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Example sentences for "freshen"

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frescoed; frescoes; frescos; fresh; freshe; freshened; freshening; freshens; fresher; freshers
  1. Logically, he will now go to the Well of the Earring from time to time to unload and freshen up for further banned enjoyments.

  2. Approaching Benares one day, he got out of the train to see if he could get up a misunderstanding with somebody, for it had been a weary, long journey and he wanted to freshen up.

  3. Do not freshen the fish before boiling with the potatoes.

  4. Cut in thin slices, and freshen in cold water, roll in flour, and fry crisp.

  5. To Freshen Gilt Frames:--Gilt frames may be revived by carefully dusting them, and then washing with one ounce of soda beaten up with the whites of three eggs.

  6. To freshen stale biscuits or rolls, put them into a steamer for ten minutes, then dry them off in a hot oven; or dip each roll for an instant in cold water and heat them crisp in the oven.

  7. The wind had shifted slightly to the south-west, and should it freshen sufficiently to make it worth while hoisting the sail, they might stand away to the north-east.

  8. It's not very strong yet, but it will freshen soon, I hope.

  9. To this Unfortunate's distraction between a damp cloth on which he had placed the leeches to freshen them, and the wrathful adjurations of my friend to 'Stick 'em on, sir!

  10. Faintly replying in the negative, monsieur crossed the road to a wine-shop, got some brandy, and resolved to freshen himself with a dip in the great floating bath on the river.

  11. The strain of the night before had told on even his iron physique--and there was the mute appeal of a decanter of Bourbon that he knew would freshen his nagging spirit.

  12. She bore homeward a book that she had borrowed from Sheila, and though it only wanted twenty minutes to lunch time, she neither went to her room to freshen up nor sought her nephew to make a hasty report on the result of her embassy.

  13. South America," answered Curtis, "and near the Amazon; no other river has a current strong enough to freshen the ocean twenty miles from shore!

  14. It will free the prisoned imagination of youth, and freshen the fading recollections on the memory of age!

  15. As she still listened to the Goth, as she felt the birth of new feelings within her while he spoke, her cheeks glowed, her features lightened up, her very form seemed to freshen and expand.

  16. See that your men freshen the priming of their pistols at once; and then station them, half by the main rigging, and half by the fore, ready to jump at the word.

  17. What a lucky thing it was that the breeze did not freshen during the night," he remarked.

  18. I would be delighted to see you and ‘freshen the nip’ while you would be spinning a yarn as long as the main-top bowline.

  19. That 'twill haul t' the west an' freshen afore midnight.

  20. We will give the canoes another broadside, just to `freshen their way' and show them that we are in earnest; and then I shall abandon and blow up the battery previous to shoving off to join our lads yonder.

  21. Quicken your movements, sir, or I will send a boatswain's mate after you with a rope's-end to freshen your way.

  22. If the sail is new, ride down the head rope on the yard, and freshen the earings.

  23. To relieve a rope, by moving its place; as, to freshen the nip of a stay, is to shift it, so as to prevent its chafing through.

  24. To freshen ballast, is to alter its position.

  25. If it is not desired to freshen them in this way, biscuits, muffins, and even pieces of corn bread that have become slightly stale may be made delicious by splitting them and then toasting them.

  26. If desired, slices of bread that have become stale may be steamed in order to freshen them; but unless great care is taken in steaming them the bread is liable to become too moist and soggy.

  27. Now let us find what can be done =To Freshen Cut Flowers.

  28. So go and freshen yourself up, Amy; go and freshen yourself up, like a good girl.

  29. Now go your ways upstairs and get a souse to freshen yoursel for tea.

  30. And now a walk will freshen me up and adjust my thoughts to a proper balance, since to-morrow, please God, I shall be married.

  31. At the risk of being devoured by the sharks, the boat- swain and two sailors took a morning bath, and as their plunge seemed to freshen them, I and three of my com- panions resolved to follow their example.

  32. He does not foolishly despise what is old and tested, but he knows how to freshen up old principles by new applications.

  33. His ways and words freshen the stagnant class atmosphere.

  34. Leslie took the children up-stairs to wash their faces and freshen up, and Julia Cloud led her sister to the lovely guest-room that was always in perfect order.

  35. The house began to look cozy in spite of its emptiness, and they could hardly bear to leave it when sunset warned them that it was getting near dinner-time and they must return to the inn to freshen up for the evening.

  36. The business will freshen him; snatch him out of the evil dreams into which he has fallen for some time past.

  37. Very well, my dears, very well, I will go with you; it will distract me, freshen me.

  38. She wasn't a bad looking beast, either, and would freshen shortly.

  39. And a coat or two of properly mixed and applied whitewash would freshen up the whole place and--like charity--cover a multitude of sins.

  40. They'll freshen up, and the buds be comin' out every day.

  41. But let's get those orange blossoms in water, to freshen them up.

  42. Mr. Halliday said he would send me some packed in damp moss, so they would keep pretty well, but he told me to put them in a bathtub full of water as soon as I got them and they would freshen up.

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