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Example sentences for "freshened"

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frescoes; frescos; fresh; freshe; freshen; freshening; freshens; fresher; freshers; freshes
  1. The wind freshened from the west early the next morning, and we started to skirt the northern edge of the solid pack in an easterly direction under sail.

  2. During the afternoon we had to take a second reef in the sails, for the wind freshened and the deeply laden boats were shipping much water and steering badly in the rising sea.

  3. The wind freshened to a moderate southerly gale, with thick drift, in the night, and this gale continued during the following day, the 9th.

  4. Night came down dull and overcast, and before midnight the wind had freshened from the west.

  5. The wind freshened to a good stiff breeze during the afternoon, and the 'James Caird' made satisfactory progress.

  6. No sooner had the boat left ship than the wind freshened from the northward, and large bergs and growlers, setting into the bay, made the place untenable.

  7. The south-westerly breeze freshened to a gale on the 14th, and the temperature fell from +31° Fahr.

  8. The northerly breeze had freshened during the night and had brought up a high following sea.

  9. The wind freshened in the evening, and we ran a wire-mooring astern.

  10. If this is done, the cloth should afterward be freshened by a thin coat of sizing.

  11. Books slightly roughened, their bloom destroyed simply by friction, may be freshened and restored to an aspect of health to conceal, up to a certain point, the wear of their old coverings.

  12. The wind freshened with a couple of little puffs, and the fog thinned perceptibly.

  13. The wind freshened a bit, and the Reindeer went over farther than ever.

  14. It was Neumann's signal that it was high time for Klaus Heinrich to change his clothes and have himself freshened up.

  15. The breeze freshened and at the end of each tack the boat swung round so fast that Frank, with his maimed ankle, had hard work to scramble over the centreboard case to the weather side.

  16. The breeze had freshened a little, and the Tortoise made good way through the calm water.

  17. Er--when you get freshened up, come into Number 7," he said.

  18. The verdure of the Park was freshened to an incredible brilliancy by the dew, a thin white veil of mist was spread over the mirror of the waters, the trees flung long shadows across the turf.

  19. We were exactly three hours going over though the breeze freshened a little as we got near Capri.

  20. We sat almost always on the balcony--sometimes with a light wrap when the breeze from the sea freshened about 9 o'clock.

  21. On the Sunday morning (20 October) the wind freshened and enabled Villeneuve to bring out the last of his ships.

  22. But the wind freshened and changed suddenly, and the English ships escaped from their dangerous position, and so the fight ended.

  23. From 4 o'clock last night the wind freshened with great rapidity, and very shortly we were under topsails, jib, and staysail only.

  24. This afternoon, all ice frozen last night went out quietly; the sea tried to freeze behind it, but the wind freshened soon.

  25. Something of the beauty of the untamed forest came to her as she stood there, drinking in the sea of green through sleep-freshened eyes.

  26. He watched Alurna as she freshened her appearance, his face reflecting a father's pride.

  27. Towards evening the wind began, in the captain's own language, and indeed it freshened so much, that before ten it blew a perfect hurricane.

  28. The wind freshened so briskly in our poop that the shore appeared to move from us as fast as we did from the shore.

  29. The gale had freshened since noon, stopping the traffic on the river, and now blew with the strength of a hurricane in fitful bursts that boomed like salvoes of great guns firing over the ocean.

  30. He said nothing, but the breeze that had dropped came back, a gentle draught freshened steadily, and the sea joined its murmuring voice to this talkative reaction succeeding the dumb moments of awe.

  31. During the night the wind freshened and veered south, which enabled us to steer east.

  32. At that time a breeze sprung up and freshened at S.

  33. The morning air had been freshened and sweetened by copious showers; little pools stood in the streets, and every blade of grass was tipped with a crystal rain-drop.

  34. Freshened up with white paint and green blinds, it looked remarkably unlike a seat of justice, which is usually dirty enough in all its courts to be blind indeed.

  35. Should the wire have become shabby and rusty looking it can be freshened up with a coat of paint.

  36. When salt water is used food will need to be freshened by being allowed to stand in cold water for some time before using.

  37. We left this village on March 4th, a heavy but welcome shower on the preceding day having laid the dust and freshened the vegetation.

  38. At the Door of Bewilderment I closed the opening, setting up the line of wall as we had left it in the afternoon, and then I went back to the library, freshened the fire and brooded before it until Bates came to relieve me at dawn.

  39. The wind freshened cud blew sharply upon us off the water.

  40. The breeze freshened after the sun went down, and I remained on deck, carrying on to the last moment.

  41. Patches of green freshened the slopes of the hills; the lilac bushes showed tiny leaves, and the maple-buds were bursting.

  42. He looked to his rifle, freshened the powder in the pan, carefully adjusted the flint, and then rose quietly to his feet.

  43. A rosy tint suffused the soft and tremulous sky, and tinted with a delicate hue the tall trees and the wide lawns, freshened with the light and vanishing dew.

  44. Ferdinand recalled to his memory the tower at Armine, and all its glades and groves, shining in the summer sun, and freshened by the summer breeze.

  45. There was a pallor along the under-rim of the east; the wind freshened with the sweet vigor of early morning.

  46. In the court new grass was growing; grimy shrubbery had freshened into green; a tree was already in full leaf.

  47. The unceasing chorus of the birds freshened like wind in her ears.

  48. When withered or wilted, they are freshened by standing in cold water for an hour or so before cooking.

  49. If salt fish is to be used, it should be freshened by placing it skin-side up in cold water, and soaking for several hours, changing the water frequently.

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