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Example sentences for "freshening"

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frescos; fresh; freshe; freshen; freshened; freshens; fresher; freshers; freshes; freshest
  1. Up sprung a brisker breeze; with freshening gales The friendly goddess stretch'd the swelling sails; We drop our oars; at ease the pilot guides; The vessel light along the level glides.

  2. Canst thou her bold career foretell, What rocks she shall o'erleap or rend, How far in Ocean's swell Her freshening billows send?

  3. Deep is the silence as of summer noon, When a soft shower Will trickle soon, A gracious rain, freshening the weary bower - O sweetly then far off is heard The clear note of some lonely bird.

  4. More than forty years ago old Currituck Inlet closed, and the oysters on the natural beds, which extended up North Landing River to Green Point, were killed by the freshening of the water.

  5. With hope and fear's enlivening zest Disturb the slumber of the breast, And wake life's dull, untroubled sea With freshening airs of gay variety.

  6. The world awakes once more, and the new joy Woos all to leave their narrow cloister cells For the bright air and freshening breath of spring.

  7. That breeze to my ear was soft and mild, Just so, when I was a little child; But now I hear in its freshening breath The voices of those that sleep in death.

  8. Fleda drew a long breath or two that seemed to recognize its freshening power.

  9. I felt inclined to cry with agitation as I thought of what Miss Kitty would have to endure, when the boat's sail filled out, and a freshening breeze carried her along faster than she had hitherto been moving.

  10. The tall ship glided rapidly over the ocean, the surface of which was now rippled with miniature wavelets as the freshening breeze swept across it.

  11. A small freshening of the wind,' said he, 'and a trifling squall of rain.

  12. I continued, the freshening breeze having suggested an idea to me which I in turn wished to suggest to my companion.

  13. With this most welcome freshening of the wind the necessity to keep the canvas continuously wet came to an end; and the men, glad of the relief, were called down on deck to clean up the mess made by the lavish use of the water.

  14. At the same time, a boat was sent from each ship, to sound round the bay; and, at three in the afternoon, the wind freshening at N.

  15. At two o'clock, having got on board as much marine beef as was thought necessary, and the wind freshening at S.

  16. About midnight (as I reckon) I was awakened by the freshening of the breeze; yet nothing could I see.

  17. Seemingly unwilling we should double the Cape with any degree of pleasantness, it veered round to the south, and freshening each moment, soon blew a hurricane which lasted thirty-six hours.

  18. The breeze freshening each moment, soon became a perfect gale.

  19. He had dropped overboard something which glittered a moment as it disappeared under the black surges of the freshening waves.

  20. All was cool and dark in the body of the house as I walked to the front door and opened it to bathe my face in the freshening night.

  21. We dashed away before the freshening wind, like a deer with the unleashed hounds pursuing.

  22. In moments of after coolness or anger, the mind should fly from the sated present to the million tender and freshening associations of the past.

  23. At length the freshening western blast Aside the shroud of battle cast; And first the ridge of mingled spears Above the brightening cloud appears; And in the smoke the pennons flew, As in the storm the white sea-mew.

  24. Then the freshening breeze blew Tom's rebellious hair down over his eyes, and as he brushed it aside he saw the German indeed dancing--there was no doubt of it.

  25. There was another rustling in the trees, caused by the freshening night breeze which Tom thought smelt of rain.

  26. For when it was Lammastide two before this, When freshening my face after freshening my lilies, A door opened quickly, and down fell a kiss, The lips unforeseen were my passionate Willie's.

  27. The sloop headed into the freshening breeze, and chopped through the water at a pace that spoke well for sailing qualities.

  28. The wind was then freshening fast and the sea rising.

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