purpose which fits him to follow a hard line of duty.

  21. Every new assignment means a clean slate, and there should be no hangover from what has happened, including the possible mistaken judgments of others.

  22. Your meals are served by stewards who in addition, clean your room, make up your bunk, shine your shoes.

  23. A man harassed by debt, and not knowing how to meet his situation, is always well-advised to go to his commander, make a clean statement of the case, and ask for his counsel.

  24. French boys are always clean and neatly dressed, however poor they may be.

  25. They believe that if they bathe in its waters their souls will be washed clean from sin.

  26. We had a nice lunch at a clean little place, and then came the rub.

  27. They are doing Normandy on wheels, and they have their tools and a kodak and a small set of toilet-things and four clean collars all tied on to them.

  28. She says she washes one garment every night, and buys a clean handkerchief each Saturday and Wednesday, and has a pocket for her letter of credit sewed to her corset.

  29. He just said that the automobiles had come, and that he was going to cast his die clean over the Rubicon to-morrow morning at eleven.

  30. So, on the first occasions when his companion attempted to clean up a bit, he watched her with anxious entreating eyes.

  31. In sum, the grand whole, without low or high, or clean or unclean, such as it indeed is in reality.

  32. And afterwards he took a clean pair from the wardrobe and began to make the bed with all the deftness of a bachelor accustomed to that kind of thing.

  33. There was only the cuckoo clock, a huge one, with a dial illuminated with crimson flowers, that looked clean and bright, ticking sonorously all the while.

  34. They'll wash right over it, and send their tops clean over them highest rocks.

  35. Will did not hesitate a moment, but placed the edge of the great jack-knife on the soft tinned-iron hook, gave the back of the blade a sharp tap with the iron bar, and cut clean through the shank.

  36. He stood smiling as the visitors had a good look round the scrupulously clean little cabin-like bed-room with lockers and a swinging shelf of books, and everything arranged with a neatness that was most notable.

  37. These were placed in the basket, and then the basket was dipped full of clean water, and the treasures, as Dick called them, were fished out and dropped in.

  38. See how clean she's always kept you ever since you first come to us.

  39. The wind has surely gane doon noo," Mysie heard her mother observe, as she spread out the clean white sheet upon the bed.

  40. He saw that Mysie did certain things, used, for instance, to clean her slate with a bit of rag, and he instantly procured one, and this kept his jacket sleeve clean and whole.

  41. Here, gi'e my back a rub," and he lay over the tub while she washed his back from the shoulders downward, making it clean and free from the coal dust and grime.

  42. They hae clean claes to wear, a fine white collar every day, an' sae mony claes that they can put on a different rig-oot every day.

  43. I'll get scrubbed, and put on a clean shirt, and make myself decent, before she sees me.

  44. Opening it, we found all that was left of poor Hunt, respectably clad in a coarse, clean white garment which Sam's wife had made as nicely as she could out of her one pair of sheets.

  45. As he looked at them he thought to himself, "I suppose that I shall have to be fag to some of those big fellows--clean their boots, and brush their clothes.

  46. He may also have to clean his shoes and brush his clothes, but in that there is nothing very terrible.

  47. It's not quite clean enough; but I'll read a bit of it to you, if you don't mind.

  48. He had long been ashamed of not having shown them to Bertha, and made a clean breast of it.

  49. I could clean and scale and egg the fish to rights.

  50. How long this continued is not stated, but for a long time the officers of this particular regiment were observed to be clean shaved when in plain clothes and heavily moustached when in uniform.

  51. A layer of small stones was then placed in the pail, over this a layer of broken charcoal with the dust carefully blown out, then a layer of clean sand, and finally a layer of gravel.

  52. There was a momentary grinding and crunching noise, and, much to my surprise, I found that the old scow had lifted itself clean out of the water, and was skating right along on the ice.

  53. To this Harry has since agreed; he must have been as lucky as myself, for I took it headlong with a clean cleavage.

  54. Sides white as sea-foam; everything above decks of shining brass, below mahogany, and as clean and shipshape as a Dutch kitchen.

  55. He always stops at my door on his way back to let his wife kiss his clean old face, all wreathed with smiles--the ordeal is over for another week.

  56. The stone has this privilege, that it carries itself clean off: whereas the other maladies always leave behind them some impression and alteration that render the body subject to a new disease, and lend a hand to one another.

  57. I could dine without a tablecloth, but without a clean napkin, after the German fashion, very incommodiously; I foul them more than the Germans or Italians do, and make but little use either of spoon or fork.

  58. Man is by nature a clean and delicate creature.

  59. If he's a specimen of the wild Indian, Lord only knows what right we had to clean them out of the land.

  60. At any risk, until he could go to them with clean hands, he would not let the Police know he was still alive.

  61. Carpeted rooms, with pictures on the walls, and shiny chairs and tables; smart clothes and clean hands; evenings of mental peace in a home of his own.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clean" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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